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  • 5 Ways Businesses Can Help Customers Be Reintroduced to the Shopping Experience

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Major U.S. economic hubs—such as California and New York—that have had businesses closed or severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have gradually started to reopen. That means retail stores, barber shops, gyms, spas, and other establishments will be attracting the public for the first time in months. Such a long layoff from shopping and errand running—combined with new safety measures that range anywhere from suggestions to mandates—can lead to a confusing and somewhat intimidating environment. 
    Customers should be made to feel at ease, both in terms of safety as well as where to go and what to do as they’re reintroduced to the in-person shopping experience. Here are five easy ways to make it happen:

    Let people know you’re open

    Don’t be shy about telling the world that you’re back in business. There’s a wide array of outdoor flag and banner stands that can be used to attract new customers or show existing ones where to go for curbside pickup and other services. Feather banner stands—also known as flying banners or beach flags—are a sturdy, flexible, and eye-catching product that comes in multiple sizes and can be seen from a distance. Outdoor retractable banner stands that flex in the wind, as well as X-banner-style models that include plastic bases that can be filled with sand or water for stability, are a great option for walk-up businesses.
    Window and wall decals, A-frame signs, and grommeted banners get the job done as well. Regardless of how you choose to do it, remember to shout from the rooftops—or, at least, from the sidewalks—that you’re open and ready to serve the public.

    Communicate changes

    Once customers are inside a retail establishment, they'll need clear instruction on how to comply with new suggestions and regulations. It can be difficult enough for people to resume shopping and running errands in the midst of a pandemic; not knowing where to go or what exactly to do may only intensify that feeling of discomfort. Make the public feel safe, welcome, and at ease by posting clear messages at multiple points during their shopping process. Retractable banner stands, because of their ability to be relocated and have graphics easily switched out, are a perfect way to accomplish this.
    Retractable banner stands are available in many different sizes and price points. Regardless of your budget or how long (and how often) you intend to use the stand, you should be able to find the right fit.

    Remind people to socially distance

    It's going to be vitally important—in the short term, at the very least—for businesses that are reopening to direct traffic. Maintaining social distancing should be key in efforts to keep employees and customers healthy. The strategic placement of floor decals with either custom or pre-made artwork that displays social distancing reminders go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.
    Good floor graphics and floor decals are slip resistant, and UL listed as such, as well as scratch and scuff resistant so that heavy traffic doesn't ruin them. Floor graphics should also hold up to common floor cleaning chemicals and methods. The floor decal adhesives should hold the floor graphics firmly in place, but come off without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor when removed. You’ll want to use floor decal materials that meet these requirements and are specifically designed for floor use, whether it’s concrete, carpet, or anything in between.

    Implement sanitizing stations

    Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers should be readily available for use by employees and customers alike. Those dispensers can come in the form of simple wall-mounted units, or they can be placed anywhere by attaching them to a stand. One effective method is to set up a sanitation station. That type of display can be used not only to let shoppers and workers know where to find the sanitizer dispenser when they need it, but also to attract attention in an attempt to remind people to sanitize often.

    Provide masks and other protection

    As the need for face coverings becomes more prevalent, an entire industry of ineffective cloth masks has emerged. Even disposable surgical masks, which technically shouldn't be worn more than once, are much more effective in terms of fending off particles that could contain viruses. For the fashion conscious, wearing a disposable surgical mask underneath a cloth mask would go a long way toward at least ensuring others are protected, which is the sensible and courteous thing to do. These surgical masks are generally inexpensive, even to the point where businesses might find it advantageous to pass them out to customers as they walk in the door in a true effort to protect other shoppers and  workers.
    For people who also want to be protected themselves, KN95 masks are a great option because they filter out at least 95 percent of potential contaminates while still remaining breathable. Or, if you prefer to make your own masks (or have someone else make them), consider using an antimicrobial soft knit fabric that uses a special combination of silver and vesicle technologies to kill microbes such as viruses and bacteria so they can’t live on the surface or multiply. As individual state governors continue to announce face covering mandates, make sure you're prepared with masks that are functional rather than simply fashionable.
    Businesses that require significant face-to-face interaction would benefit from protective shields—or, as they’re commonly referred to, sneeze guards—which are sheets of clear acrylic usually held up by aluminum tubing or a similar type of frame, but can also come in table-top form with feet that hold the acrylic in place. These shields can be made into many different shapes and sizes, including those with cutouts at the bottom to allow for exchange of currency and merchandise. There are also more economical options, such as a banner stand equipped with clear polyester film, that present a portable solution that comes in larger heights than the acrylic versions and can be used in offices and classrooms, as well as at trade shows.
    For more information on these and other products needed to help get your business back on its feet, contact a Power Graphics representative today.
  • Expolinc Pop Up’s ease of setup, wide array of options results in an incomparable trade show display

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Traditional pop-up trade show displays are a great way to showcase your brand and implement a professional look to your booth. With a seamless graphic attached to lightweight and easily set-up hardware that forms a tidy backdrop or eye-catching wall, it’s easy to see why these types of displays have been popular for years.

    But some of the drawbacks—panels that are hard to align, auxiliary parts that are difficult to attach—have been known to steer customers away from these displays and, at times, toward one-piece fabric pop-ups that often don’t possess the same image quality. Expolinc’s pop-up trade show displays are the exception; the hardware is top quality and easy to set up with attention to detail that sets it apart from the other pop-up displays on the market. Features such as the locking mechanism on the frame show the quality that makes these displays stand out. When it comes to set up, the differences are even more obvious because the graphics basically align on their own, and anyone who has set up a standard pop-up display will immediately appreciate the difference.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Frame connector

    The magnetic channel bars included with the Expolinc Pop Up bring forth a host of benefits. Like most displays, the bars are collapsible, making for easy storage as well as low-effort attachment. Affixing the bars is aided by top and bottom clips that are easily guided into channels that are evenly positioned on the frame. From there, the outward-facing portion of those clips on each end of the magnetic channel bars are used when attaching the graphic panels, which are equipped with hangers on each top corner. The way those parts are engineered to work with one another results in easy, nearly effortless alignment of the panels, ensuring a seamless look.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up 10' Curve

    Most pop-up trade show displays have rounded end caps that integrate with the panels on the front of the frame, and the Expolinc Pop Up is no exception. But Expolinc has gone a step further by offering the option for flat end caps, which provide a unique look and a sleek finish thanks to metal profile bars that cover the unfinished corners. The profile kit also comes into play when connecting multiple frames together, which is a possibility thanks to the way the hardware is engineered. A typical pop-up display wall can easily be made into any desired length or even be turned into its own room, essentially, by joining frames together either in-line or at right angles.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Corner Configuration

    The options certainly don’t stop there. While the displays come standard in the typical height of 87.5", they can be ordered in taller configurations that are approximately 8' and 10' tall for a really dramatic presentation. Each display comes in four different packages, from the basic frame and its essential attachments (magnetic bars, graphic panels, hangers, etc.) all the way to the inclusion of a travel case that converts into a podium, wraps or tubes for graphic protection, LED flood lights, and more. Additionally, the frame can be enhanced by attaching rear graphic panels, shelving, light-up show cases, curtain rods, and monitor mounts. The end result is a pop-up trade show display unlike any other the industry has to offer.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Heights

    Contact a Power Graphics customer service representative today for more information on the versatile, flexible, and overall outstanding Expolinc Pop Up trade show display.

  • Premium and economy outdoor displays for large graphics now available

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Taking your photo backdrop, info wall, or other oversized message outside in a safe and stable manner is now possible with the addition of a pair of large outdoor graphic displays to our vast selection of products.

    Blustery conditions are no problem for the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor stand, which can be equipped with water tanks that allow the stand to be used in winds up to 20 mph, or with water tanks and ground anchors that can withstand 45 mph winds and prevent the display from tipping or sliding. Available in 8' or 10' widths, the display is also versatile; it can be converted from and to an indoor stand simply by removing the outdoor legs and supports and installing a set of indoor feet. The rest of the frame, which is composed of professional-grade aluminum sections that are bungeed and click together, can remain intact for both environments.

    Expand Grand Fabric Outdoor

    What really puts the finishing touches on this tremendous display is the dye-sublimated, zippered pillowcase graphic. Printed and hand-sewn in the United States, the pillowcase graphic stretches tightly over the frame to produce a wrinkle-free look complete with rich, vibrant images. The material is durable and can be washed, which is likely to be a necessity with any graphic used outdoors.

    The Outdoor Banner Wall is an economy option for a large outdoor display. It’s suitable for less windy conditions, being perfectly capable of holding up 20 mph winds thanks to two water-base feet that each weigh 50 pounds when filled.

    This display uses a similar type of dye-sublimated fabric graphic but with a different method of finishing. Pole pockets sewn on the top and bottom of the graphic accommodate aluminum dowels that attach to the frame with springs and create a “flexing" effect to remain stable in the wind. At 8 feet wide and 92 inches tall, the result is a fabulously large image that can be made double sided with an optional second graphic and features similar durability and washability as the graphic for the premium display.

    For more information on these and other outdoor and/or fabric displays, contact a Power Graphics customer service representative today.

  • Considering buying a Pop-Up Trade Show Display? Try Fabric

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Pop-up displays can make the most out of what is usually limited trade show booth space. With the most popular versions measuring 8-10 feet wide, there’s plenty of room to show event attendees what your brand is all about—particularly when factoring in the high image quality that the material used for the graphics allows.

    There are, however, a couple of drawbacks to these types of traditional trade show displays that either don’t exist or aren’t nearly as prevalent in their fabric versions. Here are a few differences:

    Consistency in presentation

    Traditional pop-up trade show displays are usually made up of several different panels that, if done right, combine to form one seamless image. But several factors—hardware failure, issues with the attachments to the graphics, incorrect assembly, et cetera—can affect just how seamless the graphic appears. Because most fabric is lightweight, a full graphic without any seams is easily achievable because it can be folded up and packaged without permanent creasing. That isn’t a possibility with traditional trade show material.

    Ease of setup

    A trade show display with multiple panels takes a lot more time to set up than one seamless graphic. Additionally, getting the panels to line up properly can be a chore, since it’s dependent on how accurately the supplementary pieces—such as magnets and hangers—are installed. A one-piece fabric graphic has to be finished effectively, as well, but it’s generally only a matter of a zipper on the bottom or a strip of velcro on each edge. In the case of pop-up displays, the frame can collapse and expand with the graphic (which, unless it’s a replacement graphic, is applied to the frame before it even reaches the customer) remaining in place, making for even easier setup and tear down. Plus, because fabric graphics tend to weigh less, what is often a multiple person job with traditional pop-up displays can—depending on size—be done solo.

    Material durability and washability

    As high in quality as our satin polyester trade show material is, it is prone to getting dirty—as is just about any material used for a display that is exposed to hundreds of people at dozens of events. That’s where fabric is handy. Our fabric graphics are, since the ink becomes part of the fabric during a printing process called dye sublimation, scratch resistant and machine washable. That means no more ordering replacement graphics because of dirt or damage to the ink, which can save hordes of money in the long run.

    Shipping cost and efficiency

    The aforementioned lightweight and flexible nature of fabric graphics definitely comes into play when transporting a trade show display. Fabric takes up such little space that additional items can be added to the carrying case, reducing shipping costs and opportunities for damage. Plus, there is an eco-friendly component here; a lighter, more compact material such as fabric is much easier to haul from show to show than traditional trade show material, limiting the carbon footprint that’s an unfortunate side effect of shipping.

  • EcoGreen Knit Fabric spares no quality while being the ultimate eco-friendly material

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Offering customers quality products while simultaneously trying to take an eco-friendly approach can be an unforgiving venture within our industry. For instance, many banners—as well as window, floor, and wall graphics—lose quality when PVC, which improves durability and flexibility but isn’t recyclable, is removed from the equation. In general, while there are green materials widely available, many of them aren’t up to snuff when it comes to durability, image quality, and overall effectiveness. 

    However, our newest fabric product is doing its part to change the narrative.

    EcoGreen Knit Fabric possesses a durability that makes it great for most types of fabric displays, including SEG, pop-ups, banner systems, and pillowcase-style graphics. Additionally, the material shows off excellent print quality, color depth, and wrinkle resistance—in fact, those characteristics are as good, or even better, with EcoGreen than with any other dye-sub fabric we offer.

    As if those features aren’t enough, EcoGreen’s best qualities are in its name; this 6.4-ounce knit polyester fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, and is 100 percent recyclable itself. That coupled with the fact that the material is REACH compliant and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified—both of which set out to help protect our health and the environment from the risks of chemicals—makes EcoGreen Knit Fabric an obvious choice for environmentally conscious companies who have a little extra room in their marketing budget to go with the ultimate eco-friendly but quality product.

    Contact a customer service representative at Power Graphics today for more information on how you can use EcoGreen to meet your marketing display needs.

  • Catching Up On What's New From The Past Year

    In the past year, there were lots of changes occurring in the industry and many new products were introduced, and we did a terrible job of keeping our customers up-to-date on all of it, so this blog is an attempt to get caught up.

    The Latest Equipment

    As always, we continued to update our printing and finishing equipment to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and to be able to provide the best quality, timeliness and value to our customers. In the past year we added new printing equipment for fine art printing to make sure we're always offering the best quality and longevity, as well as expanding our fabric printing and finishing capabilities to meet the demands of that market. We are now able to laser cut our fabric prints so the edges are sealed and won't fray while being trimmed quickly and accurately. We also added an additional fabric printer to increase the amount of printing we can complete each day, as well as new high end sewing equipment that makes it easier for us to achieve the quality we demand in less time. All of this helps speed up the printing and finishing processes so we can continue to improve the turnaround time on these displays without sacrificing quality. Everyone wants great quality, and we want to be able to offer that to as many customers as possible, even those with a tight deadline.

    Display Trends

    There was a noticeable movement on the part of some of the larger display manufacturers to make their products cheaper. Knowing what kind of markup these companies take on their products, there is definitely room for them to reduce their prices, but instead they are cutting costs by cutting corners to make the products themselves lower quality. We've always believed that there should be products at all quality levels on the market so customers can choose the products that fit their needs and budget. However, what's been happening in many cases is that the quality of existing products has been sacrificed in order to make the cost lower, and that seems like a huge mistake. I think we've all experienced this type of quality erosion, whether it's a consumer product, a restaurant or even a candy bar, where over time the quality declines, the portions get smaller for the same price, or some other change happens to take a product we liked and make it worse. Usually this is being done to squeeze out more profits for the company or to offset a potential cost increase to the end user. For whatever reason, it seems a mistake but we can only control the quality and pricing of our own products, and not those of the other manufacturers we sell. The best we can do it keep our customers up date on the changes so they can make informed decisions when they choose a product.

    With our own products, if we think we need a lower priced option to offer our customers, we'll introduce a new lower priced product instead of trashing a better product to make it cheap. That's the reason we originally introduced our Budget Roll Up banner stands many years ago, so we'd have a less expensive product for customers who needed that. We didn't make our better stand lower quality to compete with cheaper stands on price, and we didn't try pass off cheap stands as something better. It's sad to see some of the products that have been on the market for years decline in quality to save a few dollars when there are already plenty of lower priced products to fill that need. You can be sure our display products, like the QuickSilver and Expo Pro won't suffer the same fate and if anything we are always working to improve their quality, not reduce it.

    Another unfortunate trend has been for some of these same companies to eliminate some of their best products from the market. We've seen sizes and models of stands and displays discontinued and we're told it's because they don't sell as well as the cheap products. This has always seemed like a ridiculous argument to make, since cheaper products are always going to outsell expensive products. Hyundai sells almost twice as many cars in the US as Mercedes Benz, yet both companies are very successful. We think there is a need for high quality products on the market, and for sizes other than the ones that sell in the greatest quantities so we'll continue to fight that type of thinking and offer the best selection of sizes and prices we can.

    One notable exception to these trends has been Expolinc. Their excellent Roll Up Classic and Roll Up Professional banner stands are still going strong and they've made no attempt to reduce the high quality construction of these professional level products, or to eliminate any of the range of sizes they offer. While we haven't had them available on our website before, they also make what is considered to be the highest quality pop up display that is the easiest to set up, but we're in the process of correcting that so these displays can be purchased on our website. Their Fabric System display is also one of the easiest to set up and they are about to introduce a new SEG fabric display that, you guessed it, will be the easiest one to set up on the market. We love their constant innovation, attention to detail and how they keep the end user in mind when they create these products, so we're excited to continue to be a partner and to offer their products.

    New Printing Materials

    We probably removed more printing materials than we added over the past year. There were a lot of products that were discontinued by their manufacturers that caused us to scramble, because for some reason none of these companies give any kind of advanced notice when they do this. In most cases we were able to find replacement products, but that's not always the case so we've had to remove some of them from our site when we couldn't find a suitable alternative.

    For fine art printing we added a new metallic canvas. Metallic prints offer a unique look that seems especially well suited to black and white images, but also adds a different dimension to color images. This is mostly used for photography, but could add a different element to fine art prints as well.

    Many of the new materials we added were fabrics. It seems most of the movement in the fabric market is to cheaper and cheaper materials, which is no surprise since that's what happens in every segment. There is so much fabric printing being done in China at a ridiculously low cost that it's making people scramble to match those prices by lowering the quality of both the printing and the materials. In a lot of cases the Chinese have opened warehouses in the US to store the displays and when they get an order it's printed in China and shipped overnight to the US, so it looks like it's produced here. We've never tried to compete with Chinese printing on price and continue to use quality fabrics and strive for the very best quality possible while offering them at a fair price. It's hard to explain to customers who are price shopping why some of our prints are more expensive than what would appear to be the same thing from a different company, because until you can see them together whatever we say just sounds like a sales pitch. But, we've had some of these prints from other companies, and it's what we used to offer before we did the printing ourselves, and it's what caused us to bring dye sub fabric printing in-house in the first place. The constantly falling quality and inconsistent color is not what we wanted to offer our customers, so now we do almost everything in-house. The extra equipment we've added, that was discussed above, was so we could try to speed up our production time and to keep from falling behind or missing deadlines if a printer went down, and to be able to handle large or rush orders without causing delays for other customers.

    So while we've resisted the efforts to get us to switch to cheaper fabrics, we constantly evaluate new options, because if something less expensive does come along that's just as good, we'll always take advantage of the opportunity to offer lower prices to our customers. It's not surprising that cheaper options are rarely as good or better, but it does happen so we keep looking and testing just in case.

    Some of that testing caused to find a new black backed fabric that's completely opaque for situations where that's important. We also use it as a reflector on the back side of backlit displays so it keeps the front of the display lit without light escaping the back. It's not required, but it makes our backlit displays a little bit better, and that's the kind of thing we're always looking to do.

    New Displays

    As always, we introduced many new display products over the past year. We added a 72" wide QuickSilver Pro retractable banner stand to the already wide range of sizes we offer for that model. There were very options at that size and customers were requesting more options, so we felt it was worth having the QuickSilver made in that size to fill a potential need.

    Fabric displays continue to grow in popularity and we introduced new options in almost every category. With the popular fabric pop up display, we now have two lines available to give our customers a choice of quality, the original Hopup display and the new Premium Fabric Popup line. We added more sizes to our tube frame fabric displays, so we now have a 6' straight wall since that was a size that many of our customers were requesting. We started producing the hardware for the Tube Frame Banner Stands ourselves so we could have better control over the sizes and quality, and in doing so, we added a new 31" model since that's a popular size for retractable banner stands as well. Soon we'll be adding an economy version of the Tube Frame Banner Stand displays for people who need a less expensive version for large volume purchases or have tight budget restrictions.

    Earlier in the year we introduced our Emporium fabric displays. These displays combine a fabric graphic with display elements such as shelves, hanging bars and iPad holders to allow customers who need to showcase various merchandise a compact, affordable and attractive display option. We also introduced the Simplicity fabric display. Like the name suggests, this is a simple fabric backdrop that's inexpensive and easy to set up. Another new, simple display is the Table Perch. It's an aluminum frame that attaches to a 6' or 8' table and is covered with a fabric pillowcase. It can be configured as just a header so the space under it is open for a person to stand behind the table without being blocked, or as a solid backdrop for situations where no one will be standing behind the table.

    We also added the Great Wall fabric displays. These are unique in that the aluminum frame that makes up this display is 20" deep for a very substantial appearance and excellent stability. The deep frame also allows for the addition of internal lighting to turn the Great Wall into a backlit display, which is one of the most popular options for displays today. In fact, we added quite a few backlit display options last year because of this. The smallest option is the Illuminator Backlit Banner Display, which holds a 29.4" x 76.75" fabric graphic, so it's basically a backlit banner stand. It's inexpensive, easy to set up and can fit into small spaces so it's great for a wide range of uses where the extra attention-getting power of a backlit display is needed.

    The Lumos and Backlit Embrace displays are illuminated SEG pop up display hybrids that are very similar, but with enough differences that we decided to offer both. The Lumos is less expensive and used primarily as a single sided display, where the Embrace is a more premium product that is designed to be either single or double sided. They are both easy to set up and come in a range of shapes and size. The Lumos has curtain lights that face forward to directly light the graphic, but it relies on light reflected from the front to light up the back. This works, but the graphic on the back side isn't lit with the same amount of light, where the Embrace is edge lit so the light is consistent on both the front and back.

    The WaveLight line of displays are some of our favorites. The main displays in this line up are illuminated tube frame displays. They use an extra thick tubing to make up the frame that allows enough space for curtain lights that make these displays the easiest backlit displays to set up, and also the brightest. They're only for single sided use, though, so for a double sided backlit display you'd have to look at one of our other option. In addition to the backlit tube frame walls, there are also backlit inflatable counters. These are very unique products that have an inner inflatable core that provides the structure to the podium and allows it to collapse to small, lightweight size that's easy to transport. Once inflated, a stretch fabric graphic that attaches to the top and bottom of the counter makes up the exterior surface of the counter and perimeter LED lights at the bottom provide the illumination. There's even an option to add USB charging ports in the counter top to give a place to power a table presentation, or to give your customers a place to recharge their phones while you have an opportunity to tell them about your products or services. All lightweight portable counters have some amount of wobble to them, compared with larger, heavier counters, and that's always been the trade off with these kinds of displays. In that regard, the inflatable WaveLight counters are the most stable we've seen when they're properly inflated. In the near future we'll have more inflatable products from the same manufacturer including towers, walls and a unique inflatable bench to provide a compact seating option with a stretch fabric surface that gives you an additional place for branding.

    We also added some Trade Show Kits that combine several elements such as a back wall, case and counter, or banner stands with a table cover and a table top display. We'll be adding more because customers seem to like them, both because they offer some additional discounts and because they provide some ideas on how to combine different products to make up a booth space.

    There's a new outdoor aluminum tube a-frame display that we added as an alternative to the our popular pop-up a-frame banners. The pop-ups are made in China and are one of the few things we don't do in house, so we wanted to offer a US made option. These displays also offer the benefit of being able to replace the graphics instead of having to purchase a new display when the graphic wears out or needs to be changed. This makes them less expensive in the long run, and more durable, but they don't have the advantage of collapsing if someone falls on them like the pop up style that uses fiberglass poles to hold the shape, so those are still better around sports fields where players could run into them.

    On The Horizon

    There are lots of exciting new things we're going to be offering this year, and we're committed to doing a better job of announcing when they become available. A few were mentioned above, including a new SEG display from Expolinc that's easier to set up than anything else on the market, new inflatable towers, bench and walls, and new counters and towers made from aluminum tubing with pillowcase fabric covering as well as new hanging fabric display options. There are also magnetic displays and lots of other things we're evaluating, so stay tuned for what's new.

  • $150 Off Vector Frame Displays

    Our special this month is an excellent deal on Vector Frame Trade Show Exhibit Kits. We're offering a $150 discount to encourage our customers to try these tension fabric trade show displays. Vector Frame displays consist of a several extruded aluminum frames that are combined together into different shapes and sizes.


    The frames have a channel that hold silicone edge graphics, or SEG, also called push fit graphics. These stretch fabric graphics are hemmed with a strip of silicone sewn into the perimeter of the graphic. This silicone strip is inserted into the channel of the frame, and this pulls the graphic tight so it looks smooth and even.

    Vector Frame Tension Fabric Display

    As we've noted previously, the idea that there are wrinkle proof fabrics is false and all fabric will wrinkle. Stretch fabrics are very wrinkle resistant, and when they are pulled tight, the wrinkles are less noticeable, but steaming or ironing is necessary to completely remove the wrinkles. While SEG are pulled fairly tight when installed, they are not pulled as tight as zippered pillowcase style graphics, so you shouldn't expect all the wrinkles to disappear with these displays.

    Because this style of display is made up of several individual frames that are joined together, it's easy to replace a single graphic section if necessary to update the content. This can be a huge advantage compared with some fabric trade show displays where the entire display is a single graphic, where any content change would require an entirely new graphic. It also makes it possible to design the graphics for Vector Frame trade show displays with a section or two that can have different content for use at different events, while the remaining sections are generic and can be used at any event. This allows for a level of customization and flexibility that other displays don't offer.

    Vector Frame fabric trade show display

    One of our favorite things about Vector Frame displays is the ability to backlight individual sections of the display. Using edge lit LED lights in the frame, and backlit silicone edge fabric graphics, these backlit sections really set the Vector Frame apart from other types of displays. Having illuminated sections of a display can really draw the kind of attention that everyone wants at a trade show, and is what has made Vector Frame trade show displays so popular.

    There are a large variety of display shapes and sizes available including displays to fit 10' and 20' booth spaces. Some exhibit kits include fabric wrapped counters, while others have monitor mounts or tables. All Vector Frame exhibit kits are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty on the frame.

    Fabric trade show displays

    There are more sizes and styles of Vector Frame displays than are current shown on our website. We're working to add more products all the time, but we started with the most popular configurations. If you are shopping for this style of display, especially if you want to take advantage of our September promotion, and don't see the configuration you need, feel free to contact us for assistance. In order to receive the $150 discount this month, use promo code SEPT2015P during checkout. Be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter and follow us on Facebook to receive the earliest notification of our monthly specials.

  • 5 Things to Consider When Ordering Window Graphics

    Window graphics, also called window clings or window decals, are a great form of advertising. They are popular as decoration for residential use as well, and are also commonly used for creating informational decals. With so many different uses for window graphics, there are many different window decal materials available to allow customers to select the perfect material for their specific needs.

    However, this can make choosing a material a little overwhelming. When a customer asks us to help them choose the best material for their window graphic, we ask them to consider five things that help narrow the options down to a manageable level.

    1. Do you plan to mount the graphic on the outside of the window, or on the inside facing out?

    Mounting window graphics on the outside of the window is always best for maximum visibility, but sometimes it's not possible. Graphics mounted on the outside of the window have the greatest impact because they can be viewed without looking through the glass. This eliminates the glare that the glass can cause, and since almost all commercial windows are tinted, when graphics are used on the inside of business windows, they are even more difficult to see and have less visual impact. When window clings are being used to help block the sun's UV rays, they are much more effective on the outside of the window.

    However, in some cases, it's not possible or practical to install graphics on the outside of the window. One of the most common reasons for installing window graphics on the inside is fear of theft or vandalism. In our experience, this is less of a problem than people think, but it's definitely an issue in some locations and installing the graphics inside the window keeps them from getting damaged. When used for advertising, you have to decide if keeping the graphic safe, but making it less visible, is a good tradeoff. In some cases, installing it outside where it has greater impact, and potentially replacing it periodically because of damage, can make the most financial sense.

    Other common reasons for installing graphics on the inside of the window are to avoid violating local codes or building regulations, or because they will be installed above ground level where access to the inside of the window is easier.

    There are far more window decal materials that are designed to go on the outside of the window, so if you're in a situation where you need to mount your graphics on the inside, you've already narrowed the choices considerably. But in either case, read on to narrow the choices further.

    2. Do you need to be able to see through the window graphic from the inside?

    View through window graphics are some of the most popular because you can see through them from the inside, even though they look solid from the outside. These materials are full of holes of varying density, with a black backing. When there is more light outside, it passes through the holes and your eyes see this instead of the black backing. The effect is similar to looking though a screen door. This is very useful for large window graphics where solid materials would block the view from inside and leave you looking at the blank back side of the graphic. For smaller window graphics and decals, a solid material is a better choice.

    If you need to see through your window graphics, then your choices are fairly simple. For inside mounting, we offer a 70/30 view through window graphic film. For outside mounting, view through perforated window material comes in different perforation patterns that leave anywhere from 50% to 80% of the image. The more of the image that's left, the greater the visual impact and clarity of the graphic, with proportionately less clarify when looking out through the graphic. See the example below.


    Keep in mind that view through graphics are not privacy films. Common sense would dictate that if you can see out from the inside, you can also see in from the outside to some degree. With perforated view through materials, you'll be able to see through from whichever side is darker. During the day, when it's brighter outside, you can clearly see out through the graphic. But, at night, when lights are on inside, you'll be able to see in almost as clearly.

    3. Is the window graphic going to be installed once, or does it need to be reusable?

    Both types of window graphics are common. Window graphics that are serving the dual purpose of advertising products or services while blocking the sun and/or providing some privacy, tend to be installed once and left up as long as possible. This is also true of some promotional window decals and is usually the case for vehicle window graphics.

    Window clings that are intended to be removed and reused are popular because they obviously save money compared with having to purchase new graphics for each use. These are often used for recurring promotions, or seasonal ads and info, such as holiday hours. Generally speaking, this type of window cling should be a material that adheres to the window without adhesive. There are some adhesive window graphics that can be removed and reused, but like any adhesive product, once it gets dirty, it won't stick to the window. Plus, keeping the adhesive clean between uses can be difficult. Non-adhesive products, such as static cling and Glassmate, don't use adhesives so if they get dirty you can simply rinse them off and continue to reuse them.

    Reusable graphics have different properties, so be sure to select one that will work for your intended use. For example, static cling is the least expensive window cling material, but it doesn't stick well in cold weather, and tends to come off the window after a period of time. This makes it better for short term use, or when you don't mind having to periodically reinstall it.

    By this point, if you've considered the first 3 questions, you will have narrowed your choices of material to just a few. Consider the final two questions to make your selection easier.

    4. Do you want the base material to be clear or white?

    Graphics that cover the entire window are usually printed on white material, and that's the most common type since virtually all printing materials are white. The same is true of rectangular graphics, even when they don't cover the entire window. For irregularly shaped window graphics, white materials can be die cut to create the intended shape, but with some intricate designs or those with soft edges where a die cut wouldn't be ideal, clear materials are a better option. Usually, a white underprint is a good idea on clear materials for the best visibility in the window. A white underprint is where a layer of white ink is printed first on the clear material, and the graphic is then printed on top of the white ink. The white underprint can cover the entire graphic, or be selectively used in certain areas to leave other areas clear. Below is an example of the Crystal Clear window film with white printed behind part of the image and the background left clear, as well as a view of the same graphic from the inside looking out.


    Because windows appear almost black from the outside, putting a clear window graphic on the outside of a window without a white underprint will make them very difficult to see, as can be seen in the example below.

    Clear Window Graphic Example

    One of the advantages of clear window graphics, is that they can be seen from both sides. While the view from the inside will be reversed, some people prefer this to looking at the blank back side of a window decal printed on white material. In the case of using a white underprint, the white ink is not completely opaque, and during daylight hours, the printing from the front is still very visible through white on the back side. For maximum visibility from both sides, 3 layer printing can be used, where the image is printed twice with the white layer in between. This makes a graphic with the same clarity from the front or back, with the back side still being reversed. For situations were the graphic needs to read correctly from both sides, a double sided window graphic is required.

    By now, your options have been limited to only a few choices. Consider the question below to finalize your choices.

    5. Do you want to use eco-friendly materials for your window graphics?

    Vinyl, or PVC,  is the most common material for window graphics, but it's not an eco-friendly material. The manufacturing process creates harmful byproducts, and the vinyl itself isn't biodegradable. Vinyl is popular because it's inexpensive, and can be used for a wide range of applications. It's ability to conform to irregular shapes makes it excellent for things like vehicle wraps and graphics, but for windows, that's not necessary. With the exception of vehicles, windows are almost always flat, and there are quite a few eco-friendly window decal materials available. There isn't an eco-friendly solution for view through window graphics installed on the outside of the window, which is unfortunately since those are so popular, but the material for mounting inside the window is a polyester film, which is eco-friendly. Many clear window graphic materials, both adhesive and non adhesive clings are eco-friendly, so those looking for earth friendly clear window graphics have quite a few good choices. Crystal Clear and EcoCling are two such products we offer. For eco-friendly window decals with a white base, the GlassMate and EcoStick are two options, with the GlassMate being a non-adhesive cling and the EcoStick having adhesive.

    By considering how you will be using your window graphics, and what qualities you want them to have, you will have narrowed your options to the point where choosing becomes much easier. When shopping on our site, many of these considerations are available as filters in the left column to help narrow down the visible products. When all else fails, feel free to contact us for assistance, as we're always happy to help make sure you choose the correct window decal product to make your project a success.

  • Expolinc Roll Up Banner Stand Special


    For the month of July, we're offering $35 off any size Expolinc Roll Up Classic banner stand with the silver finish, or the Expolinc Roll Up Professional, when purchased with a banner. Expolinc is one of the premium brands on the market, and while they feature Swedish design and lifetime warranties, they are the least expensive retractable banner stands we offer at this premium level of quality. We stock the silver finish Roll Up Classic and Roll Up Professional models so we can accommodate fast turnaround times, and even offer a 1 day rush on these banner stands for those who have a last minute display need.



    Expolinc Roll Up Classic and Roll Up Professional banner stands are built to handle heavy duty use. The Roll Up Classic comes in 5 different widths; 27.5", 33.4", 39.375", 45.25" and 57.1". Each one can be ordered with a fixed height pole to hold banners at one of 4 heights; 57", 76.75", 84.6" or 96.5". The 84.6" height is standard on all but the 27.5" wide model, where the 76.75" tall pole is standard. The taller poles can be used with the 27.5" wide Roll Up Classic, but the pole will be too long to fit in the carry bag. A telescopic pole with an adjustable height from 63" to 87" tall can be selected in place of the fixed height poles, or can be ordered separately. Most customers use their banner stands at a specific height, so when that's the case, we always recommend one of the fixed height poles. The telescopic support pole is of the same high quality as the stands, but any adjustable pole has a greater potential to fail, where a fixed pole has no moving parts and therefore offers the greatest reliability over time.

    Both models feature a removable roller that makes it easy to change banners. The roller has a channel built into it, and there is a panel strip with a matching channel that attaches to the bottom of the banner. The panel strip on the banner slides into the channel on the roller to attach it, so there's no need for tape or velcro, and there's no leader on the roller that can come loose or tear over time. This helps ensure long term reliability, which is the main reason to purchase a high quality stand like these Expolinc models.


    The main difference between the Roll Up Classic and the Roll Up Professional is that the Professional model has push button releases for the lid, and polished end caps. The lid on both styles opens to provide access for the removable roller, but on the Classic models, there are screws that have to be removed in order to open the lid. Because the Roll Up Classic comes in more sizes, with more options for banner heights including the adjustable pole option, and because it's less expensive, it's the more popular model. There is also a color accent kit option for the Classic models that changes the color of the end caps and front edge of the base. However, the push button release on the lid of the Roll Up Professional is a real time saver for those who change the banner frequently, and the polished end caps add a professional flair to the display.

    Whichever model you choose, you can't go wrong thanks to the exceptional quality of these retractable banner stands. We've heard some sign shops advise their customers to buy a cheap Chinese banner stand instead of a high quality product, with the idea that when it breaks you can buy a new one and still have saved money over the cost of a quality product like the Expolinc Roll Up Classic. While there are some situations where a cheap banner stand makes sense, anyone who attends trade shows regularly can tell you that displays never break at a convenient time, so buying something you expect to break is a recipe for disaster. When you add up the cost of replacement stands, usually requiring replacement graphics, extra shipping costs, not to mention the hassle of arranging for repair or replacement of the cheap stand, a quality display will pay for itself in a very short period of time. Beware of anyone trying to sell you a cheap Chinese import for long term use or for situations where you can't afford to have your banner display fail, because they either don't know what their doing, or are hoping that you don't.

    It would be nice to have a display that will never break, but of course, there's no such thing. While Expolinc displays are built to hold up to the wear and tear of frequent trade show use, shipping, and travel, it's still possible to have something go wrong. On the rare occasions when that happens, Expolinc has an excellent warranty and they are easy to work with to quickly resolve any issues, so they are one of our favorite brands.

    If you'd like to take advantage of this excellent special price, use coupon code JULY2015P during checkout to save $35 on any of the silver Roll Up Classic banner stands, or the Roll Up Professional, when purchased with a banner. Remember, this promotion only lasts until the end of July, so be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts.

    As a reminder, in our shameless attempt to get more customers to follow us on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn, we're announcing our monthly promotions on those social media pages before they are announced here on our blog. So, for the earliest possible notification, be sure to follow us on one of those pages.

  • New Monthly Specials

    We've begun this month offering monthly specials on our site. This is a fairly common practice, and we've wanted to offer something for quite a while, but our old website wasn't capable of this. Now that our new website is up and running, we've begun the program this month. The original plan was to tie the specials to our Facebook page and offer the discounts to those who like our page and follow us. This is also a common practice for companies looking to expand the number of people who follow them on social media, but it seems a little too much like bribery to us. So, we're still promoting the specials on Facebook, and would love as many customers as possible to follow us, but we're not making that a requirement for the promotion. However, the monthly specials will be announced on our Facebook and Google Plus pages first. We'll follow up with an announcement of the promotion on this blog so everyone can benefit, while still providing some incentive for following one of our social media pages.


    As you would expect, each month we'll have a different promotion, and this month we thought we'd start off with a discount offer on our newest banner stand, the Carrera cassette retractable banner stand. It always takes some time for new products to develop a following and become popular, so we thought we'd speed up the process by offering a $20 discount on the Carrera this month. The Carrera is a high end stand with a mid-level price. It's the most solidly made and durable stand we offer with an inexpensive graphic cassette that makes banner changes extremely quick and easy. Extra cassettes can be used to maintain a library of graphics for use at different events, or, because the cassettes are so inexpensive, replacement graphics can be ordered preinstalled on a cassette for extremely easy graphic changes that anyone can do in seconds. It also has a high quality telescopic support pole with lever locks for quick and easy height adjustments, and leveling feet in all four corners of the base for maximum adjustability.

    We're confident that the Carrera will become one of our more popular retractable banner stands in time because of the combination of quality, ease of use, and great price, and for the rest of the month of June, the price is even better thanks to this promotion. Simply use the code JUNE2015 during checkout to receive the discount. We hope everyone in the market for a new display tries the Carrera, because we think that it's a great banner stand and an excellent value.

    Be sure to keep up to date by checking our blog each month, and follow us on Facebook and Google Plus for even more frequent product announcements and the earliest notification of our monthly specials.

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