EcoGreen Knit Fabric spares no quality while being the ultimate eco-friendly material

by Bryan Kilpatrick

Offering customers quality products while simultaneously trying to take an eco-friendly approach can be an unforgiving venture within our industry. For instance, many banners—as well as window, floor, and wall graphics—lose quality when PVC, which improves durability and flexibility but isn’t recyclable, is removed from the equation. In general, while there are green materials widely available, many of them aren’t up to snuff when it comes to durability, image quality, and overall effectiveness. 

However, our newest fabric product is doing its part to change the narrative.

EcoGreen Knit Fabric possesses a durability that makes it great for most types of fabric displays, including SEG, pop-ups, banner systems, and pillowcase-style graphics. Additionally, the material shows off excellent print quality, color depth, and wrinkle resistance—in fact, those characteristics are as good, or even better, with EcoGreen than with any other dye-sub fabric we offer.

As if those features aren’t enough, EcoGreen’s best qualities are in its name; this 6.4-ounce knit polyester fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, and is 100 percent recyclable itself. That coupled with the fact that the material is REACH compliant and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified—both of which set out to help protect our health and the environment from the risks of chemicals—makes EcoGreen Knit Fabric an obvious choice for environmentally conscious companies who have a little extra room in their marketing budget to go with the ultimate eco-friendly but quality product.

Contact a customer service representative at Power Graphics today for more information on how you can use EcoGreen to meet your marketing display needs.


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