Portable Sign Holders

Portable Sign Holders

Our portable outdoor sign holders are some of the most common types of outdoor displays. Usually double sided, these sign holders come in various sizes and allow you to place a sign where your customers are most likely to see it. Often used on sidewalks in front of stores and restaurants, or in parking lots and other public place, these sign holders are great at getting attention and providing information that can be used to direct traffic, promote an event, advertise a sale, or bring customers into a store.

The products in this category are designed to hold up to outdoor conditions. They all have some ability to add weight for extra stability in windy conditions, with different models being designed for use in more severe weather than others. Look at the descriptions for each product and contact us if you have any questions regarding the best product for your particular needs.

  • Signicade Standard A-Frame Sign Holder

    Signicade Standard A-Frame

  • Signicade Deluxe A-Frame Sign Holder

    Signicade Deluxe A-Frame

  • Wind Sign II Portable Outdoor Sign Holder
      Holds 24x36

    Wind Sign II

  • Wind Sign Deluxe Portable Outdoor Sign Holder
      Holds 28x44

    Wind Sign Deluxe