About Us Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc.

We consider ourselves an oasis in a vast desert of mediocrity. For over 25 years we've offered great prices and the highest quality giclee fine art printing, large format digital imaging for indoor and outdoor use, and display hardware such as banner stands, trade show displays and outdoor sign hardware. While it seems everyone likes to say they have great quality and prices, because that would be an ideal place to do business, the truth is they usually don't. We offer unmatched expertise, cutting edge equipment, a huge selection of both printing materials and display hardware, and people who actually care about what they do and want to make sure your job is the best it can be. We're not a huge company that's more interested in volume than quality, or a franchise staffed with inexperience. We're just the right size to be able to do what we do best for every customer - from individuals with simple needs to Fortune 500 companies.

We're often mistaken for a franchise because we like to do things professionally, but we have just one location in northern Utah, just outside Salt Lake City. While it's not a central location for the entire U.S., it is more centrally located than being on one coast or the other, which does help with shipping times and costs in many circumstances.

Read through our capabilities below, and browse through our website to get an idea of what we offer, and maybe get some ideas along the way. We're very solutions oriented, so if you don't see what you're looking for or just want to find out if there are options you're not aware of, you can reach us through our live customer support chat in the left sidebar, or by e-mail and telephone from the Contact Us page.


While not every type of printing we offer is of the same quality, each type of printing is done at the highest quality in the industry for that particular type of printing.

  • We provide aqueous pigment inkjet printing in up to 12 colors at resolutions up to 2880 dpi and widths up to 64". This type of printing is primarily for giclee fine art printing, canvas printing, various types of indoor printing such as posters, trade show graphics, backlit graphics and other types of high quality, long lasting display prints.
  • We offer eco-solvent based pigment inkjet printing in 10 colors at resolutions up to 1440 dpi and widths up to 64". This type of printing is used primarily for canvas prints, banners, window graphics, floor decals, vehicle wraps, outdoor signs, and other high quality, long lasting indoor and outdoor display prints.
  • We offer water based latex inkjet printing in 6 colors at resolutions up to 1200 dpi and widths up to 104". This type of printing is fade resistant, durable, odor free and eco-friendly, so it's excellent for both indoor and outdoor use, and the high quality makes it ideal for printing such was wall murals, banners, window graphics, signs, vehicle wraps and backlit graphics.
  • We offer UV curable inkjet printing in 9 colors, including white, at resolutions up to 1000 dpi and widths up to 80". This type of printing is fade resistant, extremely durable, odor free and eco-friendly, so it's excellent for both indoor and outdoor use for printing such was wall murals, banners, window graphics, signs, trade show graphics, floor graphics, and backlit graphics. UV curable printing is very versatile and allows printing on almost any material, including unusual materials like wood, glass, metal, ceiling tiles, carpet, etc.
  • We provide dye sublimation printing in 6 colors at resolutions up to 720 dpi and widths up to 120". This type of printing is for both indoor and outdoor use for banners, trade show displays, flags, tablecloths, and other types of fabric graphics.
  • We offer digital die cutting, routing, engraving, v-cutting, contour cutting and vinyl cutting on our Swiss made Zund G3 cutter. Depending on the material, we can cut up to 1-2" thick materials up to 98" wide and virtually any length. 
  • We offer lamination up to 62" wide.
  • We can output up to 5000 square feet per hour to complete even large jobs in time to meet your toughest deadlines
  • We currently use printers from Vutek, HP, Roland, Epson and Canon, and tailor each job to the machine that can provide the best quality.
  • We have 25 years of experience in process color reproduction and prepress.
  • We perform full ICC color profiling for every media and ink combination we use for exceptional color accuracy.
  • We offer an enormous selection of display hardware products. Being in independent distributor for many top brands means we have a larger selection of products in all quality and price ranges than anyone since we aren't limited to the products from any one particular company.
  • We are concerned about the environment so we offer a special selection of plasticiser-free, recycled and recyclable indoor and outdoor medias printed with environmentally friendly latex inks and LED UV curable inks to give our clients competitively priced, higher quality alternatives that are not damaging to the environment. Look for our Eco Friendly icon that marks our environmentally friendly products, or visit our Green Solutions page for more information.

If you've read this far, you're either really interested in digital imaging, one of our competitors who tend to research us even more than our customers, or you lost a bet. In any case, you're to be commended for your diligence and we thank you for your time and your interest in our services. If there is any question we can answer or any printing or display problem we can help with, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.