Dimensional Banner Stands

Dimensional banner stands is a category of retractable banner stands with banners that have more than one dimension, or appear to. These are banners that break the traditional rectangular banner model with shaped banners, banners with clear backgrounds that appear to float or look as if they have been cut out, and layered banners with double sided stands being used to create depth by using a clear or shaped banner in front with a background banner behind. By having both banners on the double sided stand face the same direction, the resulting layered effect is very eye catching and different from what most people are accustomed to seeing. This makes them stop and take notice of your display, which is exactly what you want in an advertising or informational banner.

Clear banners are printed with a white underprint to give the image opacity and make it appear to float, but other effects can be created by eliminated the white or using it as a spot color only in certain areas. The other advantage of the white underprint is it makes easier to have the image hide the support pole. Shaped banners can be cut into many shapes as long as the banner will remain self supporting and is near the full width of the stand at the top and bottom. Curved and angled shapes are common, since they fulfill these requirements, but more imaginative shapes can be made as long as those rules are followed.

The banner stand models shown are not unique to this category, but since the banners are very different from traditional banner stand graphics, we made them a separate category. These clear banners and irregular shapes can be used with any stand, but we have selected specific models to appear in this category that are particularly well suited to this type of display. Generally, a model with adjustable height is preferable so the height of the stand can be adjusted to fit the banner height. When using silhouettes of people, this makes it possible to have the stand fit the height of the image when it scales to the width of stand without having extra space at the top or bottom that would spoil the effect. This type of retractable "standee" is not only better looking than the cut out cardboard variety, it is easier to set up, cheaper to transport, takes up less space when stored, and is much less likely to get damaged.

Look through the models and photos to get an idea of what's possible, and contact us with any questions or for assistance in creating you own dimensional banner stand display.

  • Expo Pro Dimensions retractable banner stand
    banner extra Banner Size 33.4 x 63-84

    Expo Pro Dimensions

  • QuickSilver Pro 36 Dimensional Retractable Banner Stand
    banner extra Visible Size 35.5 x 35-96

    QuickSilver Pro 36 Dimensions

  • Sterling 2 33 Dimensions Retractable Banner Stand
    banner extra Banner Size 33.4 x 35-86

    Sterling 2 33 Dimensions