Welcome to Power Graphics - Great Big Printing

At Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc., we're a little different than most large format printing and display companies. We approach our business with the customer in mind, and offer a huge selection of printed materials and displays to meet the widest possible range of needs. While a common business model is to have a small selection of products and try to sell customers on the idea that these products meet their needs, we believe actually having what is best for the customer makes more sense. It does require much greater expertise and a much larger inventory of products, but being able to offer exactly the right product for each specific application allows us to give objective opinions on the best materials and displays without having to sell the customer on any product that isn't ideal for their needs.

Our products and services break down into four main categories, which are Photo and Fine Art Printing, Printing for Indoor Use, Printing for Outdoor Use, and Displays. All our products are arranged by application in these four categories and our navigation menus are arranged in these same categories as well. Photo and Fine Art Printing is where all our printing materials for high end reproduction of photos and art, called Giclee printing, can be found. This includes printing on canvas, professional quality photo papers, and watercolor papers. We offer standard canvas stretching, gallery wrap stretching of canvas prints as well as printing on canvas boards that are ready for framing without the need for stretching. Because fine art reproduction is very technical, and so many companies do it poorly, there is a Giclee Q&A page in this section that explains the reproduction process and Giclee printing services to give a good overview and help educate customers about the process.

As the name suggests, the Printing for Indoor Use and Printing for Outdoor Use categories contain all our printing for use in those environments. Indoor printing includes applications such as banners, floor decals, window graphics, wall murals, decals, posters, backlit printing and trade show graphics. There is some cross over to outdoor printing, where many of the same materials for banners, wall murals and backlit prints are used. Some of the same window graphics, decals and posters are also used outdoors, but there are additional materials that are specific for outdoor use as well. Floor graphics for outdoor use are mostly different products that are specially designed for use outdoors, but there are a few materials that can be used in both locations, and the same is true of decals. Vehicle graphics and vehicle wrap materials, along with rigid outdoor sign materials are specific to the outdoor printing section, although there are applications where these could be used indoors as well.

This is another example of the difference between Power Graphics and other printing service providers. In each category, we offer a large selection of different materials for each application, so the proper material for any particular purpose can be used. For example, we don't just offer one or two banner materials, but instead we have a large selection of vinyl banner materials in weights from 10 oz to 24 oz and non-vinyl banner options for those who need an eco-friendly solution. For floor decals, we have materials specifically designed for virtually any flooring surface so they can be safely used without causing damage or leaving adhesive residue when they are removed. We also have options in price ranges and longevities for short term to long term use so customers can find a product that fits their needs and their budgets without risking the safety of their customers, and incurring liability, by using materials that are not designed for use on floors. In every category of printing, there are similar examples where the selection of products we offer, and our expertise, helps provide a range of solutions so an appropriate option can be found.

The Displays category is our largest and most diverse group of products. The category includes our incredible selection of banner stands, both retractable banner stands and portable, non-retractable style stands as well as banner walls. Outdoor banner stands, including styles with weighted bases, feather banners and retractable outdoor banner stands are also part of this category. All of these banner displays are available with or without printed banners, and in keeping with our philosophy of providing options, each banner stand is available with a range of different banners to suit the needs of each customer. We also offer an extensive selection of parts and accessories for these products such as shipping cases and lighting, as well as complementary products like table covers and literature racks. We offer the largest selection of banner stands available, that includes our own designs as well as the most popular brand name displays so that, once again, we have the correct products for our customer's needs.

Trade show displays are another large subcategory of display products that includes popular options such as pop up displays in a variety of shapes and sizes. Tension fabric displays can be found in this category that also come in a wide range of styles from basic 8 foot to 10 foot wide displays to elaborate 20 foot island exhibits, and even include backlit options. There are also exhibit truss systems in this category that can be used to build seemingly any shape display from small sizes to large 20 foot islands that are built from individual truss components that go together like tinker toys. There are also table top display in this category that come in most of the same styles as the trade show displays, but sized to fit on standard folding tables. Specialty displays like counters and kiosks, as well as iPad stands can also be found here.

In addition to displays for trade shows, this category also includes other types of displays such as backlit displays and poster frames. Floor standing sign holders are also found here and include many different styles of poster stands for use in different retail display settings. There are models that hold a single poster, up to models that hold three different posters, and even styles with tilting sign frames for maximum versatility. Sign hanging hardware is a popular display option that can be found in the Displays category and this includes plastic poster and banner hanging systems that can hold both soft signage materials like banners, and more rigid materials like poster board. There are also aluminum poster and banner hangers that hold the same types of materials as the plastic versions, as well as thicker rigid substrates, while providing a more upscale look. Outdoor displays are also offered in this category and include everything from portable outdoor sign holders like plastic A-frame signs, to yard sign holders and real estate sign posts. Outdoor flag stands and street pole banner brackets systems are also part of this category.

As you can see, our philosophy of offering choices is evident throughout our entire range of products and services, and is designed so that we are the business that is most likely to have exactly what the customer needs.


Customer Service Philosophy

Customer service is more than just fielding phone calls. Having the right products for the customer is just part of our overall customer service philosophy that also includes having employees who actually care about how each job turns out and work to make sure that we can take pride in anything we produce and ship to a customer. Creating a website that provides as much information about each product as possible, and one that's easy to navigate and up to date with current prices and information is another part. Having the products that customers want, in stock to meet their deadlines requires a large inventory of materials and displays, but this is also an important part of customer service. While we like to offer almost any product that we think can benefit the customer, we try to choose products that are readily available if we don't stock them in house, so that most of these displays are available for shipment the same or next day. Our constant focus on quality sets us apart from the competition and provides peace of mind to our customers, and also makes good business sense as it helps build loyalty and makes for repeat customers.

Of course, we also provide helpful and knowledgable assistance by phone, e-mail or live chat for customers who need some help in navigating our many products and services. We also offer printed samples of most all of our printing materials for customers who need to see and feel the products before ordering. Perhaps the most important aspect of customers service that we strive to offer, is expertise and professionalism. We hear and experience every day the frustration of dealing with companies that don't do their jobs properly. Unlike so many companies these days, we actually know our products, and if there is something we don't know, we will find the answers. If a problem occurs, we work to solve it quickly and fairly, and if the problem involves a product from one of our suppliers, we work with them on the customer's behalf to resolve it. Most importantly, we do our job to make sure that orders are completed properly and on time. It's not the customers job to make sure we ship the correct product to the correct address on time. This sounds so basic as not to be worth mentioning, but it's become less common in our experience, and we feel this is most basic aspect of customer service.