Trade Show Displays

 trade show displays

Trade show displays are the most common type of display we sell. Trade shows are big part of most industries, and exhibitors at trade shows are there to attract customers, provide information about their products and services, and make sales, and none of that can happen if without a trade show display that draws attention and conveys the proper message. That's why we offer such a broad range of trade show displays in different styles, so that anyone can find a suitable type of display for their particular needs.

Our trade show displays are broken down into categories to make shopping easier. Trade Show Banner Walls consists of banner stands that are used together to create a back wall display, and also includes specialty products that were designed specifically for this type of application. Banner walls are popular because they can broken up and used as individual displays when the need arrises, so they are a very versatile display that can be very inexpensive. The Counter and Kiosks are popular for creating gathering spots, information centers and interactive displays. The monitor kiosks are particularly useful for getting customers attention with video presentations or demonstrations, which are very effective sales tools. Folding Panel Displays contains our selection of these fabric covered panel systems that are used to attach velcro graphics. These are not as popular as they once were, but some customers still like the simplicity of this type of trade show display.

Still one of the most popular types of trade show displays are the Pop Up Displays. These consist of light weight scissor truss frames that fold down into a compact size and "pop up" into a full wall frame. Semi-rigid graphics attach with hanging panels at the top and magnets on the edges to make for a seamless looking wall. We offer several brands and many different shapes and configurations of pop up booth displays to accommodate all types of display needs. There are also many special accessories such as shelves and backlighting that are available with some models.

One of the newer styles of display that are becoming more and more popular are the Tension Fabric Displays. Fabric display are popular because they are light weight, the graphics are durable and colorful, and it's possible to make displays that are easier to setup, or that look unlike any other type of display. We offer popup fabric displays were the graphic stays attached to a scissor truss frame with velcro, and expanding the frame is all that is needed for setup. We offer some models in this style that are backlit, which is always an attention getting option. We also offer aluminum frame systems where pillowcase style graphics are stretched over the frame for setup. This style of fabric trade show display makes it possible to create eye catching displays that couldn't be created in other ways. We also offer the simple silicone edge graphics style of displays. These consist of aluminum frames with a channel that accepts the silicone strips sewn into the perimeter of the graphic. You simply push the silicon strip into the channel to install the graphic, and this pulls the graphic tight and smooth. Some of these displays are also available in backlit configurations.

Exhibit Truss Systems are a type of trade show display that is often compared with tinker toys. Built from a selection of components that come in different shapes and lengths, a huge range of displays can be built, and can also be reconfigured into different displays if needed. Truss style displays offer a high tech, modern look that is popular with certain industries, but these are heavier and more expensive than other styles of display, and take more time to set up and take down, so they tend to be popular for larger exhibit spaces with companies that typically have crews of people to handle the setup and take down that is required.

We also have categories for accessory items such as literature racks, parts and replacement graphics for all these different styles of exhibits. While not listed under the Trade Show Displays category, iPad Stands and Table Top Displays are also very popular at trade shows, but they each have their own categories in the main menu above.

While these displays were all designed with trade show use in mind, many trade show exhibits are also excellent as retail displays or for use at special events, theater displays, museums, presentations, and in any situation where a portable display is needed, but they are shown here because they were originally designed for trade show use and that's what they are used for most often.

Most displays are available either with or without graphics, to accommodate customers who may want to provide their own graphics.

Look through the different trade show display categories to filter the options to just those models, or you can browse through them all at once in this section. If you need help finding a display that fits your needs and budget, feel free to contact us for assistance.

  • Tube Frame Banner 24 Tension Fabric Display
    banner extra Graphic Size 24 x 64-136

    Tube Frame Banner 24

  • Mesh Literature Rack

    Mesh Literature Rack 4 Pocket

  • Tube Frame Banner 36 Tension Fabric Display
    banner extra Graphic Size 36 x 64-136

    Tube Frame Banner 36

  • Mesh Literature Rack 8

    Mesh Literature Rack 8 Pocket

  • Tube Frame Banner 48 Tension Fabric Display
    banner extra Graphic Size 48 x 64-136

    Tube Frame Banner 48

  • Tube Frame Banner 60 Tension Fabric Display
    banner extra Graphic Size 60 x 64-136

    Tube Frame Banner 60

  • Zed Up Lite Brochure Stand

    Zed Up Lite Literature Rack

  • Illusion Literature Rack

    Illusion Literature Rack

  • Demonstrator Literature Rack

    Demonstrator Literature Rack

  • Econo Stand Retractable Banner Wall
    banner extra Banner Size 100.2 x 79

    Econo Stand Banner Wall

  • Zed Up Literature Rack

    Zed Up Literature Rack

  • Zed Up Pro Literature Rack

    Zed Up Pro Literature Rack

  • Space Lite 33 Banner Wall
    banner extra Banner Size 100.2 x 84

    Space Lite 33 Banner Wall

  • Space Lite 39 Banner Wall
    banner extra Banner Size 118 x 84

    Space Lite 39 Banner Wall

  • Caso Display Case

    Caso Display Case

  • Expolinc Brochure Stand

    Expolinc Brochure Stand With Bag

  • Expolinc Brochure Stand Double

    Expolinc Brochure Stand Double With Bag

  • Hopup 1x3 Tension Fabric Pop Up Display
      Graphic Size 31 x 89.5

    Hopup 1x3 Tension Fabric Pop Up Display

  • Expolinc Standard Case

    Expolinc Standard Case

  • Expolinc Standard Case XL

    Expolinc Standard Case XL

  • Versaflex 8 Foot Straight Banner Wall
    banner extra Banner Size 94.5 x 48-120

    Versaflex 8 Foot Straight Banner Wall

  • Expand PodiumCase Options
      graphic extra

    Expand PodiumCase

  • Expand PodiumBox
      Available in 2 Sizes

    Expand PodiumBox

  • Expand LinkWall Base Unit
    graphic extra Graphic Size 35.4 x 86.6-114

    Expand LinkWall Base Unit