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  • Top 6 Wall Mural Ideas That’ll Revamp Your Commercial Space

    Who doesn't love wall art? It's a fun way to show off your creativity and make your space unique! From catchy marketing displays to personalized designs, there's so much you can do with digital wall coverings. That's why we're exploring some top-notch wall mural ideas for commercial spaces in this blog. Get ready to jazz up your walls and make a statement!

    1. Infographics Wall Murals

    Many organizations choose infographics when they want to create a mural. Using infographics is a great way to visually represent your company's growth with real-life statistics. If your business is growing fast every year, you can use charts and graphics to showcase the progress. Infographics are perfect for those who love data and want to tell a story with numbers—in a creative way!

    2. Magnetic Walls

    Imagine having a wall that can change instantly—enter magnetic walls! They're incredibly versatile, and they’re great for displaying art, important documents, or even funny memes. It's like having an enchanted bulletin board.

    3. Timeline Wall Murals

    Another cool option is creating timelines that display key moments in your business’ history. Plus they can be customized to benefit employees and customers. The key is in deciding which events to showcase. You should focus on moments that inspire your team and clients.

    4. Inspirational Designs

    When it comes to commercial murals, inspirational designs are popular. You can include your company's motto or a quote that reflects your ideals. Having inspiration in your workplace can motivate your employees and lead to better results. There will always be that constant reminder to work hard, and you’ll also showcase your dedication to the broader vision.

    5. Value Displays

    Similar to inspirational designs, value displays show off your company's values. This wall art serves as a reminder to employees that your principles come first, and they’ll inspire dedication so everyone can pursue the best outcomes. Plus they’ll promote transparency and highlight the most beneficial parts of your business.

    6. Optical Illusion Wall Murals

    Optical illusions are gaining popularity when it comes to wall murals. Praised for their uniqueness and lasting impressions, these designs go beyond traditional boundaries, blending highly skilled art with creativity. They are among the most effective tools for grabbing your audience's attention, and they can immerse customers in a story and provide unique experiences. In short, they’ll not only impact your brand but also lead to higher customer satisfaction.

    Wrapping Up

    Now that you've checked out some awesome wall mural ideas for businesses, it's your turn to pick the one that suits your business best. Ready to give this a shot? Reach out to Power Graphics today! Whether you're jazzing up your home or adding flair to your business, our custom wall murals will be just what you need. We do super-cool mural printing and we also make wall-coverings for thousands of customers. Let's make your walls pop!

  • Why Investing In High-Quality Floor Graphics Is A Good Move

    Ever noticed cool graphics on walls and windows? What about on a floor? Well, it’s true that floor graphics are a thing, and they’re quite popular too. And they're not just for decoration—they're awesome for marketing and safety too. Check out why floor graphics are becoming a must-have investment for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    1. Grabbing Attention

    Ever find yourself looking at the floor when you're in a new place? That's where floor graphics come in handy! In a busy store, walls and shelves are covered with stuff, so putting an ad or directions there might not go as planned. Floors, on the other hand, are neutral, so adding a cool graphic can really draw attention. Additionally, floor decals can guide people to specific deals or hotspots.

    2. Building Brand Recognition

    Want people to remember your brand? Using custom floor graphics in your store can help. Floor graphics are great at showing off your brand's personality and they’ll even help customers trust you. You can use them to thank customers, give directions, or share your company's motto. In short, these graphics help your company stand out from the rest.

    3. Infinite Design Possibilities

    Floor graphics can be designed in a wide variety of ways. You can use them in your store or at a trade show, and they’re great if you’re looking to promote a new product or showcase your brand. Consider 3D options or those that rely on QR codes. There are so many options to choose from. Plus, they fit in any space, from narrow store aisles to big hotel lobbies.

    4. Cost-Effective And Customizable

    Floor clings are both budget-friendly and effective. When compared to other advertising tools, they don't cost a lot, and you can customize them to make your brand’s message more unique and appealing. In short, with different sizes, shapes, and designs to choose from, you can find a floor decal that fits your space and budget perfectly.

    Durable And Low-Maintenance

    Made from top-notch vinyl, floor stickers are tough and long-lasting. They can handle lots of foot traffic, resist wear and tear, and work both indoors and outdoors. Plus, cleaning them is a breeze—just use a wet cloth! This way you can keep your floor graphics looking fresh and vibrant for ages.

    Safety And Directions

    Make it easy for customers to find their way around your business. Floor signs provide clear directions, unlike ceiling signs which can be hard to read. Placing them at intersections will help guide visitors to different areas, preventing crowded spots. Truly, using them is a smart way to keep things flowing smoothly.

    Thinking About Using Floor Graphics In Your Business?

    Floor graphics are awesome for catching your customers' eyes while they're shopping, but they can also guide a crowd, hype up an event, show off your brand, or jazz up a special occasion. At Power Graphics, we've got a variety of custom floor decals that work on tile, hardwood, vinyl, and other smooth surfaces. Plus, we've got options for carpet, concrete, asphalt, and even less common surfaces. Let's make your floors stand out!

  • Top 6 Wall Art Ideas You Need to Know About in 2024

    Ready to give your home a fresh vibe? 2024 is the perfect time to make it happen! With so many wall art options to choose from, upgrading your space is a breeze. If you’re looking for excellent wall decor ideas, check out what our custom printing experts have to say for 2024.


    1. Upgrade Your Walls With Wall Decals 2.0

    Have you ever considered adding texture to your room without a major overhaul? Wall art stickers might be the answer! These wall decals effortlessly give your walls a fresh look, from rustic wood to unique textures.


    2. Effortless Art Appeal

    Say goodbye to the hassle of nail holes! Opt for giant custom wallpaper murals instead of scattering smaller frames across the space. Expansive wall murals span the entire wall. Embrace nature with scenes like sunsets, forests, or waterfalls. Add a touch of glamour with a faux marble mural, or choose a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic with a mural showcasing reclaimed wood planks.


    3. Architectural Elegance for High Ceilings

    Are you lucky enough to have high ceilings? Wall stickers can add a touch of architectural charm, whether mimicking stone walls or embracing a modern, cozy aesthetic with architecturally-inspired wallpapers.


    4. Impactful Scaling

    Transform your room with a single, large sticker—perhaps a blooming flower. With décor that complements your sticker, you can create a unified and pleasing look.


    5. Design Flexibility

    Are you indecisive about your wall decor? Experiment with different shapes and sizes of digital wallcoverings or wall stickers. Test smaller designs before committing to trends, like a bold, geometric pattern. Wall art stickers are perfect for frequent movers or those who love a regular redecorating spree!


    6. Wall Signs and Signage

    Effortlessly elevate your decor with wooden plaques adorned with distinctive quotes. A cherished saying can transform and uplift any space. Consider a neon sign featuring a brief, impactful phrase. Can’t find the right quote? Create a custom wooden sign. Explore various finishes like painting, staining, or using a burning tool to incorporate your chosen message or design. The options for wall signs are boundless.


    Final Thoughts

    Wall decorations have been a decorating must for ages, but have you met their modern, evolved counterparts? Wall decals and murals are cool, updated versions that can jazz up your home or give a commercial space more personality. At Power Graphics, our top-notch print quality and a wide range of wallcovering materials mean we can create outdoor murals and building wraps for almost any situation.

  • Revitalize Your Business: 7 Window Decal Ideas for a Powerful Boost

    Are you considering sprucing up your business with window decals? They’re like marketing magic. Get the most bang for your buck by being creative and strategic. Check out these window decal business ideas to give your campaign an instant boost without losing sight of the goal. Let’s make those windows work for you!


    1. Grab Attention With Eye-Catching Graphics

    Your first move is to stand out when considering window marketing, and nothing does it better than window graphics that scream, “Look at me!” Picture this: vibrant, contrasting colors, clever images that defy the norm, and a sprinkle of humor. These are the secret ingredients to make your window decal design unmissable for your customers.


    2. Put Your Best in the Spotlight

    Is your coffee the best in town, or do you sell toys that turn heads? Let everyone know! Whether it’s silhouette graphics or a burst of colors, showcase your top products on your window decal.


    3. Let Your Logo Shine

    Your logo deserves the spotlight. Stick it on your windows, along with other eye-catching graphics. It’s not just decoration; it’s a marketing tool that says, “This is who we are!” Use our design tool, upload your logo, customize it to your heart’s content, and hit order.


    4. Brand Name and Slogan

    Sometimes, a logo isn’t enough to tell your story. If you want to boost your brand recognition further, add your brand name and slogan. Slap it on your windows so that everyone knows what you’re about.


    5. Think Outside the Box

    Get creative with the placement of your decals. For example, you could use restroom mirrors covered as another place to show off your brand. A toothbrush brand could show a woman cringing at her partner’s dragon breath alongside a pitch for their products. Be clever, be relevant, and grab your customers’ attention.


    6. Stick to Marketing Basics

    Beyond the initial wow factor, stick to marketing 101. Strong headlines, showcasing benefits, and a compelling call to action are essentials you should include. Even with limited space on your window, throw in a limited-time discount or a coupon code to track your success.


    7. Print Like a Pro

    Lastly, print your window decals or window signs on top-notch materials with strong adhesion and fade-resistant inks. High-quality materials ensure they last season after season. Luckily, printing companies like Power Graphics offer premium quality at prices that won’t break the bank. We provide unbeatable pricing, top-notch giclee fine art printing, and large format digital imaging tailored for indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, we offer display solutions, including banner stands, trade show displays, and outdoor sign hardware.

  • The Top 7 Promotional Graphic Display Products for 2024

    In the world of promoting your business, it’s all about making smart choices that stand out. Make everything look better with your name on it! If you’re looking for trendy advertising material to boost your brand in 2024, you’re in the right place. Our list has the top 7 printed display products. These promotional products will give your business a fresh vibe and maximize your trade show impact. Start the New Year by making a lasting impact and connecting with your audience in a meaningful way!

    1. Retractable Banner Stands

    Retractable banner stands shine at trade shows and in various settings like retail stores, sports events, churches, airports, shopping malls, and museum exhibits. They are considered one of the most user-friendly banner displays and are versatile.

    2. Floor Graphics

    Transform your floor space into a dynamic advertising canvas with custom floor graphics. Perfect for engaging customers during shopping, directing traffic, promoting events, reinforcing brand identity, or enhancing the ambiance for special occasions.

    3. Backlit Graphics

    Photographic-quality backlit displays add a touch of magic to indoor spaces such as malls, financial institutions, restaurants, airports, trade show exhibits, and special events. They’re also a hit in television sets and stage productions where backlit set pieces are essential.

    4. Window Graphics

    Maximize your unused window space with window graphics, turning it into a powerful advertising tool. Window clings and decals are popular choices for fast-food restaurants, retail displays, new construction, and places where window space can be creatively utilized.

    5. Wall Decals

    Wall decals are printed on self-adhesive materials and offer a versatile solution for personal or commercial use. Their special adhesives ensure easy installation and removal without damaging walls. Many can even be reused.

    6. Vehicle Graphics

    Take your brand on the road with car signs and vehicle graphics. Whether through full or partial vehicle wraps, magnetic signs, or custom window decals, turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. Gain exposure in places traditional signage can’t reach, offering a unique form of mobile advertising.

    7. Canopy Tents

    Create a memorable outdoor display with canopy tents, perfect for fairs, exhibits, concerts, festivals, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor venues. These portable tents provide shade and serve as a prominent platform to showcase your logo, making them an excellent choice for standing out in the crowd or boosting brand visibility.

    The Bottom Line

    As you tackle marketing in 2024, grabbing these seven must-have custom advertising products can really boost your brand. Whether you’re gearing up for trade shows, conferences, or business events, at Power Graphics, we create these products to make your presence shine in the business world. These personalized tools help you connect with others meaningfully and stand out in a competitive market. Embrace them, and let your B2B and B2C influence soar to new heights this New Year!

  • 2024 Vision: Top 7 Perks of Banner Advertising for Your Business

    Have you ever heard the phrase, “A picture says a thousand words?” In the fast-paced world of marketing, it rings true. Businesses chasing success amid ever-shifting trends need solid strategies. That’s where smart banner placement steps in, playing a pivotal role in steering the journey to success. Banners are oldies but goodies in advertising and form a quick and impactful connection with viewers. They can leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

    Join us in this blog as we dive into the top 7 perks of using banners for your business.

    1. Captivating

    The key to drawing in new customers is engagement without the pressure to purchase. Outdoor banner stands subtly excel, allowing businesses to promote themselves without overwhelming customers. By simply catching the customer’s eye, banners effectively highlight the company’s name or logo, creating brand awareness effortlessly.

    2. Budget-Friendly

    All it takes is an image and a few words to attract people to your business. Banners are easily produced and adaptable to size requirements and locations, making them a cost-effective advertising solution. They offer flexibility in updating and changing, with various banner types to choose from, such as the more economical vinyl banners. Advertising costs vary based on location and banner type.

    3. Sustainable

    Banners can be reused in different locations and provide general information like brand names and product details. If the content is not time-sensitive, retractable banner stands can be easily repurposed, making them a sustainable and cost-efficient choice for advertising.

    4. Impactful

    Banners effectively capture customer attention, ensuring visibility and recall. Their limited content is easy to absorb, making them an efficient means of conveying information about the company and its products. A well-designed banner attracts new customers and contributes to customer retention.

    5. Trustworthy

    High-quality banners convey professionalism and credibility, instilling trust in potential customers. Businesses that invest time and resources in creating effective advertisements through banners build a strong connection with customers, enhancing credibility and brand perception.

    6. Targetable

    Whether you display your banner at a sponsored event or outside your business premises, the likelihood of attracting potential customers increases. Your company’s trade show displays or banners often become the first association when individuals need your products and services. With consistent and repeated messaging, the power of localization becomes a crucial element, embedding the brand in the minds of consumers.

    7. Perfect for Showcasing Special Offers and Upcoming Sales

    What could be a more effective way to promote your business than with a striking banner? You can change them with upcoming sales and advertise special offers to entice potential customers to enter your store.

    Get Your Business Banners Today!

    Even in this digital age, traditional methods like banners are still effective. Especially for small businesses, banners pack a punch in value and efficiency. At Power Graphics, we’ve got top-notch printing and a wide range of banner stand materials to tailor-make banners for any need. Choose from our various reinforced vinyl banners with different weights and finishes, including ones you can print on both sides.

  • What Are the Advantages of Using Custom Window Decals for Your Business?

    Did you know that 76% of people enter a store because of eye-catching signs? Signs significantly influence customer choices. Window graphics can add flair and character to your business and serve practical purposes like helping customers find their way around and remember where they parked.

    Are you curious to explore the advantages of window graphics for your business? Dive into this blog to find out more!

    Elevate Your Business Windows

    When it comes to your storefront, custom window graphics strike a perfect balance between professionalism and personalization. They catch the eye and hold attention, allowing more people to engage with your information, logo, products, and services, ultimately building a connection with your brand. These enhanced window graphics don’t compromise aesthetics for functionality. They help display essential company and location details in an eye-catching manner, and using on-brand colors, fonts, shading, materials, and design elements will elevate the overall presentation.

    Boost Brand Awareness

    Effective brand awareness has multiple layers, and custom business window graphics can support each element. Initially, it means getting your target market to know more about your company. Deeper brand awareness takes it a step further because your audience hears about your business and connects with your products and services. These connections can be multi-dimensional, involving both mental and emotional associations. Visually impactful, distinct, and consistent on-brand messages, including storefront graphics, contribute to this connection, complementing your website, social media, ads, employees, and products.

    Enhance Brand Visibility

    Utilizing window graphics is a powerful method to enhance your brand’s exposure. They help showcase your products and services and draw in new customers. These graphics can be placed on your storefront, office, or windows. They’re also suitable for vehicles like cars, vans, and trucks.

    Improve Customer Retention

    Window decals are crucial in increasing customer retention and leaving a lasting impression. Captivating designs and engaging imagery draw potential customers into your store or office. Additionally, window graphics can convey important business information, such as operating hours and contact details. They not only help retain customers but also enhance brand awareness and recognition. Potential customers can easily spot your business and remember your name when they see your window graphics, which is especially valuable for businesses in high-traffic areas.

    Promote Sales and Specials

    Regarding advertising sales and promotions, few methods can beat window graphics. Their versatility and customizability convey information about your products and services effectively. From high-quality logos printed on full-window perforated film to detailed, informative decals, window graphics showcase the offerings that drive your business. Whether you’re advertising monthly discounts, membership plans, new merchandise, product releases, or seasonal sales, window graphics are a powerful tool.

    Cost-Effective Marketing

    Strategic window graphics inspire specific customer actions. Start by defining your goals and the desired customer actions to make the most of them. Whether purchasing a specific product or signing up for your newsletter, you can craft custom window graphics to implement your plan.

    Do You Have Some Extra Window Space to Jazz Up?

    Maximize your storefront’s potential with personalized window decals from Power Graphics! Our window decals, graphics, and window clings work wonders for businesses in any industry. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand, promote a special event, or add privacy for your team, we have the necessary materials.

  • Floor Graphics: What Are the Uses of Floor Decals for Your Business?

    Every business needs effective advertising, but traditional methods can fall short. To stand out, you need creative approaches. While banners and posters are common choices, not everyone fully leverages their potential. We often overlook unconventional tools like floor decals. Whether you aim to grab attention, boost your brand, or convey a polished image, a personalized floor sticker can get the job done. Let’s explore how floor stickers can make a big impact on your business promotions.


    Floor Stickers Make a Big Impact

    One of the key advantages of using floor decals for your business is their exceptional visibility, even from a distance. Unlike traditional signs and posters, which people tend to overlook, floor decals uniquely capture your target audience’s attention. This strategy is particularly effective when people aren’t accustomed to seeing signs on the ground. Additionally, they save space by replacing bulky promotional stands and displays.


    Creativity and Uniqueness of Floor Graphics

    Vinyl floor graphics offer a creative and unique approach to advertising. They can showcase any design, image, or message you desire. Whether you want to make a bold statement with vibrant colors and striking lettering or create a sleek and sophisticated look, floor stickers can be tailored to your needs. They can also be cut into various shapes and sizes, allowing for innovative and eye-catching designs.


    Effective Communication With Customers

    Floor clings or decals can be informative tools, sharing your business’s accomplishments, awards, or essential information like restroom locations and exits. These decals help build trust with your audience and establish your expertise in your field. They are a practical way to communicate with your customers.


    Efficient Wayfinding

    Finding what they’re looking for quickly and effortlessly is essential for new and returning customers. Floor signs can act as effective wayfinding and directional signs, guiding customers to the products they need and making their shopping experience more comfortable.


    Showcasing Your Products and Services

    Well-designed floor graphics can draw attention to specific areas, products, special offers, or promotions within your store or business. A large, colorful custom floor sticker can increase foot traffic to your latest products or bestsellers.


    Cost-Effective and Easy to Install

    Floor decals are cost-effective advertising solutions that you can easily install yourself, eliminating costly installation fees. This marketing material also allows for quick updates to your space. Depending on your budget, you can choose between large, colorful graphics or simple, straightforward wording.


    Build Your Brand With Creative Marketing Tools

    Consistency is vital to boost your brand recognition. Floor decals help make a lasting impression, reinforcing your logo or tagline alongside other marketing tools like window graphics and banner stands. This repetition enhances brand recall, ensuring customers immediately connect your visuals to your company. Plus, floor decals provide a visual platform to express your brand’s personality and message. At Power Graphics, our outdoor custom floor graphics transform sidewalks and parking lots into practical advertising spaces.

  • How to Advertise Your Business This New Year With Banners and Graphics

    This New Year, businesses look forward to welcoming the next chapter with style and making a remarkable impression on customers and prospects alike. And what better way to do that than with eye-catching banner stands at New Year parties and events? But how can you design a banner stand that truly stands out from the crowd? This blog will show you how to create a captivating banner stand to elevate your event presence and excite attendees for the countdown.

    Incorporate Resolutions and Goals

    Are you looking to connect with your audience on a more personal level? One great way to do so is by incorporating common New Year resolutions and goals into your banner stands. From fitness and travel to personal growth, aligning your messaging with popular resolutions can make your brand more relatable to people’s aspirations. And the best part? You can use visuals and text to show how your products or services can help individuals achieve their New Year goals. For example, if you’re a real estate firm, you can use backlit graphics or retractable banners to convey messages like “Buy your dream house this new year with us.” This approach adds relevance to your brand and positions your business as a partner in their journey.

    Use Visible and Bold Typography

    Use bold and attention-grabbing fonts for important details like event dates and special offers. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with oversized numerals for the upcoming year or use fancy script fonts for phrases like “Wish You a Happy New Year” or “Celebrate the New Year With Us.” Maintain consistency in font style and size to ensure maximum readability. And don’t forget to strategically place your text to elevate the overall visual impact of your banner stands.

    Incorporate Imagery

    Use iconic imagery that instantly communicates the celebratory nature of the event and can add a touch of sophistication to your banner stands, be it a retractable banner or an outdoor sign. Build excitement and anticipation by incorporating countdown elements into your banner design. Use imagery of clocks ticking down to midnight, numerals displaying the upcoming year, or even a stylized countdown clock with animated effects.

    Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely

    Vibrant colors evoke the celebratory spirit of the occasion. Classic choices include a combination of black, gold, and silver for a touch of elegance, or you can go for a more modern look with deep blues, purples, and vibrant reds. Ensure your color choices resonate with the atmosphere you want to create, and consider incorporating gradients or color transitions to add visual interest.

    End Note

    Remember to keep your banner stand simple and elegant with high-quality graphics and printing. This stylistic choice makes your banner stands or floor clings stand out at your New Year event and allows attendees to absorb your message quickly during the event’s excitement. Contact Power Graphics for all your printing and graphic needs.

  • How Do Banner Stands Benefit Your Travel Business During Christmas Expos?

    Are you ready for Christmas expos this festive season? It’s that time of the year again—the season of glittering markets, dazzling Christmas expos, and endless travel opportunities! With so many businesses vying for attention, how can you ensure your travel business captures the spotlight and stands out?

    The answer is simple: banner stands! These eye-catching displays are the secret weapon to take your travel business to new heights this holiday season. This blog will show you how to use banner stands to attract visitors and wow them with your travel offerings at Christmas expos. Get ready to shine like never before.

    Ease of Set Up

    Christmas expos often involve a flurry of activity, and having a display that is easy to set up and dismantle is crucial. Banner stands, with their compact and portable design, offer convenience in transportation and installation. Opt for retractable or pull-up banner stands that can be set up in minutes, allowing you to focus more on engaging with potential clients and less on the logistics of your booth.

    Creates Instant Visual Impact

    The vertical nature of retractable banner stands allows your travel agency to stand tall amidst the festivities, making it easier for attendees to spot your booth from a distance. Use bold and festive graphics to create a captivating displaythat piques expo-goers’ curiosity.

    A Canvas to Highlight Your Deals

    Christmas is a season of giving, and consumers are on the lookout for special travel deals and winter getaways. Use banner stands to prominently feature your holiday deals, discounts, and exclusive offers with bold typography that captivates the onlookers. Banner stands provide a clear and customizable canvas to communicate your unique selling points.


    Christmas expos can vary in terms of booth sizes and layouts. Banner stands offer versatility to adapt to different spaces, ensuring that your display remains impactful regardless of the venue. Whether you have a standard booth space or a larger area, the adjustable nature of banner stands allows you to optimize your presentation for maximum visibility and engagement. If you are outdoors at the Christmas expo, choose outdoor signs designed to withstand harsh weather outside.

    Showcase Your Unique Selling Proposition

    Banner stands provide an excellent opportunity to highlight what makes your travel agency stand out from the rest. Whether it’s personalized service, unique travel experiences, or exceptional customer testimonials, use the space on your banners to communicate your unique selling proposition. Captivating visuals of tourist destinations and breathtaking scenic views can leave a lasting impression on attendees and set your business apart in their minds.

    End Note

    Place banners strategically to create pathways, highlight key areas, and direct attention to specific offerings. These tactics ensure attendees can easily navigate your space and discover the breadth of your travel agency’s offerings. If you are searching for the best and most affordable banner stands and high-quality printing services, contact Power Graphics Digital Imaging.

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