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  • 3 Creative Ways To Use Retractable Banner Stands

    Retractable banner stands are very common nowadays—and for good reason. They’re portable, versatile, and easy to use, which explains why you’ll see these at conferences, trade shows, and other events where marketing is done. Also known as roll-up banner stands, retractable banner stands have a spring mechanism that allows the graphic to roll up easily into the stand’s base when it’s not being used.

    Like a projector screen, you unroll the banner from the base. But instead of rolling it down like you would with a projector screen, you unroll the graphics from the stand base and then attach them to a hook that’s at the top of the stand.

    These banner stands also have a crossbar and a bungee pole to keep the banner in place. The biggest benefit associated with using a retractable banner stand is that you can assemble and dismantle the stand in mere seconds. Plus they’re lightweight, so they’re easy to transport.

    If you’ve purchased some banner stands for an upcoming trade show, here’s how you can use these:

    As A Photo Booth Backdrop

    Photo booths are popular at trade shows and other events. And since these allow businesses to share branded photos online, they’re great for marketing. You can use a retractable banner stand as a backdrop for your photo booth. The backdrop can be either fun or professional—it’s really up to you. Just make sure you give trade show attendees a good reason to stop by and take pictures at your booth.

    Once booth attendees snap their photos, encourage them to post these photos on social media. They should also use hashtags when sharing the photos, as doing so will help spread the word about your brand.

    Tell A Story

    You can use a series of retractable banner stands to tell your brand’s story creatively. This is a great alternative to using flyers. A lot of brands hand out flyers at trade shows to showcase their products and services, but the truth is that booth attendees rarely engage with these fliers. Banners can display your products and services in a far better way. Use large visuals, text, and other graphics to make positive first impressions. The goal is to make your messages memorable.

    As A Room Divider

    You can also use retractable banner stands to divide your booth space. If, for example, you require multiple partitions in your trade show booth, you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank from spending on expensive furniture and drywall partitions. All you’ve got to do is order a few retractable banner stands and arrange them in a way you prefer. The best part about using retractable banners is you can remove and rearrange them whenever and however you want. You can also use these banners to direct people to and around your booth.

    Ready To Print Your Retractable Banners?

    Power Graphics will help you with all kinds of banner printing. We have a huge collection of indoor and outdoor banner stands, and there are many materials to choose from. Just give us a ring and our experts will answer any questions you have. Take your trade show booth to the next level with our custom banners!

  • 7 Tips That’ll Help You Make Great First Impressions At A Trade Show

    A lot of individuals attend trade shows, and some of these individuals are key decision-makers who represent large corporations. High-level decision-makers attend trade shows to see what products, services, and brands are currently the best in the industry. So if your company is participating in a trade show, it’ll do you a world of good to market with these key decision-makers in mind. Below, we discuss seven tips you can use to make positive first impressions at your next trade show.

    1. Invest In High-Quality Displays

    You need to make your booth stand out from the dozens of others that will be exhibiting nearby. You also need to make sure potential customers are viewing your brand positively once they arrive at your booth, and it’s for this reason your booth should be designed well.

    A colorful and branded trade show booth can draw in a large audience and create great first impressions. Invest in premium retractable banner stands, floor graphics, and custom displays to make your booth look professional and appealing. Cheap and sloppy displays, on the other hand, will discourage trade show attendees from seeing what you have to offer.

    2. Showcase Your Best Product

    You might have a plethora of products with you at the trade show booth. If so, keep in mind that displaying a dozen products can confuse booth visitors. It’s much better to hook in passersby by displaying your standout product; this display should be flanked by other promotional items to draw more attention to it.

    3. Send Your Star Sales Reps

    Having a couple disinterested interns manning your booth almost guarantees that trade show attendees won’t stop to see what you’re offering. You need to put your best foot forward, so bring your all-star reps. Having knowledgeable and charismatic sales reps at your trade show booth will ensure a steady flow of potential customers, many of whom will be converted to sales on the spot.

    4. Make It Interesting

    We agree that the primary goal for a business at a trade show booth is to sell, but you need to remember that human beings are attending your booth, so you should connect with them on a personal level. A lot of attendees will want to see whether or not they can trust you, and sometimes something as simple as a handshake confirms a person is trustworthy. Also, hold quizzes, contests, and other fun events to make the experience special and personal for booth attendees.

    5. Swag Is Cool

    Everyone loves swag! Make sure you create a swag bag and fill it with swag that people actually want. The swag should feature your brand’s logo and possibly your slogan. Pens and keychains are a big hit, as people actually need these items every day. Remember, swag is not really a gift—it’s more like a tool that keeps your brand fresh in a person’s mind for however long they have it.

    6. Light Up The Space

    Yes, booth design is critical, but you need to make sure your booth is lit well too. No one wants to be in a gloomy booth. Use backlit displays and backlit graphics to light up your products and shine the spotlight on your promotional materials.

    7. Practice Your Pitch

    If your sales reps have product pitch scripts, it’s likely they’ll feel more confident and charismatic when engaging with booth attendees. Get your team together and practice pitches before the event. Also, role play and ask questions to make them more confident sellers.

    Trade shows are time-consuming, but with the right preparation you can generate qualified leads and strengthen your brand’s image. Consider these seven tips when preparing for an upcoming trade show and it’s likely this event will be a successful one.

  • 7 Benefits Of Using Tension Fabric For Your Banner Displays

    Tension fabric banners are an attractive, cost-effective way to draw attention to your business. Because they’re less expensive and lighter than traditional vinyl banners, they’re a popular choice for those who need outdoor banner stands and displays. And unlike traditional wood and metal displays, tension fabric displays can be set up almost anywhere. Here are seven benefits of using tension fabric displays for your business.

    1. Customizable

    Using customizable tension fabric is a great way to stand out from the competition. You can easily create a banner that’s perfect for your brand. With a wide range of colors and sizes available, you can design and create any kind of display, including outdoor banners, retractable banners, and step-and-repeat banners.

    2. They Don't Crease

    Tension fabric displays don’t crease, so they’ll look good for a long time. You can fold or roll them for easy storage. This is especially important for businesses that want to use their banner displays for many events.

    3. Easy To Store & Transport

    Tension fabric displays are lightweight. They can be folded or rolled up, so they take up less space than traditional banners. This makes them perfect for businesses that travel regularly for trade shows and exhibitions.

    4. Easy To Set Up

    Following a few simple steps, you can have your display set up in no time. It can be hung from the ceiling or on a wall, or it can be placed on a table or the floor. You can also use high-quality banner stands to hold your tension fabric banners; these are easy to take down and store.

    5. Provides Great Displays

    Tension fabric is the perfect canvas for digital printing. The printing process is simple and the results are amazing. You can create eye-popping designs that will grab attention. And with digital printing, you can create full-color prints that are vibrant and beautiful.

    6. Cost-Effective

    Tension fabric is affordable when compared to other banner materials. It’s cost-effective too, as it lasts a long time. Though the price of tension fabric has gone up in recent years, it’s still an excellent option when compared to other widely available banner materials.

    7. Durable & Long-Lasting

    Tension fabric is a sturdy and versatile material that can be used on both indoor and outdoor banner stands. These stands are easy to set up and transport, making them a great choice for businesses that need to maintain a presence in a high-traffic area.

    Tension fabric is cost-effective, easy to set up and transport, simple to install, and great at displaying vibrant colors. Additionally, tension fabric banners are durable and long-lasting. They fit a range of banner stands too. Whether you want an outdoor banner stand or a table-top banner, you can use tension fabric. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why tension fabric banners are such a popular choice for modern businesses.

    Check out our collection of tension fabric banners. You can customize and create a banner that will get a ton of attention and drive more sales.

  • 5 Tips You Can Use To Find The Right Banner Stand For Your Next Trade Show

    If you’re attending a trade show or expo soon, you’re probably looking for ways to make great first impressions. Using trade show banners, you can showcase your company and highlight your products and services. There are outdoor banner stands, retractable banner stands, table-top banner stands, and other stands, and every type of stand offers unique benefits. But how can one tell which banner stand is right for them? Here are five tips that will help you find the perfect banner stand.

    1. Consider The Placement Of Your Banner Stand

    Where are you planning to place the banner stand? Will it be outdoors or indoors? Do you want to use it as a background or as a focal point? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose a banner stand. Perhaps retractable banner stands that are good for outdoors will be right for you. In your booth, include table-top banner stands, step-and-repeat banner stands, and hanging banner stands to increase the visibility of your brand.

    2. Choose High-Quality Materials

    Make sure you get banners and stands that are made of sturdy, quality materials. A good build ensures that your outdoor banner stand will last for years. Also, the banner material must be high-quality to be able to feature vibrant prints. Vinyl is the most common material used for banners, as it enhances the color and quality of the content. And when it comes to banner stands, you can choose from metal, aluminum, and fiber stands, all of which are made to last.

    3. Look For Banner Stands That Are Reusable

    Find banner stands that can be customized so they’re reusable. You can also use double-sided banners to feature more content. This way, you get more bang for your buck.

    4. What Size Banner Stand Is Ideal?

    Choose a banner stand that looks good in any booth size. No two events are the same, and you may get different booth sizes in different locations. Whether you’re using outdoor banner stands or retractable banner stands, find a banner stand that provides optimal coverage of your booth space.

    5. Plan Your Content Well

    Do you want your booth visitors to remember your brand long after the trade show is over? If so, make sure you include your company logo and contact information on the banners. The font size and style should be such that the banner is easy to read from a distance. Use colors that complement your brand’s identity and make sure the printing is high-quality.

    A good banner stand will make your brand shine at any trade show. Keep the above pointers in mind when choosing one, and make sure you get a stand that is easy to use, durable, and visually appealing. With the right banner stand, you’ll be able to engage with your booth visitors and leave a lasting impression.

    Power Graphics sells top-quality banner stands that are affordable and easy to use. Browse through our selection of banner stands today and find the perfect one for your next trade show.

  • 5 Reasons To Use Brochures At Marketing Events

    These days, customers can quickly gather information about a brand or product just by tapping a smartphone screen. Or they can just ask Alexa.

    In this world of information overload, it's common for marketers to ask: “Are brochures still relevant?” So are they? In other words, should you spend hundreds of dollars printing out brochures that you can handout at your next trade show or industry event? Or is it enough to just rely on outdoor banner stands and sharing information digitally with trade show booth attendees.

    In this article, we share five reasons why brochures are still relevant, and we also explain why you need to use them alongside other popular marketing materials, including floor graphics and outdoor signs.

    #1: Saves Time For Potential Buyers

    Imagine this scenario: you share brochures with visitors at a trade show. These visitors then leisurely read the information on the brochure on the plane home. In such a scenario, the potential customer has time to consider the advantages of using your product or service, and a brochure that’s well put together can show why your company stands out amongst the competition. In short, giving out brochures is an excellent way to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

    #2: Share Loads Of Information

    The compact nature of brochures makes it easy to share tons of information on such a small space. Usually, brochures have six folded pages, and audience members can tuck these away in their backpacks, laptop bags, or handbags. You can provide information about your brand, core values, products, services, and other benefits on the brochure.

    Simply put, a brochure is a condensed version of your pitch, and this tool makes it easy for potential customers to find the information they desire.

    #3: Easy To Distribute

    This is by far the biggest advantage of printing brochures. Whether you’re out on a sales call or pitching at a trade show, brochures make it easy to share information with your target audience. There are several ways to distribute brochures at events. For example, you can display them on racks. An interested customer can pick one up and take it with them. Alternatively, you can add your brochure to the welcome kit or goodie bag you distribute to your target audience.

    #4: Build Brand Authority & Trust

    A personal message is more powerful than random texts that your target audience sees online. For this reason, brochures are an excellent way to build brand authority and showcase your expertise. When designing a brochure, explain the problem your customers face and how you have the solution for them. Doing this will help you establish your authority in your target niche.

    Also, printing a luxurious brochure on high-quality paper will ensure great first impressions, and these will help you earn the trust of your target audience.

    #5: Cost-Effective

    This is undoubtedly the biggest benefit of using brochures when marketing. They are easy to design and they’re affordable. And when you buy brochures in bulk, you can score awesome discounts.

    Brochures will always be an effective and efficient marketing tool, even in the era of online and digital advertising. Build your brand’s authority with the right brochures and increase revenue.

  • Avoid Comic Sans When Printing On Outdoor Signs & Other Marketing Materials

    Do you love Comic Sans or do you love to hate it? Whatever your feelings are, it can’t be denied that Comic Sans is one of the most popular fonts ever. But should it be used as much as it is? Here’s what we think:

    A Quick Overview Of The History Of Comic Sans

    Comic Sans MS is the brainchild of Vincent Connare. It has been a standard font for all Windows operating systems released since ‘95. The font has an interesting history, and it was originally designed for the speech bubbles that’d come up when a user requested help from the Microsoft Office helper, Bob; remember that friendly animated dog that helped you find your way around Windows 95?

    Soon, Comic Sans got extremely popular, especially with young audiences who enjoyed its appearance. Eventually Comic Sans would become a de-facto font, used by students writing essays, hospital workers and police officers filling out reports, and even big-time CEOs. Nowadays you can find this font anywhere, even in places where it’ doesn’t really belong.

    Why You Shouldn’t Use Comic Sans For Printing

    If you’re currently responsible for designing outdoor signs for your business, pay attention to these reasons why you should avoid Comic Sans when printing:

    • Poor Visual Weight: The typeface features unmodulated strokes, and some strokes are thicker than others. As a result, this font isn’t all that legible and it has an unbalanced visual weight.
    • Poor Kerning: Kerning is a technical term that refers to the appropriate spacing between letters. Comic Sans has uneven kerning, as some letters are spaced far apart while others are close together. This impacts readability and makes Comic Sans not suitable for printed materials.

    Aside from the technical issues, the main reason why designers hate Comic Sans is because it’s wildly misused and overused. It's everywhere, so it’s become boring, childish, and unprofessional.

    Where To Use Comic Sans?

    There are a few scenarios when Comic Sans is an appropriate choice:

    • If your target audience is children. If you’re printing materials for kids, Comic Sans is a suitable choice.
    • If you’re designing a comic. This is a good place to use Comic Sans, since this font was created for this very purpose.

    That said, there are better alternative fonts for both these scenarios.

    What Can Be Used Instead?

    Thankfully, there are dozens of alternatives to Comic Sans, some of which are much better. Here are some good alternatives:

    • When you need something friendly:

    There's no denying that Comic Sans is cute and friendly. But if you’re looking for a fun and friendly font, one that’s aimed at younger audiences, choose SF Cartoonist Hand or Comic Boys.

    • When you want a serif fun font:

    Serif fonts can be fun too. If you’re looking for a font that combines the casual nature of Comic Sans with the slight formalness of a serif font, consider a font style like EB Garamond or Hacky.

    • When printing something that needs to be taken seriously:

    Never use Comic Sans in this case. If you’re designing professional posters, outdoor banner stands, real estate sign posts, or any other marketing material, make sure you stay away from Comic Sans. If you’re looking for an easy-to-read Comic Sans style font, consider Laconic. It has a fun typeface like Comic Sans but the letters are more uniform and there’s better kerning.

    Wrapping Up

    We don’t want to shame you for loving Comic Sans. It's a great typeface, but it’s not suited for professional situations. So try out better fonts and save the Comic Sans for when you’re writing private journal entries or a comic book for children.

  • 5 Benefits of Retractable Banner Stands

    Advertising is crucial for businesses of all sizes today, and there are many ways to do it creatively. One of the most popular modes to catch a customer’s attention is setting up retractable banner stands. They can be used as indoor or outdoor banner stands. The versatility of this marketing tool makes it a definite inclusion in any promotions by businesses worldwide. There are distinct advantages of using retractable banner stands.

    1. Portability

    Retractable banner stands are lightweight because they are made from aluminum. They are very easy to carry around and set up. These banner stands are visible in malls, exhibitions, outdoor events, and retail outlets. The banner is rolled up in a carrying bag and can be set up in minutes.

    2. Easy Assembly

    Unlike other marketing materials, retractable banner stands require no major setup. Once it is taken out of a bag, it can be extended and attached to the support pole easily. One person can get the banner set up if a couple of minutes. If you are setting up multiple banners in a venue, one person can still manage it, freeing up the rest of the team to work on other parts of the setup.

    3. Reusability

    Since aluminum is durable, banner stands can be reused many times. They can last for years, making them a worthy investment. The outdoor banner stand can be moved from place to place to improve the brand’s visibility. The promotional content on the banner stand can be customized and replaced regularly, making it a very flexible marketing tool.

    4. Durability

    Retractable banner stands are durable because aluminum is non-corrosive. The prolonged utility of this product makes it very popular among big companies and small businesses. The banner is usually made out of PVC material, increasing the tool’s lifespan.

    5. Affordability

    Banner stands are extremely affordable. No matter the size or shape you need, it provides value that cannot be beaten by any other brand visibility tool. It can be considered one of the most cost-effective ways of catching the attention of a large audience in a single setup.

    Contact Power Graphics if you’re looking to purchase the best retractable banners stands for your business promotion.

  • 5 Reasons Banner Stands Are on the Rise

    Banner stands are a prevalent marketing tool, and most businesses have utilized banner stands in one way or another. They make your exhibition more informative and exciting. An outdoor banner stand is particularly useful for outreach to non-participants of an event. Since banner stands are easily spotted and make an overall advertisement more effective, it directly contributes to increased sales. Let’s look at why the use of banner stands is rising.

    1. Easy to Set Up

    A banner stand can be set up quickly. New banner stand types with less complicated and retractable parts make it possible to put up three or four outdoor banner stands in minutes. If you are working in a small team at an event, this ease is beneficial to save the team time.

    2. Affordable

    When investing in advertising for your products and services, every cent counts. You can order banner stands in bulk and change the graphics for various events throughout the year. Banner stands provide a good return on investment because you are only repeatedly paying for the printing cost of the material for the same stand.

    3. Portability

    Banner stands are easy to pack and transport. It just needs to be taken out from its roll and set up. Even if your display requires multiple banner stands, they can be packed compactly to move to different locations.

    4. Room for Innovation

    Banner stands are affordable, so you can purchase many different shapes and sizes. This variety helps create different types of advertisement or marketing information that can be used together or across other locations simultaneously. Different content means a broader appeal for your products and services for various customer segments.

    5. Better Graphics

    With improved versions of banner stands available today, you can use high-quality graphics to showcase your products or marketing content. For a sharp graphic, lamination can be used to keep the banner protected. Fabric graphics have also improved, enabling more durable models. These improvements help retain the cost-effectiveness of using banner stands.

    If you’re looking to purchase premium banner stands for affordable prices, contact Power Graphics. We have a wide range of display materials, including outdoor banners, retractable banners, pop-up banners, and more.

  • Top 4 Awesome Locations to Hang Outdoor Signs & Promote Your Small Business

    Using outdoor signs and banners is one of the most efficient and budget-friendly ways to advertise your small business. Custom banners with the right design, colors, and call-to-action can help you win customers and increase brand awareness. Once you have designed a custom banner, the next step is finding the best place to install it. Here are four of the best locations for installing custom banners:

    1. Right Outside Your Storefront or Office Building

    This is the easiest and cheapest place to display your custom banners and outdoor signs. Since you own (or rent) the site, you don't have to pay extra fees to display the banner. However, you might have to get permission from your landlord and local authorities before you display a gigantic banner on the sides of your building.

    A good-looking banner displayed on the side of your store or office creates a positive impression on your customers. It also enhances the look of the building. Just make sure that the banner material you use is suitable for outdoor usage and UV-resistant so the banner doesn't fade or rip under direct sunlight and strong winds.

    2. At Busy Intersections

    Busy intersections see plenty of foot traffic every day. Depending on the location, your banner may have the potential to be noticed by thousands of people in a day. Some areas are airports, train stations, overpasses, and busy bridges. Unlike the previous option, this one doesn't come free. You have to rent space to hang your banners in public areas. However, depending on the location, paying a small fee is worth it, as you can attract hundreds of potential customers.

    3. Along Popular Roads

    Highways are another popular area where businesses hang or mount custom banners like real estate sign posts. Tons of people drive on busy roads, which is why they’re excellent for increasing brand awareness. Depending on the location, your banner could attract thousands of potential customers every day.

    4. At Special Events

    Sports events, concerts, music festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions, and business seminars are other excellent areas where you can display your banners. These big-ticket events draw in tons of visitors, and hanging a custom banner or a strategically placed outdoor banner stand can help you win the attention of thousands of attendees.

    You can use a custom banner to deliver a message at the event and encourage attendees to do a certain thing. For example, if it's a B2B event, you can make the banner message one that specifically attracts B2B business decision-makers. On the other hand, if it's a customer event, you can focus on running special marketing campaigns to grab the attention of your target audience. You can also consider sponsoring a few industry-related events, as doing so will help you place your banner in a prime location at the event, like right on the main stage.

    Choose the Right Location to Maximize the Visibility of Your Banner

    Ultimately, the impact of your banner depends on where you position it. Besides these four ideas, you can also consider other locations like the ceiling of your store, the space between retail shelving, advertising vans, and company cars. Banners are a cost-effective and powerful advertising tool that can reach a vast audience, regardless of where you hang them.

  • What Is the Lifespan of a Vinyl Banner?

    Vinyl banners are versatile advertising materials that are useful in a variety of settings. You can use them in a lot of ways. They can be hung from scaffolding, attached to a fence, suspended from a ceiling or mounted to a wall. Attach them to springs and rollers and you've got portable retractable banner stands.

    When it comes to the benefits of vinyl banners, their biggest advantage is that they last for really long. Depending on its quality and how you use it, a banner can last for 6 months to 12 years. That's a long time and an incredible return on the initial investment.

    If you’re wondering about how long your vinyl banners will last, the first thing you have to consider is the material. Here are the lifespans of different types of vinyl banners:

    • Calendared PVC

    This is the most common kind of vinyl banner and it typically lasts anywhere from 3 months to 6 years (depending on installation location, maintenance, and care).

    • Cast PVC

    This is a high-quality material that can last anywhere from one to twelve years. It's one of the most durable vinyl banners and an excellent choice for those who need real estate sign posts and long term use banners.

    As you can see, different vinyl banners have different lifespans. However, there are a few things that you can do to extend your banner’s lifespan and increase ROI.

    1. Choose the Right Location

    The location plays a crucial role in determining how long the banner lasts. Generally, indoor banners are protected from exposure to harsh weather elements and last much longer than outdoor signs. You can extend the lifespan of your outdoor banners by storing them properly when they’re not being used. Or you could get suitable vinyl materials that are specifically made for outdoor use.

    2. Look for Banners With UV Inhibitors

    UV radiation from the sun and other weather conditions like rain and wind can speed up the deterioration of outdoor banners. When ordering custom vinyl banners and signs, research the number of UV inhibitors in the material. The higher the UV inhibitor concentration, the longer it will last while enduring direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can position the banner so that it is in the shade and away from direct sunlight.

    3. Protect the Banner From Wind & Rain

    Strong winds can rip an outdoor banner. If you're mounting your banner in a windy place, it's important to install them properly so the banner isn't loose or it will create additional stress on the banner. You can also look for banners that are made from mesh materials; the banners should have slits that allow free wind passage, preventing the banner from ripping. Here are some of the popular outdoor banner materials you can choose from:

    • Mesh banners: These are made from a mesh-like PVC that allows wind gusts to pass through them.
    • Wind slots: These are regular outdoor banners but with slits that allow wind to pass through them. These can actually create more stress on the banner than having no slits at all, so they aren't recommended unless there's no other option to reduce the wind load.

    Other Tips to Make Your Custom Banners Last Longer

    • Do not store wet banners. Let the banner dry completely before you store it.
    • Clean your banner with mild soap and water to remove dirt and dust.
    • Store your banner in the proper container.
    • Do not fold banners as doing so can cause permanent creases. Instead, roll them up for storage.

    Vinyl banners are some of the most effective outdoor and indoor advertising tools. Use these banner tips to find suitable materials and get the maximum return on your investment.

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