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  • How Can Banners And Sign Posts Boost Your Real Estate Business?

    Most businesses spend thousands on digital advertising, while print advertisements have taken a back seat. However, it’s undeniable that print advertisements like banners, sign posts, and flyers can boost your business growth in numerous ways.

    The real estate business in the US has surged during the pandemic. Home values have skyrocketed and demand for new homes has reached unprecedented levels. Having creative methods for letting buyers know a property is for sale can help you beat out the competition when there's so many agents vying for the same listings. Learn how banners and real estate sign posts can help you take your business to the next level.

    Outdoor Banners and Signs Boost Credibility

    A buyer or seller in the real estate business looks for trusted and reliable people to conduct business. Digital advertisements don’t guarantee those aspects. Banners and signs help you achieve credibility among the consumers and give you the leverage to be successful.

    More Exposure to Your Real Estate Business

    Outdoor banner stands are a great way to promote your real estate business. With creative designs and messages, you get more potential customers. Banners placed in prominent places where people gather in large numbers will draw attention to your business, and banners placed in front of a listing will be sure to get the attention of possible buyers and lead to referrals from anyone passing by who knows of someone looking to purchase.

    Banners and Sign Posts Are Tangible

    When you’re online, you’re flooded with hundreds of ads, and it’s hard to remember any of them. They may leave little or no impact on you. But real estate sign posts are tangible and remain in the same place over a period of time. Customers can view them at any time and contact you immediately. These signs keep generating leads as long as they are installed in a highly visible place.

    Outdoor Banner Stands Bring More Engagement

    Banner stands are more personal, and they can engage the customers easily. Those that pass by can view the advertisement more closely and be reminded of the product or service every time they go by the sign.

    If you plan to get a real estate sign post or an outdoor banner stand, make sure to get them printed by an expert who uses high-quality ink and machinery.  Power Graphics is one of the best printing solutions to get your banner stands and real estate sign posts at affordable prices.

  • 5 Tips to Make Eye-Catching Outdoor Signs for Your Business

    When you step out of your home and drive around, you may see numerous outdoor signs. But how many of them catch your attention and make you focus on the message? On average, people take about 10 to 20 seconds to read an outdoor sign. To make the most of that short time, you should be creative and innovative to attract viewers’ attention.

    The following sections will give you tips to create stunning outdoor signs to help your business get noticed.

    1. Use Colors Creatively

    Choosing the right colors contributes to 50% of the readability. Whatever color you choose, make sure it stands out. The background should contrast to the text so that it’s readable even from long distances. The color should also focus on your brand’s identity. But don’t use too many colors as they can divert attention!

    1. Choose Easily Readable Fonts

    There are thousands of font styles that are unique. Although some fonts may look stylish and attractive, they won’t be readable on outdoor signs. No one wants signage that people find hard to read. Avoid cursive fonts for outdoor signs as they may not offer quick readability. Choose serifs for maximum readable text as they give adequate space and run together efficiently.

    Along with the font, you must also choose the right font size to draw attention. Large fonts are suitable for outdoor signs.

    1. Keep Your Message Short

    Outdoor signs are meant to advertise your brand and should be sharp and concise. As people view them on the go, it should captivate their attention in a short period. No one has the time to read a detailed write-up on an outdoor sign. Keep your message to a few words.

    Getting personal is an easy way to connect with your audience. Include words like “You” and “Your” to add a personal touch to your advertisement.

    1. Add Your Logo and Image

    Keeping text by itself may boost the readability but adding an image and your logo is essential to increasing your brand awareness. Make sure the logo and image fit in the banner and enhance the overall look.

    1. Get High-Quality Printing Resolution

    After you have designed your outdoor sign, it’s essential to get it printed well. Your efforts to create a stunning outdoor sign will be fruitless if you don’t choose a high-quality printing solution. Experts like Power Graphics offer eco-friendly solutions that can withstand rain and extreme sunlight conditions.

  • Guide to Creating Good Real Estate Sign Posts for Your Business

    Digital advertising has brought massive changes in the advertisement industry. However, print advertising is still relevant in the real estate industry today. Relators heavily rely on real estate sign posts to advertise properties for sale, open houses, and rental properties. Are you wondering how to create real estate signage that draws attention? The following sections will help you create stunning real estate sign posts and outdoor signs.

    Choose the Right Style

    Depending on the objective of your real estate advertisement, you should choose the right style of signage. For example, H-frame stake signposts are ideal for open house advertisements. Vinyl window clings and feather flags are suitable for commercial real estate projects. Knowing the purpose of your real estate advertisement can help you choose the right style.

    Use Logo to Create Brand Awareness

    Real estate sign posts are valuable tools for letting the world know about your brand. Your logo should be placed prominently on the sign to create brand awareness. People immediately identify your company by recognizing the logo. Also, make sure to your brand colors on the signage.

    Check Readability

    Most people who pass by your outdoor signs will spend only a short time reading the advertisement. It’s essential to focus on maximum readability by choosing the right font and font size. Consider using fewer colors. Multiple colors can distract the audience from the message.

    Use Large Print

    When you want to include more information on your real estate sign posts, it’s better to use a large print. Also, make sure that you leave enough information for potential buyers to contact you if they are interested in the property.

    Use Lights If Needed

    Though people can easily read your signage during the day, they cannot read it when it’s dark. You can resolve this issue by illuminating the signposts. Light can be an excellent opportunity to reach a larger audience.

    Real estate sign posts help you advertise your real estate properties effectively without spending much money. It can increase your property sales by regularly bringing leads to your business. Installing real estate signage also shows your professionalism and credibility. Make sure you use high-quality printing to get the message across to a wide range of potential buyers.

  • 7 Tips for Designing a Stunning Banner Stand

    Banner stands are helpful to attract attendees at trade shows, job fairs, conferences, and corporate events. You may come across various banners, including outdoor banner stands, roll-up banners, retractable banners, and back wall displays. If you want your banners to stand out from the crowd, they must have a good design. Here are the seven tips that will help you come up with a stunning banner stand.

    1. Logo and Contact Info on Top

    The logo is your brand identity, and you should make it noticeable at first glance. Placing it on top of your banner is an ideal way to make it prominent. You can also leave your contact details on top as they may not be visible at the bottom.

    2. Simple Message

    Most successful banners have a simple and concise message. Short messages are easier to read and remember. People don’t have the time to read a lengthy statement on a banner. For example, your outdoor banner stand must have minimum words in large size for the passerby to capture everything at a glance.

    3. Colors

    Choosing the right color is essential to make your banners stand out from others. But don’t use too many colors, as the attendees won’t be able to focus on your banner. The colors also must be connected with your brand. Use background colors with caution as they can either attract or distract the audience.

    4. High-Quality Images

    Your banner stand must have quality images and graphics to draw attention. Get your banner printed where the printers use professional quality ink and printing methods.

    5. Purpose of the Banner

    Before deciding on a design, it’s essential to know where your banner will be placed. The design will vary depending on the placement. For example, an outdoor banner stand must have a design that focuses on maximum visibility from longer distances. Designs can vary for roll-up banners, table-top displays, and wall banners.

    6. Easily Readable Fonts

    Some fonts may look attractive, but they may run the risk of being ignored on a banner. Instead, choose simple fonts that give maximum readability.

    7. Your Audience

    The design choice must revolve around the attendees of the event. Your design can be trendy if the audience is younger. Similarly, use soft tones and colors for an older audience.

  • 5 Ways Businesses Can Help Customers Be Reintroduced to the Shopping Experience

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Major U.S. economic hubs—such as California and New York—that have had businesses closed or severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have gradually started to reopen. That means retail stores, barber shops, gyms, spas, and other establishments will be attracting the public for the first time in months. Such a long layoff from shopping and errand running—combined with new safety measures that range anywhere from suggestions to mandates—can lead to a confusing and somewhat intimidating environment. 
    Customers should be made to feel at ease, both in terms of safety as well as where to go and what to do as they’re reintroduced to the in-person shopping experience. Here are five easy ways to make it happen:

    Let people know you’re open

    Don’t be shy about telling the world that you’re back in business. There’s a wide array of outdoor flag and banner stands that can be used to attract new customers or show existing ones where to go for curbside pickup and other services. Feather banner stands—also known as flying banners or beach flags—are a sturdy, flexible, and eye-catching product that comes in multiple sizes and can be seen from a distance. Outdoor retractable banner stands that flex in the wind, as well as X-banner-style models that include plastic bases that can be filled with sand or water for stability, are a great option for walk-up businesses.
    Window and wall decals, A-frame signs, and grommeted banners get the job done as well. Regardless of how you choose to do it, remember to shout from the rooftops—or, at least, from the sidewalks—that you’re open and ready to serve the public.

    Communicate changes

    Once customers are inside a retail establishment, they'll need clear instruction on how to comply with new suggestions and regulations. It can be difficult enough for people to resume shopping and running errands in the midst of a pandemic; not knowing where to go or what exactly to do may only intensify that feeling of discomfort. Make the public feel safe, welcome, and at ease by posting clear messages at multiple points during their shopping process. Retractable banner stands, because of their ability to be relocated and have graphics easily switched out, are a perfect way to accomplish this.
    Retractable banner stands are available in many different sizes and price points. Regardless of your budget or how long (and how often) you intend to use the stand, you should be able to find the right fit.

    Remind people to socially distance

    It's going to be vitally important—in the short term, at the very least—for businesses that are reopening to direct traffic. Maintaining social distancing should be key in efforts to keep employees and customers healthy. The strategic placement of floor decals with either custom or pre-made artwork that displays social distancing reminders go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.
    Good floor graphics and floor decals are slip resistant, and UL listed as such, as well as scratch and scuff resistant so that heavy traffic doesn't ruin them. Floor graphics should also hold up to common floor cleaning chemicals and methods. The floor decal adhesives should hold the floor graphics firmly in place, but come off without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor when removed. You’ll want to use floor decal materials that meet these requirements and are specifically designed for floor use, whether it’s concrete, carpet, or anything in between.

    Implement sanitizing stations

    Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers should be readily available for use by employees and customers alike. Those dispensers can come in the form of simple wall-mounted units, or they can be placed anywhere by attaching them to a stand. One effective method is to set up a sanitation station. That type of display can be used not only to let shoppers and workers know where to find the sanitizer dispenser when they need it, but also to attract attention in an attempt to remind people to sanitize often.

    Provide masks and other protection

    As the need for face coverings becomes more prevalent, an entire industry of ineffective cloth masks has emerged. Even disposable surgical masks, which technically shouldn't be worn more than once, are much more effective in terms of fending off particles that could contain viruses. For the fashion conscious, wearing a disposable surgical mask underneath a cloth mask would go a long way toward at least ensuring others are protected, which is the sensible and courteous thing to do. These surgical masks are generally inexpensive, even to the point where businesses might find it advantageous to pass them out to customers as they walk in the door in a true effort to protect other shoppers and  workers.
    For people who also want to be protected themselves, KN95 masks are a great option because they filter out at least 95 percent of potential contaminates while still remaining breathable. Or, if you prefer to make your own masks (or have someone else make them), consider using an antimicrobial soft knit fabric that uses a special combination of silver and vesicle technologies to kill microbes such as viruses and bacteria so they can’t live on the surface or multiply. As individual state governors continue to announce face covering mandates, make sure you're prepared with masks that are functional rather than simply fashionable.
    Businesses that require significant face-to-face interaction would benefit from protective shields—or, as they’re commonly referred to, sneeze guards—which are sheets of clear acrylic usually held up by aluminum tubing or a similar type of frame, but can also come in table-top form with feet that hold the acrylic in place. These shields can be made into many different shapes and sizes, including those with cutouts at the bottom to allow for exchange of currency and merchandise. There are also more economical options, such as a banner stand equipped with clear polyester film, that present a portable solution that comes in larger heights than the acrylic versions and can be used in offices and classrooms, as well as at trade shows.
    For more information on these and other products needed to help get your business back on its feet, contact a Power Graphics representative today.
  • Backlit Displays: The Foundation for Successful Trade Shows

    Backlit displays are a popular option used in trade shows and exhibitions. They are easy to install, and you don’t need complicated tools to get them ready for your show. Displays with backlit graphics are perfect for small booth spaces and help ensure maximum ROI.

    Here are a few more benefits of using backlit displays at events.

    Makes Your Booth Stand Out

    Participating in trade shows is expensive. To make the most of your investment and increase foot traffic around your booth, use backlit displays. LED lights used in these displays not only enhance visual impact but make the entire space look distinct and attractive.

    Establishes Clear Communication

    In a crowded venue, it can be difficult to attract buyers with small talk or detailed conversations. With LED backlit graphics, you can help people understand who your business is, what you do, and what makes you different from your competitors.

    Customizable and Eco-Friendly Options

    Modular LED light box displays, backlit portable counters, light towers, and backlit pop up displays are common examples of backlit graphic displays that can be easily customized. Plus, backlit graphics manufactured using the dye-sublimated printing technique are environmentally friendly because they use green, water-based dyes. Also, LED options are more energy-efficient than other types of lighting.

    Lightweight and Versatile

    Backlit fabric displays are portable and light. They can be used for all types of trade shows and exhibitions. You can even use them in shopping malls, airports, office lobbies, retail outlets, and along highways.

    Backlit displays are the best bet when you need an effective solution for promoting your booth to ensure you attract the most leads. They assure you to stand out while clearly communicating who you are. Contact us if you need to order promotional displays for your upcoming exhibition.

  • Must-Haves for Successful Trade Show Participation

    Trade shows are an essential opportunity for exhibitors to show their products and services to potential buyers while employees get to interact with customers and understand their requirements and expectations. These are traditional platforms for businesses to create lasting impressions on customers and competitors. Here are essentials that businesses should take with them at an upcoming trade show.


    Ensure that you are carrying signage like retractable banner stands, floor graphics, and other promotional equipment that can be easily packed in banner stand cases during transportation. There are several types of signage that can be seen from all angles and can be used to highlight the location of your booth attractively. Proper signage can help to draw attendee attention and make a positive first impression.

    Informative Content

    Don’t forget to pack handouts or pamphlets that give details about your products and services. A combination of handouts that appeal to various target audiences is ideal. Consider infographics, a summary of offerings in the form of a datasheet, and leaflets with information about the company’s background and growth story.

    Alluring Media Presentations

    Attractive signs with colorful graphics and interesting audio-video details can help in engaging the attendees passing by your stall. This can be done by using presentation mediums like floor graphics, backlit displays, and other visual aids. Combine those with videos, slideshow presentations, and other interactive media, and you can encourage potential customers to spend a longer time at your booth.

    Backdrops and Counter Displays

    Equipment like graphic towers, banner stands, and vinyl banners are great for making the rear display area impressive. The right kind of display technique also goes a long way in making the booth interesting and presentable. Plan your counter details for stacking giveaways and freebies, business card stands, writing materials, and counter display items carefully. Coming across as organized and polished can help make the right image for your brand.

    Box of Essentials

    If you have been to a trade show before, then you know how important it is to carry packaging tape, scissors, cleaning supplies, pens, a small vacuum cleaner, and hand sanitizers. Besides these essentials, do not forget to carry electronic accessories like rechargeable batteries, a power strip, an extension cord, mobile chargers, and power banks.

    Freebies and Giveaways

    Small keepsakes like pens, mousepads, keychains, paperweights, and other inexpensive trinkets are always popular with visitors and can be used for branding. Instead of keeping them on the counter area and running the risk of emptying it all out on the first day, hand items out to people that spend time at your stall and enquire about your business.

  • COVID-19 Crisis: Effective Tips for Running Your Business

    The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. While most of the populace is working from home or resorting to online tools, some services cannot be solely online. For example, essentials like health services, pharmacies, groceries, and others must continue to serve their communities during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you own any of the above categories of businesses, you will need to use certain practices to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. In such cases, several COVID-19 safety products come in handy to help smoothly run your business. Here are a few ways to set up a safer business during this time.

    Floor Decals

    Floor graphics in the form of floor decals and floor stickers are an effective way to help customers practice social distancing in your store. You can customize floor decals and place them at the entrance or check out areas to remind customers to maintain a distance of at least six feet from each other. Even hospitals can use floor decals to demarcate restricted, quarantine areas or to direct patients to testing areas. Another use of floor stickers can be to direct employees toward the hand wash area.

    Outdoor Signs

     Outdoor signs can be used for directing people to testing locations or guiding customers toward curbside pickup spots for restaurants and other businesses. You can also install outdoor banner stands to spread awareness. They can have reminders like washing hands regularly, practicing self-isolation, and following contact-less communication.

    Tent Set-Ups

     If your organization works in healthcare, you can set up tents as outdoor testing stations. Outdoor banner stands, feather banners, and A-frames can be used to direct people to testing stations as well.

    Cashier Shields

    Cashier shields, at pharmacies and registers, act as a barrier between the customers and cashiers. The shields protect both visitors and employees by preventing the potential transmission of viruses through droplets from coughs and sneezes. Some companies are using these on employee workstations and desks to help provide protection for employees and coworkers from each other or from customers in businesses where employees meet with customers at their desks.

    Window Graphics and Wall Murals

    Window graphics help you to update customers about the latest policies and changed working hours. They can also be used as temporary signs to let people know of closures and reopening dates. If you are working from home, you can use wall murals, banner stands, or fabric banners to create a professional backdrop for video conferencing.

    Additional Safety Products

     For the safety of your employees, you should invest in hand sanitizer stands. Install one in every working area so that people have easy access to hand sanitizer. Also, ensure that everyone wears face masks and gloves. We have a supply of surgical style face masks and KN95 face masks that are available to the public. These masks are manufactured in China and do not carry the NIOSH certification for medical use in the US, so while they offer the same level of protection, they can’t be used by medical facilities and are available to the public for personal or employee safety.

    No matter how your company is operating, you can use COVID-19 supplies like outdoor banners, customized graphics, and roadside signage to keep your customers and employees informed. Make sure that anyone inside the premises navigates your space safely without compromising the health of others during COVID-19 Quarantine. With proper planning, you can help to mitigate this crisis and emerge stronger when it finally abates.

  • Why Are Outdoor Banners Stands Important for Brand Promotion?

    Outdoor posters and banners are very effective in raising awareness about new products and services and are frequently used for launches and brand building. They help create demand among the general public in the areas where they are displayed. Here are the multiple benefits of using outdoor signs by both new companies and established brands that help advertisers carry out successful marketing campaigns.

    Continuous Marketing Messages: Outdoor banners are an effective and influential marketing technique as they show the same message daily to viewers and drive the message into their minds. When those same people go out to make a purchase or hire a service, they are more likely to want what they viewed on the way to the store. These banners can be used to advertise both new product launches or to highlight new uses for existing products.

    Brand Building Through Brevity: Banners placed in high traffic areas and strategic locations are useful for sharing short and impactful messages about products. These can be used for brand building, creating awareness, and even sharing product features in the form of short teasers that stimulate curiosity among the public. Succinct messages improve brand identity when written in attractive colors and appealing text designs.

    Reach Potential Customers: Outdoor advertising like outdoor banner stands can help to reach potential customers in competitive marketplaces like shopping malls that have dozens of brands vying for attention. Well-designed banners that target particular shoppers can be placed outside the store or the shopping mall to attract potential buyers.

    Cost-Effective: Outdoor banners are a budget-friendly advertising medium when compared with online and offline mediums like social media, television, print, and radio. These are the first choice for small and medium businesses working with small marketing budgets. Outdoor banners can also be used on moving vehicles like public transport and on static surfaces like lamp posts and roadside banners in central business districts.

    Day/Night Audience: Weatherproof outdoor banners can work 24/7 to convey a brand message. When designed with attractive colors and modern materials like vinyl outdoor, banners can help you gain new customers and retain existing customers.

  • 3 Must-Haves for a Real Estate Agent

    The realty business is extremely competitive. To survive, real estate agents must be focused, determined, and know how to leverage business opportunities. If you are planning on becoming a successful agent, here are a few other things to include in your arsenal:


    Positive Attitude

    A bad attitude can be very damaging in the real estate business. Realtors who’re constantly surrounded by self-doubt do not have the motivation to pursue or convince clients. Even if you do not feel positive, acting positive can cause a shift in attitude and help you achieve results. Start your day with positive affirmations and train your mind to find a silver lining in every situation.


    Good Relationships

    Real estate agents place a lot of value in maintaining good relationships. They build contacts and generate leads by creating a sphere of influence. This includes focusing on family, friends, colleagues, classmates, business associates, service providers, etc. Keeping track of these connections is also important. You can keep track of these contacts by maintaining a spreadsheet program, or if your sphere of influence is large, consider investing in CRM software. These programs allow you to maintain and automate client bases, sales, etc. You could also consider investing in lead generation software.


    Quality Marketing Props

    Banner stands, real estate sign posts, outdoor banner stands, and other display items are great when promoting a client’s home or property. In the age of social media marketing, these may seem old school, but they’re extremely effective and provide a straightforward message. You can place them in a targeted geographical area to connect with the exact people you’d like to reach out to. Placing them in high traffic areas can also help to publicize your business.

    If you’re looking for quality real estate sign posts or other displays, visit us!

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