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  • How to Make a Custom Banner: A 5-Step Guide for Businesses

    Grabbing your audience’s attention should be your motto when designing a custom banner for your business. But we can hear you saying, “I don’t have any design experience. I’ve heard that banners are a tricky business, and I’m sure I’ll mess it up.”

    Designing custom banners is easier than you think. With the proper guidance, you can quickly create a creative banner that engages your audience. Here’s our step-by-step guide to designing a banner to increase your brand awareness.

    Step 1: Decide the Banner Location

    The first factor you’ll have to decide is where you’re displaying the banner. Will it be displayed on a shop window, trade fair, sports event, or sidewalk outside your business? Once you decide on the banner location, you have to consider the right type of banner based on the target audience. Consider what the target audience would be doing while they read your banner. Will they be:

    • Standing?
    • Sitting on a bus?
    • Driving?
    • Walking?
    • At a sporting event?

    Answering these questions helps you decide the correct type of banner for your business. For example, if you’re looking to attract your audience walking at a trade fair, you can consider large floor graphics to attract their attention.

    Step 2: Distance Between the Banner and the Audience

    The next question you have to ask is how far will the audience be from the banner? Understanding the distance of the audience from the banner helps you answer the following questions:

    • Should you place the banner vertically or horizontally?
    • What font should you use for the banner’s message?
    • How many words should you include on the banner?

    Also, consider the background of the banner. Displaying the banner against a blank backdrop helps the banner stand out and capture your customers’ attention.

    Step 3: Decide If It’s an Indoor or Outdoor Banner

    Next, you have to determine if you’ll use the banner inside or outside. You can use an outdoor banner inside (provided space is available), but indoor banners don’t do well outdoors. When choosing retractable banner stands, look for vinyl banners that are water-proof, fade-resistant, and durable. This consideration ensures that your banners last for years and continue looking good without showing signs of discoloration or fading.

    If you’re printing real estate signposts or outdoor signs, choose vinyl banners that are lightweight, tear-resistant, and have a matte finish. They offer extra durability and can withstand harsh weather elements.

    Step 4: Create an Engaging Copy

    The next step is to decide what to include on the banner. Keep the copy simple and to the point. Include catchy phrases and words that grab the attention of the audience. You can also include a call to action to encourage the audience to take the following steps.

    Step 5: Add the Right Colors and Choose the Right Font

    The final step is selecting the right colors and fonts that attract your target audience. Use contrasting colors that enhance readability. For example, if you have a light backdrop, use dark fonts in black or navy blue. When choosing fonts, look for font styles that are easy to read and give your banner a professional look. Popular fonts like Helvetica, Verdana, and Times New Roman are good choices. Avoid playful fonts as they can make the banner look unprofessional and difficult to read.

    Once you have decided on all these factors, the final step is to order your banner from a high-quality banner service. Look for custom banner designers who offer shipping services anywhere in the USA, a fast turnaround, and transparent pricing.

  • The End-to-End Guide for Storing and Cleaning Vinyl Banners

    You may have invested in a couple of retractable banner stands for your business. That’s a smart business move and can help in boosting brand awareness and generating leads at exhibits, fairs, and other industry events.

    Whether you’re about to buy an outdoor banner stand or you’ve already got one, you have to take care of it. Ensure you follow the proper cleaning and storage practices to get the most out of your new banner. With correct maintenance, you can keep your banners looking good as new and lasting for years to come. Here are the end-to-end cleaning tips for outdoor banner stands and vinyl banners.

    No Abrasives

    You want your banner to be clean. But that doesn’t mean you should scrub the life out of your vinyl banners. Cleaning banners is a delicate task and should be done with suitable materials. Avoid using abrasives like harsh scrubbers and sponges. Instead, wet a soft microfiber towel and use it to remove the dirt and dust from your banners. This method keeps your banners clean without damaging them.

    Skip the Detergents

    If you’re using detergents or harsh chemical soaps to clean your banners, you should find a gentler cleaner. Using chemical cleaners causes the colors to fade on your banners and can damage them permanently. Always use mild soap mixed with water for cleaning your banners. Make sure to wipe dry the banner with a soft cloth to remove soap suds thoroughly.

    Air Dry Before Storing

    You might be tempted to finish the cleaning process and immediately store your banner. But storing wet banners causes mold and odors. Let your banner completely dry before it goes into storage.

    Store the Right Way

    Storage is one of the biggest mistakes banner owners make. While storing, ensure that there are no wrinkles and never fold the banner. Instead, roll them to avoid creases. Store the banner away from direct sunlight, preferably in a cool, dark cabinet. Proper storage ensures that your banner remains in top-notch condition for years to come.

    Remove Wrinkles

    If you store your banners and stands the right way, you don’t have to worry about developing wrinkles or creases. However, if you can see wrinkles on the banner, you can take care of it with just a few steps:

    • Unroll the banner on a flat surface like a flat table or floor. Place a damp cloth over it and iron it at the lowest heat.
    • You can also unroll the banner and place it face down under direct sunlight for about 30 minutes to remove the creases.

    Proper storage, cleaning, and maintenance ensure that you get the maximum value from your banners. Use these cleaning and storage tips to extend the life of your banner.

  • Use These Three Design Tips To Build A Scalable Trade Show Booth

    Wouldn't it be great if your trade show booth could magically transform? What if it could grow big to accommodate a flagship event and then shrink to fit at a small conference? With the right planning and smart design ideas, you can build a scalable trade show booth that can be scaled either up or down as needed.

    Here are some tips you should consider when designing a scalable trade show booth:

    1. Ditch The Table

    Very often, exhibitors design a booth that’s just a table and full-length banner. While a table can help display your products, it's not very versatile. It creates a barrier between the exhibitors and the audience. Larger tables cannot fit into smaller display areas, and a small table in a large booth looks awkward. So, it's time to ditch the full-length table. Instead, go for a high-top table or a small podium that provides an informal area for exhibitors and customers to interact.

    2. Invest In Custom Signage

    Every trade show booth requires custom signage, and your signage should include more than just the brand name, logo and contact details. Your signage should appeal to your target audience and add some value.

    Here are a few design rules to keep in mind when printing graphics for retractable banner stands:

    • The font should be legible and the messaging clear so that your target audience can understand what you're selling in less than 5 seconds, even when they're 15 feet away.
    • The messaging on the banner should be clear and concise.
    • When it comes to positioning the banner, make sure that the message is placed in line with audience members’ eyesight, and don’t forget to include eye-catching graphics that grab the audience's attention.

    3. Hook In The Audience With Amazing Visuals

    Irrespective of whether you have a large or small booth, the right visuals can hook in the target audience. By visuals, we refer to the brand logo, colors, messaging, and vivid imagery. While choosing images online, make sure that you look for watermark-free, high-quality imagery.

    The imagery used for outdoor banner stands and trade show booths should be printed at 100 - 200 dpi resolution to achieve maximum clarity. Online images are usually around 72 dpi to fit standard screen resolutions. So, blowing up online images for banners can be rather dull. The best option is to approach a reputable graphics printing company like Power Graphics. We’ll help you get the right imagery with high-quality printing.

    Finding images and getting them printed is only half the job. The next factor to consider is how to display the pictures. Think out of the box. Use floor graphics, retractable banners, and wall graphics to create a stunning visual treat at your trade show booth.

  • 5 Reasons Why Custom Banners & Signage Make Great Marketing Tools

    Are you looking to increase brand awareness and further your reach? Well, there are plenty of digital marketing tools you can use to boost your brand's visibility online, and you can also use custom banners and signage to promote your business in the real world.

    Whether we’re talking about signage to promote a brand at an upcoming trade show or an outdoor banner stand to display at a brick and mortar store, you need to use the right marketing materials to further your brand’s reach and draw the attention of your target audience.

    Here are the top reasons why physical marketing materials like banners, floor graphics, and custom signs are essential for all businesses.

    1. Make An Impressive First Impression

    Your outdoor signage is the first thing a new customer will see when they visit your business. Investing in custom outdoor signs will ensure customers are able to easily locate your business, and they’ll also help with creating memorable first impressions. Here are a few points to keep in mind when designing outdoor banner stands for your business:

    • Use easy-to-read fonts
    • Ensure that the letters are evenly spaced out and bright
    • Use contrasting backgrounds to make the letters stand out
    • Place the banner in a prominent, well-lit location
    • Limit distracting visuals and keep the text clean for better readability

    2. Cost-Effective

    Custom signage and banners are budget-friendly options for those who are looking to advertise. Buying a sign is a one-time investment, as you don't have to pay any additional cost after you purchase the banner. Invest in high-quality outdoor signs and banners that don’t require a lot of maintenance and last for years to maximize ROI.

    3. Enjoy 24/7 Marketing

    Unlike other forms of marketing, custom signage, floor graphics, and banners work for your business all day every day. Even if your business is closed for the day, the outdoor signage continues to attract the eyes of potential customers. To make the most of your custom signs, ensure they’re displayed prominently and well-lit so customers can notice them when they drive by after business hours.

    4. Reusable

    Another attractive quality of custom banners and outdoor signs is that they're reusable. Once created, you don't have to pay any additional costs or fees, and you can reuse them as and when needed. For example, retractable banner stands can display your marketing message at a trade show. After the show, instead of stowing it away in a loft, you can continue displaying it on a sidewalk or in the reception lobby of your office. Banners are versatile and can be used in several ways. It should be easy to get maximum value out of your investment.

    5. Highly Customizable

    Outdoor banners are customizable, and you can get them in any design, color, or layout to match your branding. Thanks to advances in digital printing technology, designing and printing banners in high resolution is now easier and more affordable than ever before. You can virtually print anything on the banner, including the company name, logo, contact details, captions, and images.

    It’s Time To Order Custom Banners

    As you can see, banners and custom signage are highly effective marketing tools. They are versatile, portable, durable, and budget-friendly. Reach out to Power Graphics to print contemporary and stylish marketing banners for your business and ramp up your marketing game!

  • Renting vs. Buying Trade Show Displays: Which Is The Better Choice?

    One of the biggest decisions you'll have to make before a trade show is this: should you buy or rent a trade show display? Well, there are pros and cons associated with both options. In this post, the advantages and disadvantages of each option are weighed. After you go through this post, you’ll know which option is best for your business.

    Trade Show Display Rental – Pros & Cons


    • Lower Cost – If you rent your trade show displays, you’ll save a lot of money. This is the best option for those who are strapped for cash.
    • No Storage Or Shipping Expenses – When you rent a trade show display, you don't have to worry about storing or shipping the displays before and after the show. Therefore, you save time, money and energy.
    • No Worrying Over Repair & Maintenance Costs – Again, since you’re renting the display, you don't have to spend on maintenance. The rental agency handles the repair and maintenance costs. All you have to do is pay the rental fee. The process couldn’t be any simpler!
    • Get A New Look For Each Show – This is one of the biggest advantages associated with renting displays. You can rent a fresh design for each show and avoid monotony.


    • Higher Cost In The Long Run – While renting a display can be cheaper, the cost-effectiveness of renting is diminished significantly if you participate in numerous shows throughout the year. It's typically less expensive to purchase a display if you even use it twice, so frequent exhibitors should buy their displays.
    • Your Preferred Choices Are Not Available – Since many companies will be renting from the agency you’re renting from, your preferred options may not be available.
    • Your Booth May Look Bland – This will be a big bummer. When you rent a trade show display, you have to use generic designs and outdoor stands. They’ll make your booth look bland in a crowd.

    Trade Show Display Ownership – Pros & Cons


    • Cheaper In The Long Run – Buying your own displays, retractable banner stands, and outdoor signs may seem expensive initially, but the cost of doing so actually turns out to be cheaper than renting in the long run. Purchasing tends to be cheaper if you use the display only twice, so it doesn't take long to see the savings.
    • Customizable – You have total control over the design of your booth. You can build it exactly the way you want and highlight your brand accordingly. If your booth and the displays you use stand out in the crowd, you’ll get a lot of booth attendees, and that’s exactly what you want.


    • Initial Expense – Most business owners don’t like the upfront cost associated with display ownership. However, you can pay for a high-quality display in installments. In the end, having your own trade show displays is worth it, especially if you’re going to be participating in a lot of trade shows.

    Which Is The Better Choice: Renting Or Buying?

    The answer here ultimately depends on your situation. You have to consider several factors, including:

    • The number of trade shows you attend every year
    • Whether you want to try different booth designs before committing to just one
    • Whether you’ll be exhibiting at multiple shows at the same time

    Consider all these factors so you can make the right choice. If you still cannot make a decision, you can always reach out to Power Graphics, the top supplier of retractable banner stands and other trade show materials. Our friendly team can work with you and help you choose the best option for your business.

  • How To Design A Pandemic-Friendly Trade Show Booth

    We can all agree that the last two years have been a hell of a ride. Finally, it looks like we've come to the end of the tunnel. The good news is that trade shows and exhibitions are back!

    The trade show industry is finally ready to put the bitter memories of cancelled events and lost revenues behind. However, one thing is clear: even though we've returned to normal (or close to normal), safety is still a huge concern. In this post, we share booth design ideas you can use to make your booth safe for your staff and your booth attendees.

    Key Factors To Keep In Mind When Designing A Booth Post Covid-19

    First and foremost, make sure you’re aware of the rules. You don’t want to get shut down because you were breaking a rule you weren’t aware of. Covid-related laws vary from state to state. Keep an eye out for rule changes, as these may come suddenly.

    Next, focus on space allocation. Today, most people are comfortable when there’s at least two feet of distance between them and the next person. So, try to design your booth with social distancing guidelines in mind. You can set up floor graphics to prevent overcrowding; just make sure booth attendees can understand these graphics.

    Masks are currently required at all major events. You can hand out free face masks that have your logo on them. This is a great way to market your brand. An event attendee may buy your products just because they saw your brand logo on a mask. You can also provide your booth staff with branded masks and face shields.

    When designing a booth, make sure you have space for sanitizing stations. With these stations at your booth, you’ll get more traffic, especially because people want to stay sanitized these days. You can set up plexiglass dividers between booth desks to create an additional layer of security between attendees and booth staff. These dividers will keep both staff members and booth attendees safe.

    Some event guests may not want to receive printed brochures and leaflets. So, use digital promotional materials, and send these via email or WhatsApp.

    You can also set up semi-private rooms when you want to create socially distanced groups; only do this if you have available floor space. With such a setup, booth staff can work with different groups simultaneously. You can use retractable banner stands to section off your available space. And of course these banner stands will convey your brand's message.

    Don’t Limit Your Design Because Of Covid-19 Protocols

    You may feel like you cannot create a stellar booth because of Covid-19 protocols. However, it's all about creativity. If you think outside the box, you can create a stellar booth while ensuring the safety of both staff and booth attendees. Remember to use large yet simple branding messages, and remind guests to wear their masks and maintain social distancing so everyone is safe. Use the tips listed here to design a stunning trade show booth, one that’s totally safe.

    At Power Graphics, we can help you choose the best banner stands for your trade show booth. We’ll also design custom banners for you. Contact us to know more!

  • 5 Ways To Use Vinyl Wall Graphics For Brand Promotion

    You can use the inside of your office or storefront for brand promotion. Just include colorful wall murals and graphics. They’re eye-catching and they’ll leave a lasting impression. Custom wall graphics utilize existing wall space, and they’ll make your brand stand out when customers, visitors, clients, and employees see them.

    Like floor graphics, wall graphics are an efficient and easy tool one can use to promote their branding, and they’re also incredibly versatile. They inspire and motivate employees, and you can use them to create a better working environment. Clients and potential customers will see these graphics and know immediately that you care about brand promotion.

    Here are five ways to use custom vinyl wall graphics to benefit your business:

    #1: Market Your Business For No Extra Cost

    If you were to invest in outdoor billboards or real estate signposts, you’d have to pay a large sum as an advertising rental fee. With custom wall graphics, you cam use existing space for branding. You can also make a good first impression when customers enter your office. Wall graphics that are placed in the lobby or reception area will promote your brand and business, even before a customer has stepped inside your office.

    Custom wall graphics that are placed in the lobby can help you achieve the following:

    • Impress clients and visitors
    • Create instant brand recognition
    • Make employees feel connected with your business
    • Allow prospective employees to visualize what it’s like working for your business

    #2: Display Your Mission Statement & Core Values

    You can use custom vinyl graphics to display your company's mission statement and core values. Doing so will get customers, visitors, and employees to internalize the message. And if you display core values correctly, you’ll help potential clients feel attached to your brand. You can use vinyl wall graphics in conference rooms, break rooms, hallways, lobbies, and cubicles.

    #3: Use Decals To Illustrate Your Company’s Timeline & History

    One of the latest trends in using wall decals is to display the company’s history and timeline on the walls. This not only creates visual interest but also serves as a conversation starter. And doing so reminds viewers of your corporate beginnings. This is a great way to utilize wasted space to highlight your growth over the years.

    #4: Motivate & Inspire Employees

    Custom wall graphics will help you create a fun and exciting work environment. By displaying fun graphics, inspirational quotes, and other messages that reflect your company's mottos, you create a fun work environment in which employees will feel productive and inspired. It's like having a permanent pep talk on the walls to motivate and encourage employees.

    #5: Use Custom Wall Graphics For Product Merchandizing

    Another popular way to use wall decals and graphics is for merchandizing. Use colorful, large-sized images and bold visuals to promote your products and services. Doing so will help with creating a positive image of your products for potential customers so they’re drawn to using them.

    Wall graphics are a cost-effective way to promote your brand, products, and services. The best part—they are easily removable. If required, you can update them seasonally or when a new product launches. They do not damage the underlying wall and they’re easily removable. Get in touch with our team of talented designers at Power Graphics to design colorful and effective wall decals to boost your branding.

  • 7 Reasons To Use Customized Vehicle Wraps To Advertise Your Brand

    When it comes to effective advertising, the trick is to leave a lasting first impression. This will keep your brand fresh in the minds of your target audience. Vehicle wraps are a powerful outdoor advertising tool that can help you reach your marketing objectives. In this post, we list the top reasons why using vehicle graphics as part of your branding strategy is a good move:

    #1: Grabs Attention

    Attractive vehicle wraps will make your company’s vehicles stand out among all the others on the road. Compared to a regular all-white or all-black van, a van with colorful signage grabs the attention of drivers and pedestrians, leaving a lasting positive brand image.

    #2: Reach Out To A Wider Audience

    Depending on the size of your company’s fleet, you can reach out to thousands of viewers or even more every month. Vehicle wraps are effective outdoor signs, and they’ll put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers who are likely to use your products or services.

    #3: Non-Disruptive

    Unlike radio and TV ads, vehicle wraps will grab attention without disturbing your target audience. Potential customers can easily spot your brand without being annoyed by loud jingles. Customers respond a lot better when messaging is not right up in their faces, and that’s why vehicle wraps are an effective passive marketing tool.

    #4: Mobile Ads

    Unlike billboards and real estate signposts, vehicle wraps are mobile, so they can take your branding to different parts of your city. You don’t have to wait for your audience to arrive at a particular spot. You can non-intrusively reach out to potential customers wherever the vehicle travels.

    #5: Adds A Layer Of Protection To Your Company’s Vehicles

    Another surprising benefit of adding customized vehicle wraps to your company's fleet is that they can protect your vehicle from minor dents, scratches, and other debris. Made with tough vinyl, these wraps are applied to your car without damaging the body or paint. They’ll help keep your vehicle in good condition, increasing the resale value of your fleet.

    #6: Powerful Local Advertising

    Vehicle wraps are an effective local advertising tool that’ll help you reach out to a local audience. The individuals who see your branded vehicles are the potential customers who live and work in your area, and they may check out what you have to offer if they see your brand name and they like your logo.

    #7: Cost-Effective

    Unlike other forms of advertising that have recurring costs, vehicle wraps are a one-time expenditure. Once you get them printed and installed by Power Graphics, you don't have to spend a penny more. The initial investment you make will give you returns for a long time.

    At Power Graphics, we have a team of talented in-house designers who’ll create colorful graphics that are tailored to your vehicle's dimensions. Decorate your company’s fleet with customized vehicle wraps and reach out to your target audience efficiently and effectively. Get in touch with our team for more information.

  • Floor Your Audience With Impressive Floor Graphics & Decals

    You probably use outdoor signs, banners, and posters to advertise your products and services. But have you considered using signage on your floors? Floors provide a lot of unused space, and you can use this space to improve your branding and marketing. Continue reading to know more about floor graphics and decals, and then check out these tips when you want to design attractive floor signs for your business.

    What Are Floor Graphics & Why Should They Be Used?

    The best examples of floor signage are the logos that are printed on the floors at NBA basketball courts. Most people tend to look down or ahead as they walk, which means if you use existing floor space for marketing, you can grab the attention of attendees in an effective and affordable way.

    The biggest advantage of using floor graphics is that they’ll be in a customer's natural line of sight. Also, people are so accustomed to seeing billboards, outdoor posters, and banners that they tend to overlook them. On the other hand, floor decals are unobtrusive and unique, so they’d bring a special flair to your brand, one that’d make people stop and take a second look.

    Floor graphics are fun and creative, and they’ll make your brand more interesting. Also, innovative designs like optical illusions will likely be shared on social media, promoting your brand. Another huge benefit of floor signage is that it’s safe and does not pose a tripping hazard like an upright display does. Also, they are easy to use, and you don't have to allocate separate real estate for these signs. Some floor decals are even reusable, and you can use them for numerous events.

    Now that we've seen the benefits of floor decals and signage, let’s turn our attention to design tips.

    Design Tips For Floor Graphics

    • Incorporate your brand colors and font styles in the design to create a consistent branding message.
    • Position the graphic in the right place. For example, a decal advertising a sale increases ROI when positioned near the checkout line or in other high-traffic areas.
    • Design the floor graphic so that it’s proportional to the available space. For example, decals in a narrow corridor should not be oversized.
    • Keep the design simple and catchy. Do not overcrowd the graphic with too many images or a lot of text. Keep it simple so that the core message is easy to understand, even when viewers walk past.
    • Besides promoting products and services, you can also use floor graphics for signage to point your booth’s location out. You can also add arrows on sidewalks to direct customers to your storefront.
    • Think outside the box. Instead of using traditional floor signage in squares and rectangles, go for innovative prints and bright colors to grab the attention of target customers.
    • Invest in high-quality floor graphics that are safe to use. If you’re using these decals outside, look for premium floor signage that is slip-resistant and water-resistant. Also, it’s a good idea to invest in materials that can withstand scratches and scuffs from footwear and vehicular traffic.
    • Working with a custom floor graphics designer like Power-Graphics is a good move. We can help you customize your designs perfectly so they suit your business needs.

    Use the design tips listed here to create the best floor decals and signage. Grabbing the attention of your target customers will be so much easier.

  • A Guide To Designing Impressive Banners For Your Business

    If you've attended trade shows, you know why good banners are important. A well-designed banner will make a striking impression on trade show attendees, and you can use banners to draw in your target audience so leads become sales.

    The challenge is in designing an impressive and innovative banner, one that’ll help your brand stand out in a sea of exhibitors. While creating a banner may seem like an easy job, plenty of thought and planning must go into it. In this guide, we've put together our favorite banner design tips, and we’ve also included steps you can follow to design an impressive banner, one that’ll get the attention of your target audience.

    6 Banner Must-Haves

    Irrespective of whether you’re using tabletop banners, retractable banner stands, or outdoor banners, you must include all of the elements listed below:

    1. Large & Easy To Read Text – The text must be easy to read, even from a distance. Some popular fonts for banners are Georgia, Helvetica, and PT Sans.
    2. Simple & Focused Message – While designing the banner copy, keep your message simple and to the point so it's easy for the reader to understand. Also, you can include a crisp call to action to get the audience to take the desired action.
    3. Catchy Images The human mind can retain 65% more information from an ad when it has pictures. When there are no pictures, the information retention rate is 10%.
    4. Bright Colors – Understand the basics of color psychology and use the right colors to capture the attention of your target audience.
    5. Short Text – When it comes to outdoor banners, less is more. Keep the main message to just one or two lines and make sure the overall text is not over five lines.
    6. Right Layout Do not overcrowd the banner. Balance white space and layouts to create an engaging banner that captivates your target audience.

    5 Easy Steps For Designing The Best Event Banners

    Whether you’re designing outdoor signs or banners for a trade show, you can follow these steps to create an impressive banner, one that’ll attract your audience.

    1. Understand How And Where The Banner Will Be Displayed: For example, you can go for a medium-sized banner if you’re presenting at a trade show. On the other hand, if you're designing outdoor real estate signposts, you have to go for extra-large banners to get maximum visibility.
    2. Align The Banner Design To Match The Campaign: For example, if you’re trying to generate leads for your email newsletter, provide an incentive. A free piece of swag will be an incentive to join.
    3. Choose A Suitable Layout: Your banner designer or printer can help you choose the best layouts depending on your purpose.
    4. Include Your Logo, Call-to-action, And Main Copy: These elements shouldn't take up more than 50% of the banner space. Eliminate the extra text by using shorter words. You can also use images to get a message across.
    5. Add Other Relevant Information: Include your website address, social media links, and contact information.

    Follow these steps to design a creative and impressive banner for your business.

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