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  • Why Trade Show Displays are Important

    A trade show is a great platform to showcase your business and meet prospective clients. But engaging thousands of fickle visitors with short attention spans is not an easy job. You need an eye-catching display to attract people to your booth. Of all elements related to an exhibition, trade show displays are probably the most important one of all. Here’s why we think you should pay proper attention to banner stands, backlit displays, and other trade show displays:

    They Help You Build Your Brand

    Trade show displays help to create a positive impression. It defines who you are, what you do, and how well you do it. Businesses that spend time and effort to stand out at trade shows buy the best fixtures and trade show materials. Put yourself in the shoes of an average visitor. Wouldn’t you prefer to visit a booth that’s well-designed and visually appealing? If you want your business to be taken seriously and prove yourself as reliable, do not skimp on quality displays.

    They Enhance Visibility

    The right trade show displays can help highlight the best features of your products or services. For instance, tabletop displays can be used to mention key features, while iPad displays can be used to demonstrate how a product is used. You also use video displays to show how your company is different from your competitors. Hanging displays ensure that your booth is visible from any location within the trade show hall, which can be particularly important at large events.

    They Create a Lasting Impression

    With the right color scheme and a well-designed booth, you can draw visitors to your booth. And with quality trade show displays, you can keep them there for a longer time. Customized displays and catchy display messages help to engage visitors and leave a positive impression even after they leave. Specially designed furniture and good lighting can also make your booth more inviting, giving your staff more time to engage with customers.

    Are you looking for quality trade show displays suited for your business’s needs? Call us! Our customer service team is ready to help!

  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Wall Murals

    Wall murals are one of the coolest, cheapest, and easiest ways to add some pizzazz to your walls. If creativity isn’t one of your strengths, consider getting a wall mural online. We sell them for as low as $6 per square foot. But before you buy one, here is everything you need to know about wall murals:

    Why Does Your Home or Office Need a Wall Mural?

    Wall murals are perfect for adding some visual appeal to an otherwise plain interior. It can add a cool accent wall to a visually boring room or help to fill an empty space. You can add one in the kids’ rooms, hallway, or even the kitchen!

    They can also instantly energize office spaces and add some personality to windowless conference rooms. It can even have a practical application and help divide space in offices with open floor plans. Some offices also use custom wall murals to highlight their brand personality.

    What’s the Difference between Wall Murals and Wallpapers?

    The thought of wallpaper often brings back memories of retro décor and grandma’s house, complete with garish floral print walls and colonial-style wingback sofas with busy patterns. However, wall murals are nothing like those traditional wallpapers that took a long time to install and an even longer time to takedown. Wall murals are basically images or designs that are printed on some variety of wall covering material. They were installed like traditional wallpaper with paste, or some come prepasted, and can be anything from a large photo to a repeating logo pattern in commercial spaces.

    Wall murals can be eco-friendly if printed on one of our environmentally friendly options. Some are pre-pasted, so you don't need to purchase wallpaper paste to install them, and you can even print wall murals on self adhesive materials that are basically peel and stick. When it’s time to redecorate, you can pull them down in minutes with little or no damage to the walls.

    Wall Murals for Kids’ Rooms and Hospital Facilities

    Some wall murals come with an anti-microbial coat that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about mold discoloring the wall mural or cleaning them often in high traffic areas. This makes them a great option for brightening up and decorating kids’ rooms and hospitals.

    Are you looking for custom wall murals to match your décor and space? Call us!

  • All You Wanted to Know About Banner Stands

    Banner stands provide great opportunities for businesses looking to promote their brand and highlight their products and/or services. Banner stands are commonly used at trade shows to deliver impactful visual messages and reach potential clients. You could even display a banner stand in a public place to spread the word about your business.

    But unfortunately buying a banner stand is not always easy. There are different types of banner stands, each designed to fit specific requirements. Do you need a stand for indoor use? Are you considering purchasing an outdoor stand? What if you need a banner for a small countertop? For answers to these questions, read through the following sections and learn why banner stands are sought after today!

    Different Types of Banner Stands

    Banner stands are available in a wide range of display styles, from retractable stands to roll-up and pull up varieties—make sure you pick a product that matches your requirements.

    Retractable banner stands are easy to set up and take down. Some models have a fixed height while others are adjustable depending on the pole that comes with the product. These stands are best for indoor events.

    X Banner Stands can be set up by attaching the banner to its support arms using grommets. It’s important to know these stands are lightweight, so they aren't suitable for areas where they are likely to be exposed to breeze through a door. Like retractable banners, these are great for indoor use.

    Tabletop banner stands are designed specifically to be used on tables, so they're ideal at trade shows when you’re trying to display information in a small space. They’re also used to showcase menus, explain product features, or display contact information.

    Outdoor banner stands are, as their name suggests, ideal for outdoor use. They’re flexible and capable of withstanding the elements.

    What Should You Consider When Buying a Banner

    When buying banner stands, first consider the amount of space needed for the display as well as the area where you intend to set the display up. For example, if the exhibition space is small, consider pop-up display stands—these serve as great backdrop coverage and setting them up is easy. If you need a large backdrop, a banner wall works best.

    If time is important and you have to set up your booth immediately, go for banner stands that can be put together easily and with little help from others. Some products need extra attention, and these are not ideal for long-term use. Then there are the products that are designed to withstand the elements. Make sure you know which banner stand is best for your situation. You could start by researching some products on the internet, but with the countless options available, it’s easy to get confused. Speak to our customer service staff if you need help selecting a display that fits your requirements.




  • Here’s What You Ought to Know Before Buying Wall Murals and Decals

    If you could make one small change to your décor, what would it be? We suggest adding a printed wall mural—they bring life to a dull wall and are more affordable than hiring a mural painter.

    You could get family photographs, famous artworks, freehand designs, and even your logo and brand name printed on a wall mural, or you could use one of the images offered by our gallery. Basically, you can digitally reproduce any image for use as a wall mural.

    Want to know more about these fantastic products? Read on!

    Where to Use Wall Murals

    As it was said earlier, wall murals are eye-catching and convenient options for decorating a room. For example, you could add some color to your kid’s room or the baby’s nursery with fun wall decals and murals.

    Large wall murals are mainly used to fill blank wall space. Want to impress potential clients? Add a wall mural to your office’s waiting area. How about covering an entire passage wall at a trade show or conference with your company’s information? These murals can be used to make a space more vibrant, and they’re also great for showing first-time visitors what a company’s culture is all about. If your office has an open floor plan, a wall mural can be used to divide space.

    Choosing the Right Sizes and Materials

    At Power Graphics, we offer plenty of sizes and material options for our customers. Some of our customers prefer standard wallpaper whereas others prefer vinyl wall murals. And if you’re shopping for an item you can use temporarily, our removable self-adhesive wall murals are ideal for you.

    When choosing a material type, consider the surface of the wall you intend to use, the purpose of the wall mural (temporary or permanent), and the place where you will be installing the mural. Vinyl, for example, works well on textured surfaces like concrete and brick. But if you need something for temporary use, this wall decal is the perfect choice: both placing and removing the decal is easy, it can be reused when handled properly, and it will leave no marks on the wall.

    Are you looking for custom wall murals and wall decals online? Visit our website now!


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  • 3 Minor Design Elements That’ll Help Your Brand Stand Out

    The first rule of creating great trade show displays is to work with a good designer. This rule also extends to hiring a competent printing service. Professional printing companies that have several years of experience know every detail of the printing process—they can warn you if your requirements do not match a design or offer advice regarding printing style and which techniques are best suited for your design.

    At Power Graphics, we have been working with small-size and medium-size businesses for more than 25 years, offering high-quality prints for excellent value. Some of the ways we help clients effectively bring out brand value include:

    Using Environment-Friendly Products

    People no longer mind spending a little more money on products and services offered by eco-friendly companies. If you’re making efforts to promote sustainability, there’s certainly no harm in making sure customers know about them.

    For example, we offer a wide range of nature-friendly, plasticizer-free, recycled, and recyclable indoor and outdoor media. These products are printed using eco-friendly latex inks or UV curable inks. All our green products carry a friendly icon, allowing you to showcase your eco-friendly credentials.

    Focusing on the Details

    It’s the small details that separate good designs from the great ones. We tell our clients: if a design has too many elements, it’s a good idea to scale back. Sometimes a client has a design  that has too many colors. With our experience, we can help these clients establish color harmony and make sure their designs are simple and straightforward. Small elements like rounded and squared corners, gradients, sizes, and font faces are important, and each element plays a part in reception.

    Choosing the Right Printing Materials

    When selecting printing materials, it’s important to consider the characteristics of the object you’re printing on. You must also consider the environment where the banner stand will be used. If a display will be used in a food service or health care area, such a hospital, doctor's office, or cafeteria, it's important to use materials and printing techniques that don't give off harmful fumes or odors that would be inappropriate in such areas. When in doubt, we're happy to help make sure you're selecting the best materials for your particular needs.

    If you’re looking for high-quality trade show graphics, call us!

  • How to Use Trade Show Graphics to Stand out from the Crowd

    Expensive trade show displays and grand booth designs do not always ensure trade show success. Sometimes small things—like how your trade show graphics are designed or the color and texture of your backlit graphics—can attract trade show attendees to stop and take notice. If you’re planning to set up an exhibition stand for an upcoming event, here are a few things to consider:

    Look for Graphics That Suit Your Brand’s Personality

    Trade show graphicsmust be consistently aligned with your brand values. For example, the graphics used on banner stands, tabletop displays, or other trade show displays must match the giveaways, promotional flyers, and brochures you hand out to prospective visitors.

    When designing graphics for our clients, we try and understand brand value before doing anything. Does the brand embrace playfulness or prefer being reserved? Does the brand focus on a young audience or one that’s older? What human characteristics (creativity, honesty, empathy, outspokenness) reflect through the brand?

    Do Not Crowd the Banner with Too Many Words

    Trade show displays are all about visual appeal. Make sure the images used are clean, attractive, and eye catching. Wordy visuals turn off audiences, and it’s said the average trade show attendee spends no more than two to three seconds glancing through a display. To communicate your message effectively, do not use more than six or seven compelling words. The idea is to draw a person’s attention with images—if the images are effective, focus will then move to booth staff.

    Colors Matter

    Graphic designers are always drawing influence from brands when choosing color schemes; this is also done to maintain uniformity with an overall marketing design. Look for colors that represent your brand and are consistent with the message you’re trying to convey.

    Some of the basic rules of ensuring color harmony include:

    • Contrast text colors with backgrounds.
    • Use bright colors for long-range graphics.
    • Maintain a balance in color unity—too many similar colors can be unappealing while too much diversity can be over-stimulating.

    Text Placement Matters as Well

    Important text must be placed at eye level. The two-foot area above the top of the banner is the best place for text. Also, do not fit too many words in a single line as this affects readability.

    If you’d like us to help with designing graphics for your banner stands and other trade show displays, visit our website now!

  • Expolinc Pop Up’s ease of setup, wide array of options results in an incomparable trade show display

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Traditional pop-up trade show displays are a great way to showcase your brand and implement a professional look to your booth. With a seamless graphic attached to lightweight and easily set-up hardware that forms a tidy backdrop or eye-catching wall, it’s easy to see why these types of displays have been popular for years.

    But some of the drawbacks—panels that are hard to align, auxiliary parts that are difficult to attach—have been known to steer customers away from these displays and, at times, toward one-piece fabric pop-ups that often don’t possess the same image quality. Expolinc’s pop-up trade show displays are the exception; the hardware is top quality and easy to set up with attention to detail that sets it apart from the other pop-up displays on the market. Features such as the locking mechanism on the frame show the quality that makes these displays stand out. When it comes to set up, the differences are even more obvious because the graphics basically align on their own, and anyone who has set up a standard pop-up display will immediately appreciate the difference.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Frame connector

    The magnetic channel bars included with the Expolinc Pop Up bring forth a host of benefits. Like most displays, the bars are collapsible, making for easy storage as well as low-effort attachment. Affixing the bars is aided by top and bottom clips that are easily guided into channels that are evenly positioned on the frame. From there, the outward-facing portion of those clips on each end of the magnetic channel bars are used when attaching the graphic panels, which are equipped with hangers on each top corner. The way those parts are engineered to work with one another results in easy, nearly effortless alignment of the panels, ensuring a seamless look.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up 10' Curve

    Most pop-up trade show displays have rounded end caps that integrate with the panels on the front of the frame, and the Expolinc Pop Up is no exception. But Expolinc has gone a step further by offering the option for flat end caps, which provide a unique look and a sleek finish thanks to metal profile bars that cover the unfinished corners. The profile kit also comes into play when connecting multiple frames together, which is a possibility thanks to the way the hardware is engineered. A typical pop-up display wall can easily be made into any desired length or even be turned into its own room, essentially, by joining frames together either in-line or at right angles.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Corner Configuration

    The options certainly don’t stop there. While the displays come standard in the typical height of 87.5", they can be ordered in taller configurations that are approximately 8' and 10' tall for a really dramatic presentation. Each display comes in four different packages, from the basic frame and its essential attachments (magnetic bars, graphic panels, hangers, etc.) all the way to the inclusion of a travel case that converts into a podium, wraps or tubes for graphic protection, LED flood lights, and more. Additionally, the frame can be enhanced by attaching rear graphic panels, shelving, light-up show cases, curtain rods, and monitor mounts. The end result is a pop-up trade show display unlike any other the industry has to offer.

    Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Heights

    Contact a Power Graphics customer service representative today for more information on the versatile, flexible, and overall outstanding Expolinc Pop Up trade show display.

  • 5 Factors to Consider when Buying Trade Show Displays

    Trade show marketing can quickly get expensive. For one, renting a booth could set you back by a few hundred dollars. Then when you consider the cost of other essentials like promotions, buying/renting trade show displays, staffing and travel expenses, booth design, etc., you could be spending a few thousand dollars.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways to cut costs without compromising quality.  For example, when buying trade show displays, here are a few criteria to consider for getting the most of your money:


    We have all, at some point, chosen something cheap to save a few dollars only to regret it later.  Some businesses, especially those participating in an event for the first time, make this mistake. Although money had to be considered when purchasing trade show items, the cost should not be the only criteria. Cheap banner stands don’t last beyond an event or two or worse, they could break midway during the event. This will cause you to have to spend more money in the long run as you will need to replace ruined displays.

    But just because something is expensive does not mean it is quality! Look for products that offer value for money. The price must match the quality promised so customers know what they are purchasing.


    Choosing versatile products can help you save money when doing multiple trade shows and events. You can always replace the graphics on a banner stand and use them for different occasions. Banner stands can be combined to form a banner wall. Similarly, banners can double up table covers, and counters may double up as customer service kiosks. Look for products that can be used in more than one way to maximize your investment.

    Reputation of the Seller

    Look for retailers who offer a wide range of products and have been selling for some time. They should be knowledgeable enough to guide you to the best product for your situation.

    The reputation of the retailer also matters. Genuine and experienced retailers promptly answer queries and want to help their customers instead of just wanting to make money.


    A trade show booth should attract potential buyers and be functional enough for the staff to work with as well. There must be enough space for people to move around it and showcase the information at the booth. The trade show displays must not take up too much space and become cumbersome and in the way, yet they need to be large enough to serve their purpose.

    Ease of Use

    Look for products that are easy to use. For instance, when buying banner stands, choose products that are easy to install and takedown. Having products that are also easy to transport can make getting to and from the event much less of a hassle and will start your event off positively.

    Consider all of these factors when looking for displays for your next trade show or event.

    If you are looking for help with trade show displays, call 877 389 8645.

  • Trade Show Display Shopping when Your Budget is $1000 or Less

    A trade show is a great way to promote your business and reach out to potential customers. But putting up an attractive booth is not easy. From budgeting for materials to buying trade show displays, there are so many things to consider.

    Buying the right type of displays for your booth is equally challenging. You will want to look for products that are engaging and within your budget but worth the money. If you’ve been assigned to shop for trade show displays on a budget, here are a few things to remember:

    Backlit Displays

    Backlit displays are usually used at shopping malls and department stores, but they are also great to use at events showcasing a product or service. There are many styles for different uses, but they all have a light source to create a compelling visual effect. Backlight graphics are usually sold per square foot and are available in a wide range of materials, including backlit film, polyester, printable film, fabric, and adhesive vinyl, and different types of displays will require different graphic materials.

    Backlit display sizes cover a wide range from small 8.5 x 11 inch wall mounted displays up to 30' wide backlit fabric trade show displays and everything in between. These types of displays will catch the attention of everyone who passes by.

    Banner Stand

    A banner stand is a great way to add a visual impact to your trade show booth. Use them to promote a product, advertise your business, or guide visitors to your booth. They are available in a wide range of sizes and types. Tabletop banners can be used to display detailed information while large banners can double up as photo backdrops. You can also choose from a wide range of banner material, including vinyl, fabric, polyester, and even flame-retardant cotton. Banners are sold by the square foot while stands usually range from $30 to $300, depending on the quality of the material used.

    Table Covers

    Trade show booths are expensive, so it makes sense to you use every inch of space for advertising your product or service. A customized table cover is a great way to create an attractive but professional display. You can choose from full imprint table covers, simple covers with your logo and even fitted table covers to find what works best for your space and your budget.

    Banner Wall

    Two or more banner stands can be combined to create a banner wall. These can be used as a backdrop for photos. If you are introducing a product at an exhibition, this banner wall can be a great backdrop. You can combine them for a single wall or use them separately, making them versatile for any event.

    One or more of these display types can help your trade show booth stand out from the rest and keep the heavy foot traffic coming your way.

    To discuss booth display ideas, visit us online or call 877 389 8645.

  • Five common mistakes to avoid at your next trade show

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Trade shows are a vital part of marketing your product and/or services. The show’s attendees are usually present for reasons very specific to your industry, so the opportunity to engage those people about your business should not be taken lightly. That, of course, means making sure your booth or space is set up to catch eyes and draw people in. But too often, simple components of that booth setup aren’t executed properly, resulting in a lack of traffic to—or, even worse, a lack of interest in—the space and brand attempting to be shown off.

    Here are a few of those things to avoid as you prepare for your next show or event:

    Too much info crammed into a display

    The key to a successful trade show is positive interaction, which is something that can be discouraged when a display features too much information. The intent is usually always good; businesses want to be transparent with potential clients and customers, so they want to convey as much information as possible. That’s great, but there is such a thing as information overload, especially in a busy and, at times, hectic environment such as a trade show. Plus, if you give away all the information on your display, what’s left for an interested party to ask?

    Engagement is key. Plan your display to feature just enough eye-catching information to encourage attendees to ask questions and initiate conversation.

    Improper graphic setup

    One of the most common examples of improper setup involve pop-up displays, on which the panels are often misplaced or not properly aligned, causing the graphic to give off a confusing and unprofessional look. Fabric displays don’t have the same problem because the graphics are seamless, but far too often the pillowcase graphics aren’t zipped at the bottom. That small extra step of closing the zipper can be the difference between a graphic that sags and/or puckers and one that lays flat and displays clearly and cleanly.

    The poor setup problem has also been known to manifest itself in the form of crooked retractable banner stands. That usually happens because the support pole isn’t set up straight or, in the case of a wider stand containing more than one pole, the supports aren’t extended to the same height.

    Spending an extra few minutes making sure displays and graphics are properly set up can add an extra layer of professionalism that surprisingly goes missing in more trade show booths than you might think.

    Lighted displays not turned on

    Too many times, businesses go through the trouble of purchasing and setting up backlit trade show displays only to end up not even turning on the lights. This creates a multi-layered problem. Failing to take advantage of a light-up display—an item that was made specifically to catch eyes—is a huge missed opportunity. Additionally, graphics that are designed to be backlit are usually printed darker than those that aren’t, so failing to put any light behind the graphic usually results in a dull, dark look that won’t do you any favors in your effort to get your brand to stand out.

    Set up those lights properly, and don’t forget to turn them on! The difference in quality will amaze you.

    Pertinent info blocked by fixtures

    It’s good to have more than one type of display item in an event space. Trade Show Kits, for example, can include a display wall, table top stand, podium, and more. But with all of those products comes the chance of blocking pertinent information or images such as logos that are important for trade show attendees to take away from your booth. Think about placing logos, word marks, and other impactful images and information higher on a display so that they’re not covered by podiums, tables, or other fixtures.

    Trade show booths can also be rather small, so there is a balance to be found when it comes to deciding which items to add to the space. For instance, having a separate display wall, banner stand, monitor stand, and table within your space can unintentionally create a tight, uninviting area. Consider hybrid products such as fabric displays that include optional items like monitor mounts, shelving, and show cases to conserve space while still giving your brand the attention it deserves.

    Indoor products used outdoors

    Have you ever walked through an outdoor show and witnessed banner stands either tipping over or being held in place by sand bags or boulders? That happens when display products designed for indoor use are brought into the elements. There are many types of banner stands and other display products specifically made for outdoor use. They tend to be a little bit more expensive than indoor products, but that’s because they possess features such as spring-loaded poles, weighted feet or bases, ground stakes, and more. Many of those products are rated for consistent winds up to 20 mph, whereas the first 5 mph gust can easily blow over an indoor banner stand.

    For more information on how to make your trade show booth or other event space stand out while avoiding these types of common mistakes, contact a Power Graphics representative today.

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