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  • 5 Ways Businesses Can Help Customers Be Reintroduced to the Shopping Experience

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Major U.S. economic hubs—such as California and New York—that have had businesses closed or severely impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have gradually started to reopen. That means retail stores, barber shops, gyms, spas, and other establishments will be attracting the public for the first time in months. Such a long layoff from shopping and errand running—combined with new safety measures that range anywhere from suggestions to mandates—can lead to a confusing and somewhat intimidating environment. 
    Customers should be made to feel at ease, both in terms of safety as well as where to go and what to do as they’re reintroduced to the in-person shopping experience. Here are five easy ways to make it happen:

    Let people know you’re open

    Don’t be shy about telling the world that you’re back in business. There’s a wide array of outdoor flag and banner stands that can be used to attract new customers or show existing ones where to go for curbside pickup and other services. Feather banner stands—also known as flying banners or beach flags—are a sturdy, flexible, and eye-catching product that comes in multiple sizes and can be seen from a distance. Outdoor retractable banner stands that flex in the wind, as well as X-banner-style models that include plastic bases that can be filled with sand or water for stability, are a great option for walk-up businesses.
    Window and wall decals, A-frame signs, and grommeted banners get the job done as well. Regardless of how you choose to do it, remember to shout from the rooftops—or, at least, from the sidewalks—that you’re open and ready to serve the public.

    Communicate changes

    Once customers are inside a retail establishment, they'll need clear instruction on how to comply with new suggestions and regulations. It can be difficult enough for people to resume shopping and running errands in the midst of a pandemic; not knowing where to go or what exactly to do may only intensify that feeling of discomfort. Make the public feel safe, welcome, and at ease by posting clear messages at multiple points during their shopping process. Retractable banner stands, because of their ability to be relocated and have graphics easily switched out, are a perfect way to accomplish this.
    Retractable banner stands are available in many different sizes and price points. Regardless of your budget or how long (and how often) you intend to use the stand, you should be able to find the right fit.

    Remind people to socially distance

    It's going to be vitally important—in the short term, at the very least—for businesses that are reopening to direct traffic. Maintaining social distancing should be key in efforts to keep employees and customers healthy. The strategic placement of floor decals with either custom or pre-made artwork that displays social distancing reminders go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.
    Good floor graphics and floor decals are slip resistant, and UL listed as such, as well as scratch and scuff resistant so that heavy traffic doesn't ruin them. Floor graphics should also hold up to common floor cleaning chemicals and methods. The floor decal adhesives should hold the floor graphics firmly in place, but come off without leaving adhesive residue or damaging the floor when removed. You’ll want to use floor decal materials that meet these requirements and are specifically designed for floor use, whether it’s concrete, carpet, or anything in between.

    Implement sanitizing stations

    Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers should be readily available for use by employees and customers alike. Those dispensers can come in the form of simple wall-mounted units, or they can be placed anywhere by attaching them to a stand. One effective method is to set up a sanitation station. That type of display can be used not only to let shoppers and workers know where to find the sanitizer dispenser when they need it, but also to attract attention in an attempt to remind people to sanitize often.

    Provide masks and other protection

    As the need for face coverings becomes more prevalent, an entire industry of ineffective cloth masks has emerged. Even disposable surgical masks, which technically shouldn't be worn more than once, are much more effective in terms of fending off particles that could contain viruses. For the fashion conscious, wearing a disposable surgical mask underneath a cloth mask would go a long way toward at least ensuring others are protected, which is the sensible and courteous thing to do. These surgical masks are generally inexpensive, even to the point where businesses might find it advantageous to pass them out to customers as they walk in the door in a true effort to protect other shoppers and  workers.
    For people who also want to be protected themselves, KN95 masks are a great option because they filter out at least 95 percent of potential contaminates while still remaining breathable. Or, if you prefer to make your own masks (or have someone else make them), consider using an antimicrobial soft knit fabric that uses a special combination of silver and vesicle technologies to kill microbes such as viruses and bacteria so they can’t live on the surface or multiply. As individual state governors continue to announce face covering mandates, make sure you're prepared with masks that are functional rather than simply fashionable.
    Businesses that require significant face-to-face interaction would benefit from protective shields—or, as they’re commonly referred to, sneeze guards—which are sheets of clear acrylic usually held up by aluminum tubing or a similar type of frame, but can also come in table-top form with feet that hold the acrylic in place. These shields can be made into many different shapes and sizes, including those with cutouts at the bottom to allow for exchange of currency and merchandise. There are also more economical options, such as a banner stand equipped with clear polyester film, that present a portable solution that comes in larger heights than the acrylic versions and can be used in offices and classrooms, as well as at trade shows.
    For more information on these and other products needed to help get your business back on its feet, contact a Power Graphics representative today.
  • COVID-19 Crisis: Effective Tips for Running Your Business

    The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. While most of the populace is working from home or resorting to online tools, some services cannot be solely online. For example, essentials like health services, pharmacies, groceries, and others must continue to serve their communities during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you own any of the above categories of businesses, you will need to use certain practices to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. In such cases, several COVID-19 safety products come in handy to help smoothly run your business. Here are a few ways to set up a safer business during this time.

    Floor Decals

    Floor graphics in the form of floor decals and floor stickers are an effective way to help customers practice social distancing in your store. You can customize floor decals and place them at the entrance or check out areas to remind customers to maintain a distance of at least six feet from each other. Even hospitals can use floor decals to demarcate restricted, quarantine areas or to direct patients to testing areas. Another use of floor stickers can be to direct employees toward the hand wash area.

    Outdoor Signs

     Outdoor signs can be used for directing people to testing locations or guiding customers toward curbside pickup spots for restaurants and other businesses. You can also install outdoor banner stands to spread awareness. They can have reminders like washing hands regularly, practicing self-isolation, and following contact-less communication.

    Tent Set-Ups

     If your organization works in healthcare, you can set up tents as outdoor testing stations. Outdoor banner stands, feather banners, and A-frames can be used to direct people to testing stations as well.

    Cashier Shields

    Cashier shields, at pharmacies and registers, act as a barrier between the customers and cashiers. The shields protect both visitors and employees by preventing the potential transmission of viruses through droplets from coughs and sneezes. Some companies are using these on employee workstations and desks to help provide protection for employees and coworkers from each other or from customers in businesses where employees meet with customers at their desks.

    Window Graphics and Wall Murals

    Window graphics help you to update customers about the latest policies and changed working hours. They can also be used as temporary signs to let people know of closures and reopening dates. If you are working from home, you can use wall murals, banner stands, or fabric banners to create a professional backdrop for video conferencing.

    Additional Safety Products

     For the safety of your employees, you should invest in hand sanitizer stands. Install one in every working area so that people have easy access to hand sanitizer. Also, ensure that everyone wears face masks and gloves. We have a supply of surgical style face masks and KN95 face masks that are available to the public. These masks are manufactured in China and do not carry the NIOSH certification for medical use in the US, so while they offer the same level of protection, they can’t be used by medical facilities and are available to the public for personal or employee safety.

    No matter how your company is operating, you can use COVID-19 supplies like outdoor banners, customized graphics, and roadside signage to keep your customers and employees informed. Make sure that anyone inside the premises navigates your space safely without compromising the health of others during COVID-19 Quarantine. With proper planning, you can help to mitigate this crisis and emerge stronger when it finally abates.

  • How to Use Floor Graphics to Improve Your Marketing Efforts

    With the continuous stream of marketing content on social media and the internet, it’s easy for your brand’s message to get lost. Because of the bombardment of social media, advertising, and entertainment, it’s no wonder our attention span has decreased rapidly over the past decade. While in 2000, the average attention span was around 12 seconds, in 2015, it decreased to 8.25 seconds. That’s less than the attention span of a goldfish!

    If you want to reach out to today’s audience, there’s no better way to do so than floor graphics. Think about it. Most of us watch our steps or check our phones and look at the floor while walking! If you haven’t optimized this space, it’s time to do so now with custom floor graphics.

    Although floor graphics have been used traditionally for wayfinding, it is not their only use. They’re perfect for branding! For example, you can put floor graphics at the entrance of a store in a shopping mall to alert customers or make them aware of the presence of certain brands in your store. You can also use them to show off the highlights of your products or services. For example, if your products are made in America, display this as a message on the floor. If you’re against animal cruelty, put up visually powerful floor decals to showcase this.

    If you’ve introduced a recent product or are stocking up on the latest gadget, use the floor space to spread the word. This also works perfectly when you are having a special sale. The most versatile floor graphics are ones that are made using materials that can be easily removed and reused. Research backs up these methods as well. A recent study by a German consumer research agency found that stores with floor ads sold 17% more than stores that did not.

    You can also use floor graphics at trade shows or exhibitions. Floor graphics can be creatively designed to initiate a conversation. Use humor to power up your marketing efforts with funny floor graphics and get passersby to notice you.

    If you’re looking for quality floor graphics or need help choosing the right products for your business, visit us!

  • 4 Ways Floor Graphics Can Benefit Your Business

    graphic design depicting 4 ways to use floor graphics for your business. Learn how to use floor graphics and decals to improve your business.

    If your business needs to send a message, there are thousands of ways to do it, but floor graphics have a unique ability to catch the attention of your audience. Whether you are looking to draw more attention at your place of business or looking to capture eyes at events or through advertising, here are some ways to utilize the power of floor graphics.

    1. Advertising Your Products

    Floor graphics are a great way to call attention to certain products that you are trying to move off the shelves more quickly. Whether you have products that are on sale, products you want to educate people about, or items that are top sellers that you want to use floor decals to help direct them to their location in your store, these unique graphics can help you bring attention to whatever you need to.

    You can also use floor graphics to get extremely creative with your purchase cycle. Often times, a particular item or product that someone buys, requires another product or has complimentary upgrades. Floor graphics can help you spark a thought process for your customers. Often times this is a great way to lead them directly to their next purchase that they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

    2. Unexpected Places

    Humans are creatures of habit and if there is anything you can do to catch their attention, catching them off guard tops the list. Placing your floor graphics in places that they would not expect will almost undoubtedly draw them in every time. For example, you can put floor decals in elevators, on stairs, a place where people typically get in line. You can generally expect that anywhere you place a floor decal that gets a lot of foot traffic is going to get a lot of eyeballs on it.

    3. Advertising Opportunities

    If you really start to think about it, there are literally thousands of events going on at any given point in time and most of them involve people spectating or walking around. In either scenario, there is a perfect opportunity for you to display your brand with a floor graphic. Take some time to research the events going on in your community and find ways that you can infiltrate. For example, you could talk to local high school about advertising on their gym floors or find a local festival that relates to your brand and talk to the event coordinator about getting some floor decals into central, focal points where a lot of their traffic will be passing through or waiting. The possibilities are endless!

    4. Directionals

    Whether it is that item that people are always asking about, but they can’t seem to find, or you’re just being proactive about letting people know where to go, providing directionals through floor decals will help your bottom line. People tend to get frustrated when they can’t quickly find what they are looking for and having an element already in place to help them out is always appreciated by your customers.

    For more information on how floor graphics can benefit your business or how to best use your space, give us a call at Power Graphics, 877-389-8645. We're happy to help assist you in determining what solutions will work best for your business and accomplishing your goals.

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