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  • Why Are Outdoor Banners Stands Important for Brand Promotion?

    Outdoor posters and banners are very effective in raising awareness about new products and services and are frequently used for launches and brand building. They help create demand among the general public in the areas where they are displayed. Here are the multiple benefits of using outdoor signs by both new companies and established brands that help advertisers carry out successful marketing campaigns.

    Continuous Marketing Messages: Outdoor banners are an effective and influential marketing technique as they show the same message daily to viewers and drive the message into their minds. When those same people go out to make a purchase or hire a service, they are more likely to want what they viewed on the way to the store. These banners can be used to advertise both new product launches or to highlight new uses for existing products.

    Brand Building Through Brevity: Banners placed in high traffic areas and strategic locations are useful for sharing short and impactful messages about products. These can be used for brand building, creating awareness, and even sharing product features in the form of short teasers that stimulate curiosity among the public. Succinct messages improve brand identity when written in attractive colors and appealing text designs.

    Reach Potential Customers: Outdoor advertising like outdoor banner stands can help to reach potential customers in competitive marketplaces like shopping malls that have dozens of brands vying for attention. Well-designed banners that target particular shoppers can be placed outside the store or the shopping mall to attract potential buyers.

    Cost-Effective: Outdoor banners are a budget-friendly advertising medium when compared with online and offline mediums like social media, television, print, and radio. These are the first choice for small and medium businesses working with small marketing budgets. Outdoor banners can also be used on moving vehicles like public transport and on static surfaces like lamp posts and roadside banners in central business districts.

    Day/Night Audience: Weatherproof outdoor banners can work 24/7 to convey a brand message. When designed with attractive colors and modern materials like vinyl outdoor, banners can help you gain new customers and retain existing customers.

  • 3 Must-Haves for a Real Estate Agent

    The realty business is extremely competitive. To survive, real estate agents must be focused, determined, and know how to leverage business opportunities. If you are planning on becoming a successful agent, here are a few other things to include in your arsenal:


    Positive Attitude

    A bad attitude can be very damaging in the real estate business. Realtors who’re constantly surrounded by self-doubt do not have the motivation to pursue or convince clients. Even if you do not feel positive, acting positive can cause a shift in attitude and help you achieve results. Start your day with positive affirmations and train your mind to find a silver lining in every situation.


    Good Relationships

    Real estate agents place a lot of value in maintaining good relationships. They build contacts and generate leads by creating a sphere of influence. This includes focusing on family, friends, colleagues, classmates, business associates, service providers, etc. Keeping track of these connections is also important. You can keep track of these contacts by maintaining a spreadsheet program, or if your sphere of influence is large, consider investing in CRM software. These programs allow you to maintain and automate client bases, sales, etc. You could also consider investing in lead generation software.


    Quality Marketing Props

    Banner stands, real estate sign posts, outdoor banner stands, and other display items are great when promoting a client’s home or property. In the age of social media marketing, these may seem old school, but they’re extremely effective and provide a straightforward message. You can place them in a targeted geographical area to connect with the exact people you’d like to reach out to. Placing them in high traffic areas can also help to publicize your business.

    If you’re looking for quality real estate sign posts or other displays, visit us!

  • 3 Types of Banner Stands for Conventional Marketing

    Traditional forms of advertising focus on building trust and popularity for a brand. Displaying advertisements in print publications, billboard ads, emails, and other ways are a few conventional methods used to publicize products and services.

    When compared to other methods, banner stands are much more convenient and cost-effective. They are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and you can choose between roll up banner stands, X-frame banner stands, outdoor banner stands, and portable banner stands to display your brand message.   As for the design, you could either design them yourself or work with our team to turn your marketing ideas into the perfect promotional display.

    Here, we list a few commonly available banner stands and their advantages:


    Outdoor Banner Stands

    An outdoor banner stand is the best option for all kinds of outdoor marketing events as they are portable and can be used often. There are retractable outdoor banner stand models that have legs for stability, or models with a hollow base that can be filled either with sand or water to ensure its stability during the windy conditions.

    Major Advantages:

    • They are easy to use and transport because they are lightweight
    • Graphics will be printed in high resolution
    • Colors are UV protected to prevent fading in the sunlight
    • Double as indoor displays
    • Single and double-sided banners are for all-weather use


    Retractable Banner Stands

    Retractable banner stands are commonly used in retail stores, in restaurants, at fundraising events, at trade shows, and at sports events. They have many advantages in marketing as well as the promotional environment as a whole.

    Major Advantages:

    • Quick and easy to put up and take down
    • Able to be used again and again with replaceable graphics
    • Can be rolled up in an aluminum base and placed inside a padded bag to protect it from any physical damage


    Table Top Banner Stands

    Tabletop banner stands are popular because they’re perfect for countertop marketing. You can set them on a table to show information about your product or service in detail or display other information at kiosk.

    Major Advantages:

    • Portable and can be taken to different venues
    • On some models, height can be adjusted to suit different environments
    • Inexpensive and can be reused


    Visit us to get display products and digital imaging and printing solutions.

  • Premium and economy outdoor displays for large graphics now available

    by Bryan Kilpatrick

    Taking your photo backdrop, info wall, or other oversized message outside in a safe and stable manner is now possible with the addition of a pair of large outdoor graphic displays to our vast selection of products.

    Blustery conditions are no problem for the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor stand, which can be equipped with water tanks that allow the stand to be used in winds up to 20 mph, or with water tanks and ground anchors that can withstand 45 mph winds and prevent the display from tipping or sliding. Available in 8' or 10' widths, the display is also versatile; it can be converted from and to an indoor stand simply by removing the outdoor legs and supports and installing a set of indoor feet. The rest of the frame, which is composed of professional-grade aluminum sections that are bungeed and click together, can remain intact for both environments.

    Expand Grand Fabric Outdoor

    What really puts the finishing touches on this tremendous display is the dye-sublimated, zippered pillowcase graphic. Printed and hand-sewn in the United States, the pillowcase graphic stretches tightly over the frame to produce a wrinkle-free look complete with rich, vibrant images. The material is durable and can be washed, which is likely to be a necessity with any graphic used outdoors.

    The Outdoor Banner Wall is an economy option for a large outdoor display. It’s suitable for less windy conditions, being perfectly capable of holding up 20 mph winds thanks to two water-base feet that each weigh 50 pounds when filled.

    This display uses a similar type of dye-sublimated fabric graphic but with a different method of finishing. Pole pockets sewn on the top and bottom of the graphic accommodate aluminum dowels that attach to the frame with springs and create a “flexing" effect to remain stable in the wind. At 8 feet wide and 92 inches tall, the result is a fabulously large image that can be made double sided with an optional second graphic and features similar durability and washability as the graphic for the premium display.

    For more information on these and other outdoor and/or fabric displays, contact a Power Graphics customer service representative today.

  • New Wave Pro Retractable Outdoor Banner Stand

    It's hard to go to almost any outdoor event and not see retractable banner stands being used somewhere. The problem is, they are almost always indoor banner stands that are being used outdoors, even though this will void the warranty on most displays as they were not designed to be used outside. In reality, taking an indoor stand outdoors isn't going to hurt it, but some of them could be damaged from moisture if it were to rain, and none of them can withstand any amount of wind, and that's the real problem.

    A little common sense will tell you that if you set up a big sail outdoors, it's not going to stay standing when the wind blows. If that same set up can move a boat on the water, imagine what it can do if the sail isn't attached to something. Some people figure this out and put weights on the base of the stand to keep it from blowing over, but the support poles, and the way those poles connect to the base are then going to take all that force and break, since they weren't designed for that purpose either.

    That's why we carry outdoor retractable banner stands, so people who need to use them outdoors will have a product that is designed for that purpose and will hold up to that kind of use. The problem is that until a few years ago, the Expand MediaScreen 2 Outdoor stand was the only one available, and it's a very expensive display. Don't get me wrong, it's a great product that is well made and has a lifetime warranty, and we've sold a lot of these over the years, but typically only to larger organizations that can afford the cost, such as Sea World or the NSA. The fact that we had one to offer didn't mean much to the average buyer because they couldn't afford them, so they continued to purchase indoor stands and take them outside anyway.


    About a year ago, we introduced the Wave. It was designed along the same lines as the Expand stand with a spring loaded pole and detachable feet. The benefit to this design is that it's easily portable, as it packs down into a small space with very little effort. It can also double as an indoor stand when used without the detachable feet, which is something many people like to do. With the price being less than half of the Expand model, we felt it was ideal for people who primarily needed an outdoor stand, and also for those who wanted an indoor stand that could occasionally go outside. It sold extremely well, a little too well initially as we had a hard time keeping them in stock, but it seemed better suited to the people who mainly wanted an outdoor display, as it was still more expensive than most indoor displays.

    That led us to introduce the Wave Lite. At nearly half the cost of the Wave, the Wave Lite is priced similarly to many double sided indoor banner stands, but with it's spring loaded pole and detachable feet, it can also go outside, although it won't hold up to as much wind as the Wave, hence the Lite in the name. This model seem ideal for the people who want a stand that can survive some wind, be used indoors without looking like a clunky outdoor stand, and be easy to transport and set up, and it's been very popular for those reasons.


    Once we had the Wave Lite, we realized that the Wave would really only appeal to heavy duty outdoor users. People who needed something really durable for extended outdoor use, or else they would just get the Wave Lite. These are the people who really needed the Expand display with it's lifetime warranty and heavy duty construction, but couldn't afford it. So, we went back to the drawing board to figure out how to make the Wave even better so it would appeal even more to that market. The result of that effort is the Wave Pro.


    We made the banner just slightly smaller to reduce the stress on the stand, from 33.4" wide to 31.5" wide, and gave it two poles instead of one for greater stability. We made the springs in the poles a separate piece so that if either the spring or the pole should ever break, it would be easier and less expensive to replace. As much as we like snap rails for attaching at the top of the banner, the kind of stress that can be exerted in the wind required something more secure. So, we added a metal strip that sticks to the banner and inserts into the top rail, then set screws in the top rail tighten on that metal strip for a very secure attachment. We made both the base of the stand and the detachable feet out of even heavier materials, and added an additional thumb screw attachment on the bottom of each foot for additional security. We also made it so the feet can be positioned anywhere along with width of the base. This is to accommodate unusual footing or uneven ground where moving the feet can help make the stand more stable. We're also now including ground spikes to secure the feet when it's used on soft surfaces such as dirt, grass or snow, which were optional before. Lastly, instead of having the stand and legs pack into separate bags, they now all pack into one semi-rigid case with wheels, to make it easier to transport.

    With all of these improvements, we are finally able to offer the Wave Pro with a lifetime warranty, so it really is an excellent alternative for those customers who need a heavy duty outdoor display that will last, and will also look good if used indoors, while not blowing their budget.

    We're really excited about it's potential so be sure to check it out if you're in the market for a display with these features.

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