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  • Why Are Outdoor Banners Stands Important for Brand Promotion?

    Outdoor posters and banners are very effective in raising awareness about new products and services and are frequently used for launches and brand building. They help create demand among the general public in the areas where they are displayed. Here are the multiple benefits of using outdoor signs by both new companies and established brands that help advertisers carry out successful marketing campaigns.

    Continuous Marketing Messages: Outdoor banners are an effective and influential marketing technique as they show the same message daily to viewers and drive the message into their minds. When those same people go out to make a purchase or hire a service, they are more likely to want what they viewed on the way to the store. These banners can be used to advertise both new product launches or to highlight new uses for existing products.

    Brand Building Through Brevity: Banners placed in high traffic areas and strategic locations are useful for sharing short and impactful messages about products. These can be used for brand building, creating awareness, and even sharing product features in the form of short teasers that stimulate curiosity among the public. Succinct messages improve brand identity when written in attractive colors and appealing text designs.

    Reach Potential Customers: Outdoor advertising like outdoor banner stands can help to reach potential customers in competitive marketplaces like shopping malls that have dozens of brands vying for attention. Well-designed banners that target particular shoppers can be placed outside the store or the shopping mall to attract potential buyers.

    Cost-Effective: Outdoor banners are a budget-friendly advertising medium when compared with online and offline mediums like social media, television, print, and radio. These are the first choice for small and medium businesses working with small marketing budgets. Outdoor banners can also be used on moving vehicles like public transport and on static surfaces like lamp posts and roadside banners in central business districts.

    Day/Night Audience: Weatherproof outdoor banners can work 24/7 to convey a brand message. When designed with attractive colors and modern materials like vinyl outdoor, banners can help you gain new customers and retain existing customers.

  • Tips to Remember When Designing Outdoor Signs

    Outdoor signs not only help drive customers inside a store but also spread the word about your business and promote branding. But if you want to make the most of your investment, they must be readable and easy to understand. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re planning on investing in outdoor signs:

    Make Signs Easy to Read

    Colors and fonts play an important role in signage design. Colors have a specific meaning and evoke a wide range of emotions. For example, red evokes passion and romance, and blue signifies confidence and peace. Colors also impact visibility. A contrast between the foreground and background ensures better readability. When choosing colors, an easy way to test contrasts is to print the sign on a letter-size paper and check it from an appropriate distance away. Readers should not have to waste time trying to understand your sign, and it shouldn’t clash or look gaudy. Font can also play a part in readability. Choose fonts that are easy to read and suit your branding.

    Avoid Crowding the Sign

    Concepts and ideas are often lost when there’s too much clutter. When it comes to outdoor signs, less is always more. A minimalist design does not overwhelm the observer, yet it is informative enough to help people understand the message. Don’t be tempted to go on an information overdrive. Ideally, an outdoor sign should not include more than seven words and should have around 30 to 40% of blank space for optimum readability. Blank space not only attracts attention but also has a calming effect.

    Pay Attention to the Content

    Outdoor signs are effective when you make it easy for readers to decide what’s in it for them. The benefits of your products, services, promotions, or deals must be obvious and appealing. Help potential customers visualize themselves using the product by adding personal pronouns like you, your, etc. Some marketing messages work by creating a sense of urgency. For example, phrases like yearend sale, buy one get one free, valid until stocks last, etc. can invite people to shop now instead of later.

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