Premium and economy outdoor displays for large graphics now available

by Bryan Kilpatrick

Taking your photo backdrop, info wall, or other oversized message outside in a safe and stable manner is now possible with the addition of a pair of large outdoor graphic displays to our vast selection of products.

Blustery conditions are no problem for the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor stand, which can be equipped with water tanks that allow the stand to be used in winds up to 20 mph, or with water tanks and ground anchors that can withstand 45 mph winds and prevent the display from tipping or sliding. Available in 8' or 10' widths, the display is also versatile; it can be converted from and to an indoor stand simply by removing the outdoor legs and supports and installing a set of indoor feet. The rest of the frame, which is composed of professional-grade aluminum sections that are bungeed and click together, can remain intact for both environments.

Expand Grand Fabric Outdoor

What really puts the finishing touches on this tremendous display is the dye-sublimated, zippered pillowcase graphic. Printed and hand-sewn in the United States, the pillowcase graphic stretches tightly over the frame to produce a wrinkle-free look complete with rich, vibrant images. The material is durable and can be washed, which is likely to be a necessity with any graphic used outdoors.

The Outdoor Banner Wall is an economy option for a large outdoor display. It’s suitable for less windy conditions, being perfectly capable of holding up 20 mph winds thanks to two water-base feet that each weigh 50 pounds when filled.

This display uses a similar type of dye-sublimated fabric graphic but with a different method of finishing. Pole pockets sewn on the top and bottom of the graphic accommodate aluminum dowels that attach to the frame with springs and create a “flexing" effect to remain stable in the wind. At 8 feet wide and 92 inches tall, the result is a fabulously large image that can be made double sided with an optional second graphic and features similar durability and washability as the graphic for the premium display.

For more information on these and other outdoor and/or fabric displays, contact a Power Graphics customer service representative today.


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