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  • $150 Off Vector Frame Displays

    Our special this month is an excellent deal on Vector Frame Trade Show Exhibit Kits. We're offering a $150 discount to encourage our customers to try these tension fabric trade show displays. Vector Frame displays consist of a several extruded aluminum frames that are combined together into different shapes and sizes.


    The frames have a channel that hold silicone edge graphics, or SEG, also called push fit graphics. These stretch fabric graphics are hemmed with a strip of silicone sewn into the perimeter of the graphic. This silicone strip is inserted into the channel of the frame, and this pulls the graphic tight so it looks smooth and even.

    Vector Frame Tension Fabric Display

    As we've noted previously, the idea that there are wrinkle proof fabrics is false and all fabric will wrinkle. Stretch fabrics are very wrinkle resistant, and when they are pulled tight, the wrinkles are less noticeable, but steaming or ironing is necessary to completely remove the wrinkles. While SEG are pulled fairly tight when installed, they are not pulled as tight as zippered pillowcase style graphics, so you shouldn't expect all the wrinkles to disappear with these displays.

    Because this style of display is made up of several individual frames that are joined together, it's easy to replace a single graphic section if necessary to update the content. This can be a huge advantage compared with some fabric trade show displays where the entire display is a single graphic, where any content change would require an entirely new graphic. It also makes it possible to design the graphics for Vector Frame trade show displays with a section or two that can have different content for use at different events, while the remaining sections are generic and can be used at any event. This allows for a level of customization and flexibility that other displays don't offer.

    Vector Frame fabric trade show display

    One of our favorite things about Vector Frame displays is the ability to backlight individual sections of the display. Using edge lit LED lights in the frame, and backlit silicone edge fabric graphics, these backlit sections really set the Vector Frame apart from other types of displays. Having illuminated sections of a display can really draw the kind of attention that everyone wants at a trade show, and is what has made Vector Frame trade show displays so popular.

    There are a large variety of display shapes and sizes available including displays to fit 10' and 20' booth spaces. Some exhibit kits include fabric wrapped counters, while others have monitor mounts or tables. All Vector Frame exhibit kits are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty on the frame.

    Fabric trade show displays

    There are more sizes and styles of Vector Frame displays than are current shown on our website. We're working to add more products all the time, but we started with the most popular configurations. If you are shopping for this style of display, especially if you want to take advantage of our September promotion, and don't see the configuration you need, feel free to contact us for assistance. In order to receive the $150 discount this month, use promo code SEPT2015P during checkout. Be sure to sign up for our e-mail newsletter and follow us on Facebook to receive the earliest notification of our monthly specials.

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