Expolinc Pop Up’s ease of setup, wide array of options results in an incomparable trade show display

by Bryan Kilpatrick

Traditional pop-up trade show displays are a great way to showcase your brand and implement a professional look to your booth. With a seamless graphic attached to lightweight and easily set-up hardware that forms a tidy backdrop or eye-catching wall, it’s easy to see why these types of displays have been popular for years.

But some of the drawbacks—panels that are hard to align, auxiliary parts that are difficult to attach—have been known to steer customers away from these displays and, at times, toward one-piece fabric pop-ups that often don’t possess the same image quality. Expolinc’s pop-up trade show displays are the exception; the hardware is top quality and easy to set up with attention to detail that sets it apart from the other pop-up displays on the market. Features such as the locking mechanism on the frame show the quality that makes these displays stand out. When it comes to set up, the differences are even more obvious because the graphics basically align on their own, and anyone who has set up a standard pop-up display will immediately appreciate the difference.

Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Frame connector

The magnetic channel bars included with the Expolinc Pop Up bring forth a host of benefits. Like most displays, the bars are collapsible, making for easy storage as well as low-effort attachment. Affixing the bars is aided by top and bottom clips that are easily guided into channels that are evenly positioned on the frame. From there, the outward-facing portion of those clips on each end of the magnetic channel bars are used when attaching the graphic panels, which are equipped with hangers on each top corner. The way those parts are engineered to work with one another results in easy, nearly effortless alignment of the panels, ensuring a seamless look.

Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up 10' Curve

Most pop-up trade show displays have rounded end caps that integrate with the panels on the front of the frame, and the Expolinc Pop Up is no exception. But Expolinc has gone a step further by offering the option for flat end caps, which provide a unique look and a sleek finish thanks to metal profile bars that cover the unfinished corners. The profile kit also comes into play when connecting multiple frames together, which is a possibility thanks to the way the hardware is engineered. A typical pop-up display wall can easily be made into any desired length or even be turned into its own room, essentially, by joining frames together either in-line or at right angles.

Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Corner Configuration

The options certainly don’t stop there. While the displays come standard in the typical height of 87.5", they can be ordered in taller configurations that are approximately 8' and 10' tall for a really dramatic presentation. Each display comes in four different packages, from the basic frame and its essential attachments (magnetic bars, graphic panels, hangers, etc.) all the way to the inclusion of a travel case that converts into a podium, wraps or tubes for graphic protection, LED flood lights, and more. Additionally, the frame can be enhanced by attaching rear graphic panels, shelving, light-up show cases, curtain rods, and monitor mounts. The end result is a pop-up trade show display unlike any other the industry has to offer.

Expolinc Magnetic Pop Up Heights

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