New Monthly Specials

We've begun this month offering monthly specials on our site. This is a fairly common practice, and we've wanted to offer something for quite a while, but our old website wasn't capable of this. Now that our new website is up and running, we've begun the program this month. The original plan was to tie the specials to our Facebook page and offer the discounts to those who like our page and follow us. This is also a common practice for companies looking to expand the number of people who follow them on social media, but it seems a little too much like bribery to us. So, we're still promoting the specials on Facebook, and would love as many customers as possible to follow us, but we're not making that a requirement for the promotion. However, the monthly specials will be announced on our Facebook and Google Plus pages first. We'll follow up with an announcement of the promotion on this blog so everyone can benefit, while still providing some incentive for following one of our social media pages.


As you would expect, each month we'll have a different promotion, and this month we thought we'd start off with a discount offer on our newest banner stand, the Carrera cassette retractable banner stand. It always takes some time for new products to develop a following and become popular, so we thought we'd speed up the process by offering a $20 discount on the Carrera this month. The Carrera is a high end stand with a mid-level price. It's the most solidly made and durable stand we offer with an inexpensive graphic cassette that makes banner changes extremely quick and easy. Extra cassettes can be used to maintain a library of graphics for use at different events, or, because the cassettes are so inexpensive, replacement graphics can be ordered preinstalled on a cassette for extremely easy graphic changes that anyone can do in seconds. It also has a high quality telescopic support pole with lever locks for quick and easy height adjustments, and leveling feet in all four corners of the base for maximum adjustability.

We're confident that the Carrera will become one of our more popular retractable banner stands in time because of the combination of quality, ease of use, and great price, and for the rest of the month of June, the price is even better thanks to this promotion. Simply use the code JUNE2015 during checkout to receive the discount. We hope everyone in the market for a new display tries the Carrera, because we think that it's a great banner stand and an excellent value.

Be sure to keep up to date by checking our blog each month, and follow us on Facebook and Google Plus for even more frequent product announcements and the earliest notification of our monthly specials.


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