Expolinc Roll Up Banner Stand Special


For the month of July, we're offering $35 off any size Expolinc Roll Up Classic banner stand with the silver finish, or the Expolinc Roll Up Professional, when purchased with a banner. Expolinc is one of the premium brands on the market, and while they feature Swedish design and lifetime warranties, they are the least expensive retractable banner stands we offer at this premium level of quality. We stock the silver finish Roll Up Classic and Roll Up Professional models so we can accommodate fast turnaround times, and even offer a 1 day rush on these banner stands for those who have a last minute display need.



Expolinc Roll Up Classic and Roll Up Professional banner stands are built to handle heavy duty use. The Roll Up Classic comes in 5 different widths; 27.5", 33.4", 39.375", 45.25" and 57.1". Each one can be ordered with a fixed height pole to hold banners at one of 4 heights; 57", 76.75", 84.6" or 96.5". The 84.6" height is standard on all but the 27.5" wide model, where the 76.75" tall pole is standard. The taller poles can be used with the 27.5" wide Roll Up Classic, but the pole will be too long to fit in the carry bag. A telescopic pole with an adjustable height from 63" to 87" tall can be selected in place of the fixed height poles, or can be ordered separately. Most customers use their banner stands at a specific height, so when that's the case, we always recommend one of the fixed height poles. The telescopic support pole is of the same high quality as the stands, but any adjustable pole has a greater potential to fail, where a fixed pole has no moving parts and therefore offers the greatest reliability over time.

Both models feature a removable roller that makes it easy to change banners. The roller has a channel built into it, and there is a panel strip with a matching channel that attaches to the bottom of the banner. The panel strip on the banner slides into the channel on the roller to attach it, so there's no need for tape or velcro, and there's no leader on the roller that can come loose or tear over time. This helps ensure long term reliability, which is the main reason to purchase a high quality stand like these Expolinc models.


The main difference between the Roll Up Classic and the Roll Up Professional is that the Professional model has push button releases for the lid, and polished end caps. The lid on both styles opens to provide access for the removable roller, but on the Classic models, there are screws that have to be removed in order to open the lid. Because the Roll Up Classic comes in more sizes, with more options for banner heights including the adjustable pole option, and because it's less expensive, it's the more popular model. There is also a color accent kit option for the Classic models that changes the color of the end caps and front edge of the base. However, the push button release on the lid of the Roll Up Professional is a real time saver for those who change the banner frequently, and the polished end caps add a professional flair to the display.

Whichever model you choose, you can't go wrong thanks to the exceptional quality of these retractable banner stands. We've heard some sign shops advise their customers to buy a cheap Chinese banner stand instead of a high quality product, with the idea that when it breaks you can buy a new one and still have saved money over the cost of a quality product like the Expolinc Roll Up Classic. While there are some situations where a cheap banner stand makes sense, anyone who attends trade shows regularly can tell you that displays never break at a convenient time, so buying something you expect to break is a recipe for disaster. When you add up the cost of replacement stands, usually requiring replacement graphics, extra shipping costs, not to mention the hassle of arranging for repair or replacement of the cheap stand, a quality display will pay for itself in a very short period of time. Beware of anyone trying to sell you a cheap Chinese import for long term use or for situations where you can't afford to have your banner display fail, because they either don't know what their doing, or are hoping that you don't.

It would be nice to have a display that will never break, but of course, there's no such thing. While Expolinc displays are built to hold up to the wear and tear of frequent trade show use, shipping, and travel, it's still possible to have something go wrong. On the rare occasions when that happens, Expolinc has an excellent warranty and they are easy to work with to quickly resolve any issues, so they are one of our favorite brands.

If you'd like to take advantage of this excellent special price, use coupon code JULY2015P during checkout to save $35 on any of the silver Roll Up Classic banner stands, or the Roll Up Professional, when purchased with a banner. Remember, this promotion only lasts until the end of July, so be sure to take advantage of the sale while it lasts.

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