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  • COVID-19 Crisis: Effective Tips for Running Your Business

    The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. While most of the populace is working from home or resorting to online tools, some services cannot be solely online. For example, essentials like health services, pharmacies, groceries, and others must continue to serve their communities during this COVID-19 pandemic. If you own any of the above categories of businesses, you will need to use certain practices to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. In such cases, several COVID-19 safety products come in handy to help smoothly run your business. Here are a few ways to set up a safer business during this time.

    Floor Decals

    Floor graphics in the form of floor decals and floor stickers are an effective way to help customers practice social distancing in your store. You can customize floor decals and place them at the entrance or check out areas to remind customers to maintain a distance of at least six feet from each other. Even hospitals can use floor decals to demarcate restricted, quarantine areas or to direct patients to testing areas. Another use of floor stickers can be to direct employees toward the hand wash area.

    Outdoor Signs

     Outdoor signs can be used for directing people to testing locations or guiding customers toward curbside pickup spots for restaurants and other businesses. You can also install outdoor banner stands to spread awareness. They can have reminders like washing hands regularly, practicing self-isolation, and following contact-less communication.

    Tent Set-Ups

     If your organization works in healthcare, you can set up tents as outdoor testing stations. Outdoor banner stands, feather banners, and A-frames can be used to direct people to testing stations as well.

    Cashier Shields

    Cashier shields, at pharmacies and registers, act as a barrier between the customers and cashiers. The shields protect both visitors and employees by preventing the potential transmission of viruses through droplets from coughs and sneezes. Some companies are using these on employee workstations and desks to help provide protection for employees and coworkers from each other or from customers in businesses where employees meet with customers at their desks.

    Window Graphics and Wall Murals

    Window graphics help you to update customers about the latest policies and changed working hours. They can also be used as temporary signs to let people know of closures and reopening dates. If you are working from home, you can use wall murals, banner stands, or fabric banners to create a professional backdrop for video conferencing.

    Additional Safety Products

     For the safety of your employees, you should invest in hand sanitizer stands. Install one in every working area so that people have easy access to hand sanitizer. Also, ensure that everyone wears face masks and gloves. We have a supply of surgical style face masks and KN95 face masks that are available to the public. These masks are manufactured in China and do not carry the NIOSH certification for medical use in the US, so while they offer the same level of protection, they can’t be used by medical facilities and are available to the public for personal or employee safety.

    No matter how your company is operating, you can use COVID-19 supplies like outdoor banners, customized graphics, and roadside signage to keep your customers and employees informed. Make sure that anyone inside the premises navigates your space safely without compromising the health of others during COVID-19 Quarantine. With proper planning, you can help to mitigate this crisis and emerge stronger when it finally abates.

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