4 Ways Floor Graphics Can Benefit Your Business

graphic design depicting 4 ways to use floor graphics for your business. Learn how to use floor graphics and decals to improve your business.

If your business needs to send a message, there are thousands of ways to do it, but floor graphics have a unique ability to catch the attention of your audience. Whether you are looking to draw more attention at your place of business or looking to capture eyes at events or through advertising, here are some ways to utilize the power of floor graphics.

1. Advertising Your Products

Floor graphics are a great way to call attention to certain products that you are trying to move off the shelves more quickly. Whether you have products that are on sale, products you want to educate people about, or items that are top sellers that you want to use floor decals to help direct them to their location in your store, these unique graphics can help you bring attention to whatever you need to.

You can also use floor graphics to get extremely creative with your purchase cycle. Often times, a particular item or product that someone buys, requires another product or has complimentary upgrades. Floor graphics can help you spark a thought process for your customers. Often times this is a great way to lead them directly to their next purchase that they wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

2. Unexpected Places

Humans are creatures of habit and if there is anything you can do to catch their attention, catching them off guard tops the list. Placing your floor graphics in places that they would not expect will almost undoubtedly draw them in every time. For example, you can put floor decals in elevators, on stairs, a place where people typically get in line. You can generally expect that anywhere you place a floor decal that gets a lot of foot traffic is going to get a lot of eyeballs on it.

3. Advertising Opportunities

If you really start to think about it, there are literally thousands of events going on at any given point in time and most of them involve people spectating or walking around. In either scenario, there is a perfect opportunity for you to display your brand with a floor graphic. Take some time to research the events going on in your community and find ways that you can infiltrate. For example, you could talk to local high school about advertising on their gym floors or find a local festival that relates to your brand and talk to the event coordinator about getting some floor decals into central, focal points where a lot of their traffic will be passing through or waiting. The possibilities are endless!

4. Directionals

Whether it is that item that people are always asking about, but they can’t seem to find, or you’re just being proactive about letting people know where to go, providing directionals through floor decals will help your bottom line. People tend to get frustrated when they can’t quickly find what they are looking for and having an element already in place to help them out is always appreciated by your customers.

For more information on how floor graphics can benefit your business or how to best use your space, give us a call at Power Graphics, 877-389-8645. We're happy to help assist you in determining what solutions will work best for your business and accomplishing your goals.


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