How to Spring Into Sales in 2017

Sometimes the tail end of winter can seem as if it drags on for eternity. Luckily, with the right mindset, you can set your sights on the opportunities that spring time has to offer in the world of sales. Here are several things to consider and prepare for as the Spring season approaches. If you use your time wisely, your sales will be blossoming with the flowers.

Be Bright

Do not underestimate the power of color and its affect on the human psyche. Use your indoor and outdoor displays to spread your message with exciting and flashy colors during this time of year. Signs and banners that are bright, tend to grab the attention of prospects, especially during springtime!

Spring Clean Up

Find a way to sponsor or attach your brand to a community spring cleaning project. This will catch people’s attention as they are eager to get outdoors and enjoy the warm weather while benefitting their communities. Having a banner bug or some form of brand presence will surely pop out to those involved. Try to choose an event that is of interest to the demographic your product or service appeals to for the best results.

Outdoor Events

If you live in a region where the winters are particularly cold, you can bet that most people have been cooped up indoors for several months and are dying to get out! Choosing fairs, festivals and outdoor venues and trade shows to market your product or service is a great way to get people excited this time of year.

Regenerate and Revive

Springtime often resonates with the idea of renewal and it is the perfect time of year to send out friendly reminders to current clients or follow-up with past clients. Either way, many people use this time of year to get back on track and it won’t hurt if your product or service can help them stay dedicated to what matters to them.

Community Sponsors

This time of year is full of different community teams, leagues, and social groups starting up again and they can always use sponsors. Find a group that speaks to your brand and see if you can use the members of the team and their facilities to help advertise for you. Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Tax Time

Now, there are some people that this time of year is the dreadful time where they are going to owe money or in other words, have expenses they don’t usually have the rest of the year. However, for the rest of us, this is usually the time of year when many people can use their tax return and put it towards something they’re desiring. Whether you offer a tax season special, encourage people to use their return or create a type of incentive around taxes, understand that it is something everyone has to do this time of year so why not take advantage of it!

Trade Show Exhibits

Spring is a great time of year to check expo calendars to see if there are any events that you can exhibit at. If your product or service hinges on this time of year, it is a great opportunity to get out in front of the right people. Make sure that your trade show displays are bright and full of life.

Use the season of renewal to give your sales a boost. Implementing some or all of these tips will help your sales start to bloom in 2017. The season passes by quickly so if you got a late start this year, start planning for next year now!


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