7 Ways Window Graphics Will Increase Traffic & Sales

Changing your standard Window Graphic space into an eye catching window screen is simple by using professionally printed windows graphics. Ideal for advertising your business both after and during business hours, a cost-effective windowpane graphic can catch the eye of those passing your business while making a long-lasting impression with them. Below, we've stated the seven ways a well-designed windowpane graphic can better your business.

Promotional Marketing

Ideal for start-up businesses, or companies with a restricted marketing budgets, window decals are an inexpensive way to market your business during all times of the day. These colorful graphics express your business’s key information, including: company logo, hours, contact number, and services.

Brand Empowerment

Nothing really helps to create a brand more than witnessing their logo placed boldly around where they conduct business. Visual elements on a window have a way of communicating your brand’s message and branding to all of those that pass by.

Drive Sales

Studies show that 50% of most retail and food purchases are made on impulse. Most people make purchase decisions based off of information that they consume visually. Therefore, having an attractive window space that grabs the interest of those passing by is a great way to capitalize on your location.

Build Credibility

Having something that is consistently posted for the community to see helps to build creditability within the community. Just like having a well thought out brand and messaging  for your small business, a window decal increases the integrity of your overall mission as a company.

Stand Out Among the Competition

A noticeable sign put on your business front allows you to stick out among other businesses offering similar services. Because images communicate your essential parts of your business, potential customers have the ability to compare your message and available services to your competition. Does your competition have window graphics?

Save Marketing Dollars

Marketing to your neighborhood demographic is one of the most important aspects to businesses to keep hitting your sales goals. Sadly, many traditional methods used to share marketing promotions can be costly. Using a window graphic at your place of business gives you an opportunity to optimize your overall marketing initiatives.


Using graphic designs on your window space to improve your business traffic, increases credibility, and sticks out to the competition. Our window designs are affordable enough to fit well within your budget, with the smallest decal (12 X 18 ins) coming in at only $14.00. With prices this affordable and a marketing plan this simple, you can begin promoting your business and building your brand with your personal office or retail space today!


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