10 Ways to Use a Decal

When it comes to marketing tools that are versatile, stickers and decals are hard to beat. It is common to forget the low hanging fruit on the marketing tree as you get lost in other aspects of your business. The truth is, sticker decals can be used for nearly anything you can think of, but simply get forgotten. Here are 10 ways you can put stickers to great use for your business.

#1 Events

Trade shows and marketing events are great places to use stickers and decals to create band awareness and recognition. This is a particularly effective way to get your name out there if you are starting a new business or if you are not well-known. The effectiveness grows as you increase the amount of stickers you are handing out.

#2 Promotions

Stickers are a great way to communicate promotions that you currently have. Whether you are putting stickers on products or positioning them to let people know about the promotion, they can be a stellar and unmatched tactic. It is even more effective when you have some sort of a queue to compliment the stickers. For example, if you have a banner stand that explains how the promotion works and then stickers that are designed to be included in the campaign, it makes your efforts extremely clear and cohesive.

#3 Giveaways

It seems to be part of human nature, but mention something that is “free” and the crowds will start to file in. If you are giving something away, stickers and decals can come in handy to draw more attention to the item that being offered. Now, the idea is to have a giveaway in order to draw more attention to your products and services. That being said, make sure there is a strategy behind your giveaway.

#4 Informational

Many times, a product or service requires some in-depth explanation. If this is the case with your product or service, breaking it down into steps or some sort of logical order will help your customers and make sales come easier to you. It is more likely than not that whatever your process is, stickers can help make it easier to understand.

#5 Sales

We can all agree that stickers attract our attention. If you have a promotion or sale that you are trying to attract attention to, this can be a great solution to help draw in that desired attention. This strategy can also help you avoid a lot of unnecessary questions for customers. By placing stickers on your sale/promotional items, you are making it clear to the customer what is and what is not on sale.

#6 Vehicles

Vehicle graphics are quickly becoming one for he most effective and cost efficient forms of marketing. For the cost of covering your vehicle that has the potential of thousands and thousands of impressions every single day, your investment quickly pays itself off. This is an especially effective investment for local markets if designed correctly.

#7 Phones

If you’re giving away stickers, make them a size that will fit well on every day items. For example, a size that will fit on the back of a phone. People carry these around all day, every day. In fact, it is hard to find people that don’t have a phone glued to them 24-7, so make stickers that they can put on their phone and remind them of your product all day, every day!

#8 Key Chains

Another item that people will utilize if they are passionate about your product. The more creative you can get with a keychain the better. If the keychain is useful and provides them with a tool, they will use it. If it has a sticker or decal, representing your business, all the better!

#9 Pens

If you’re going to put your company decal on pens, make sure they are good pens. There is nothing more frustrating than a pen that doesn’t work when you need it to. If it works well though, people will use them until the ink is gone. Think of all the exposure you can get from a pen that has your logo on it!

#10 Conversation Piece

The overall idea with stickers is exposure! Utilize the power of stickers and decals by placing them in places that will spark a conversation. If you can come up with strategies to use this simple tool, it can be extremely effective for you and your business.

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