View Through Perforated Window Graphic Film

$10.00 each

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This perforated black-backed film makes great see through window graphics that attach face first to the window from the inside and are viewed from the outside, without blocking the view from the interior.

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$10.00 each

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$10.00 each

Product Questions

Does this block some sunlight without sacrificing the view like the "View through perforated adhesive window graphic?" I notice it does not have a 80/20 or 70/30 etc rating like the other.


This perforated black-backed polyester film makes interior mount window graphics that can be seen through from the inside. Perfect where the graphic needs to go on the inside of the window without blocking your view. Available in 30% perforation, it can be taped in place, or used with our MicroDot face mount adhesive. Available in widths up to 54".

Longevity of 2-5 years depending on handling.

Favorite Features

It's a view through graphic that goes on the inside of the window facing out. In some areas, there are restrictions on graphics that can be placed on the outside of the window, but they usually don't apply to graphics on the inside. The 30% perforation allows a good view out from the inside while providing a strong image from the outside. They can easily be moved and reused.


Graphics on the inside of windows are not as visible as graphics placed on the outside because viewing them through the glass makes them harder to see, especially with tinted windows.

Best Applications

View through window signs for the inside of the window facing out. Movable and reusable see through window graphics.

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Installation Instructions

This product has no adhesive, so to install it in a window, you will need to use tape or choose the Micro Dot Face Mount adhesive option. 

To install with Micro Dot Face Mount Adhesive, follow the instructions below.

General Notes

  • The ideal temperature of the air and glass would be between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces should be considered dirty and must be cleaned prior to installation. Clean the area where the decals are to be applied with a household, non-ammonia based cleaner. We recommend an alcohol based cleaner such as isopropyl alcohol or equivalent. Rinse thoroughly and dry.


Applying the Window Graphic

  • Lay the graphic face up on a flat surface.
  • Remove the release liner on the Micro Dot Face Mount Adhesive strips.
  • Position the graphic in the window in the desired location. 
  • Smooth the graphic with your hand to ensure it is securely attached to the window.
  • If you make any mistakes, you can peel off the graphic and reapply it. A few of the small micro dots may be left behind when the graphic is removed, so it may be necessary to clean the window again before reapplying the graphic if it has to be removed and reapplied repeatedly.


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