Green Solutions for Outdoor Use

We've always tried to offer environmentally friendly solutions where possible for our customers who are concerned about the enviroment and want to find printing materials and processes that are better for the planet. This page highlights the options we offer throughout our website for outdoor use that are eco-friendly, so that you can find them all on one page.

Our Green Solutions are generally materials that contain no PVC, are recyclable or recycled, and are printed with environmentally friendly inks. Throughout the site, we have indicated that these products are eco-friendly.

Paper Prints

All our paper prints are eco-friendly. They are produced from wood pulp, which is a renewable resource, they are recycleable, contain no PVC, and are printed with water based inks, so in some ways, they are the ultimate Green Solution. Paper prints are used in a wide variety of applications such as posters, signs, legal graphics, and photo enlargements.


These banner materials are a special selection that, with one exception, aren't made of vinyl. The exception is the Bioflex banner which is a specially engineered vinly banner that is biodegradeable, so even though it does contain PVC, it's listed here because of it's unique, eco-friendly properties.


Fabrics are generally considered eco-friendly materials. They are made from either natural fibers such as cotton or silk, or polyester. They are printed with either water based inks or UV curable inks, are recycleable and in most cases, biodegradeable.

Window Clings and Graphics

Most window cling and window graphic materials contain PVC because if it's flexibility and durability. However, more and more polyester based window graphics and window cling products are becoming available, so we've been switching process and materials to make as many of our products as possible eco-friendly.

Outdoor Sidewalk Decals

These floor graphic materials are meant for sidewalks, streets and parking lots, and are completely PVC-free and printed with environmentally friendly UV curable inks.

Backlit Graphics

All our our backlit films are eco-friendly, and are printed with ec0-friendly inks as well. They are all polyester or polypropylene based films printed with water based inks or LED UV curable inks. 

Vehicle Graphics

Until recently, there were no products in this category. The demands of vehicle wrapping films required cast vinyl to conform to the curves of a vehicle's surface, and there wasn't anything else on the market that could be used in the same manner. Fortunately, 3M developed not only an alternatiave to cast vinyl wrap films, but a PVC-free product that is actually superior.


  • E-Panel Aluminum Composite Board
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  • Dibond
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  • Alumalite
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