StreetTrax Outdoor Floor Decal

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$11.00 each

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This is our least expensive outdoor decal that can go in parking lots or on sidewalks and is slip resistant when wet.

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$11.00 each

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$11.00 each

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This 13.5mil material is a non-skid, pvc-free, grit coated film for outdoor walkway advertising on unsealed concrete and asphalt surfaces. It provides an exceptional bond to these surfaces, withstands abrasion and wear from heavy foot traffic and exposure to weather, and meets ANSI non-slip standards. It exceeds the National Floor Safety Institute recommendations for slip resistance on wet surfaces. B101.1 wet static coefficient of friction is 0.71, which exceeds the minimum specification of 0.60. B101.3 wet dynamic coefficient of friction of 0.59, which exceeds the minimum specification of 0.42. For use from 1 month to up to 1 year in areas of pedestrian traffic, or up to 1 week for vehicular traffic. This makes it ideal for sidewalks and parking lots for promotions, sporting events, fairs, marathons, conventions, and parades. Removable, but can leave an adhesive residue on some surfaces, which can be removed with a citrus cleaner. Available in widths up to 54".

Longevity of up to 1 year outdoors, depending on traffic.

For the best adhesion and longest life, sharp corners should be rounded and small surface area graphics should be avoided.

Favorite Features

It's our least expensive material that can be used on asphalt and unsealed concrete surfaces, and it's extremely slip resistant. It's also longer lasting than more expensive options. It's PVC-free so it's eco-friendly.


The adhesive is aggressive so that it can stick to unsealed surfaces. It should not be used on a smooth or sealed surface unless a permanent bond is desired. While it can be used in areas that get vehicular traffic, in that case it will only last for up to 1 week. This makes it a good choice for a weekend event, but not for longer term use.

Best Applications

It's ideal for sidewalk and parking lot graphics at outdoor events and promotions that need to last up to 90 days.

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Installation Instructions

Surface Preparation

  • The application surface must be absolutely dry, clean and in reasonably good condition. If has rained or the surface has been washed, you should wait for 24 hours of dry weather for the surface to dry out before applying.
  • StreetTrax must be applied to a dry surface in dry weather when the surface temperature is above 50°F on a day when the temperature is expected to reach at least 70°F. Graphics should be applied early in the day so they have maximum time at the warmest part of the day for the adhesive to create the best bond.
  • Sweep the concrete surface thoroughly to remove any loose dirt, dust, sand, gravel or debris
  • The greater the texture of the surface, the less contact the adhesive will make so the weaker the bond will be.
  • Testing for product suitability by user is recommended prior to all applications
  • If there are seams in the surface, avoid them or bridge the decal over the seams. Do not force the graphic down into the seam, and make sure not to position the graphic so that the edges fall within 6" of the seam.


Installation Temperatures

Ambient Air Temperature: Ideal conditions are 70 F or greater. Minimum temperature for application is 50 F on a day that is expected to reach 70 F
Surface Temperature: Ideal conditions are 70 F or greater, but graphic can be applied with temperatures as low as 56 F.


Applying the Decal

  • Peel back about 6-10" of release liner from top of the decal. Fold and crease liner back.
  • Position decal starting with the top. Apply firmly using a firm roller or firm, short bristle brush. .
  • Continue removing liner a small amount at a time and press down the decal into the surface with the roller or brush with overlapping strokes working from the center out at a 45 degree angle.
  • After the entire decal is applied, go back over all the edges again to make sure they are in full contact with the surface.
  • We recommend you heat the edges and seams to seal the edges to the concrete and minimize any moisture exposure.
  • For multi-panel graphics, butt the edges together without overlapping the seams.
  • Do NOT apply with water.


Routine Maintenance

  • Wait 24 hours after application before cleaning or washing the decal surface.
  • It's important to keep moisture from getting between the decal and the concrete surface, especially in freezing weather.
  • To maintain condition of the decals, avoid exposing them to heavy equipment traffic.
  • CAUTION: If the edges of the decal begin lifting, replace immediately to avoid risk of injury due to tripping hazard.


Removal Instructions

  • Lift one edge of the decal and pull using short, quick strokes.
  • Removal is easier when the temperature is cool. 
  • If any residual adhesive is left after removal of the decal, citrus or solvent-based adhesive removers can be used to remove it.

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