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This 13 oz vinyl coated mesh banner is the strongest banner material we offer. The smaller holes allow for a stronger image than most other outdoor mesh products.

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$9.50 each

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$9.50 each

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This 13.9 oz super-tough polyester mesh with PVC vinyl coating is flame retardant, and it's three times as strong as most other mesh banners, making it the most durable banner material we offer. The smaller holes with a 10% open area also make for a stronger image than other mesh products, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Can be sewn, grommeted and welded. Available in widths up to 63".

Outdoor longevity of up to 3 years, depending on wind and installation, and indoor longevity of 5-20 years.

Favorite Features

Very heavy mesh is the strongest material we offer. Small holes don't disrupt the image as much as other meshes. It's flame resistant.


It's expensive. It's vinyl so it's not eco-friendly.

Best Applications

Excellent for outdoor banners that need extra strength combined with a reduced wind load.

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Installation Instructions

Indoor Installation

If you are ordering your banner with grommets, the best way to hang it is to put some tension on the grommets so the banner is pulled tight and hangs flat. If you are using banner hanging hardware to hang the banner without grommets, follow the instructions that came with your hardware. We sell banner hanging systems that are inexpensive, make for a great looking hanging display, and don't require any special finishing on the banner. Check out the page for Poster & Banner Hangers to learn more about the different banner hanging products we offer. 


Outdoor Installation

For outdoor use, grommets are the preferred method to attach a banner to just about any surface. It's even more important to keep outdoor banners under tension, because if there is too much slack in the banner, it can whip around in the wind, and the force that generates will tear up the banner or rip out the grommets, no matter how strong the banner material is. Because this is a lightweight banner material, it will not hold up to stress from the wind, so be sure to hang it properly and keep it out of strong winds. We recommend either attaching the banner with something that gives, such as bungee cords, or checking the banner at regular intervals to adjust the tension and keep it tight. Since bungee cords stretch, you can put the banner under tension and it will be able to flex in the wind without coming loose.

For more installations against a wall, such as on the side of a building, you can use screws or bolts with washers through all the grommets, but again, make sure the banner is pulled fairly tight. This type of installation can last for quite a while because the banner is protected by the wall from wind, but you must be sure to take the slack out of the banner.

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