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This 8.5 mil opaque carpet graphic material is designed for 1-3 months of use on low-pile carpet surfaces.

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$8.50 each

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$8.50 each

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This 8.5 mil floor decal material expands the areas where floor decals can be used to low pile carpet surfaces. It provides an exceptional bond while also remaining easily removable, withstands abrasion and wear from heavy foot traffic, and meets ASTM non-slip standards. It is warranted for 90 days and is easily removable for up to 6 months. Available in widths up to 54".

Longevity of 1 to 3 months indoors, depending on traffic.

Favorite Features

It's an inexpensive way to add floor graphics on carpeted surfaces.


It's thin enough that it's possible for high heel shoes to puncture the decal since it sits on the surface of the carpet, which has some give to it. It's a vinyl material, so it's not eco-friendly. 

Best Applications

Excellent for graphics on low-pile carpet.

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Installation Instructions

Surface Preparation

  • The carpet surface must be clean prior to applying decals
  • Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before applying the decal for best adhesion and longest life
  • Testing for product suitability by user is recommended prior to all applications


Applying the Decal

  • Peel back about 1” of release liner from top of the decal. Fold and crease liner back.
  • Position decal starting with the top. Apply firmly using a plastic squeegee.
  • Continue removing liner a small amount at a time and press down the decal with the squeegee with overlapping strokes working from the center out at a 45 degree angle.
  • After the entire decal is applied, squeegee the entire surface, working from the center out, to remove any air bubbles and to ensure good adhesion. Make sure the edges are applied well.

Routine Maintenance

  • To maintain condition of the decals, avoid exposing them to heavy equipment traffic.
  • CAUTION: If the edges of the decal begin lifting, replace immediately to avoid risk of injury due to tripping hazard.


Removal Instructions

  • Lift one edge of the decal and pull using short, quick strokes.

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