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This heavy polyester fabric banner is completely opaque, doesn't fray and prints beautifully, making it ideal for banner stands and hanging displays.

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Product Questions

What are the qualities that make it eco-friendly?


This 9.5oz, 16 mil polyester warp knit fabric banner material has a coated white back side to make it completely opaque and ideal for banner stands, hanging displays, window shades, or any use where a light blocking banner is required. It's scratch resistant, tear resistant, weatherproof, and will not fray, making it a great choice for all types of hanging signs, trade show exhibits, podium signage, and window displays. It's NFPA 701 certified for fire safety.

Approximate longevity of 5-20 years indoors, and up to 1 year outdoors.

Favorite Features

Completely opaque material blocks all light. Offers excellent image quality. Eco-friendly. Hangs fairly flat. Doesn't fray.


While this fabric hangs fairly flat, it's not completely flat like our Curl Free banner material..

Best Applications

This is the Fabric Banner option for most of our banner stands as the blockout function prevents light from behind from creating shadows that are visible on the front of the banner. It's also great for hanging displays.

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Installation Instructions

If you are ordering your banner with grommets, the best way to hang it is to put some tension on the grommets so the banner is pulled tight and hangs flat. If you are using banner hanging hardware to hang the banner without grommets, follow the instructions that came with your hardware. We sell banner hanging systems that are inexpensive, make for a great looking hanging display, and don't require any special finishing on the banner. Check out the page for Poster & Banner Hangers to learn more about the different banner hanging products we offer. 

If your banner is being installed in a display, see the installation instructions for the model you are using. Be sure to choose the correct finishing options to match the type of banner display you have. For example, if you are using an X-banner stand, you will need grommets in the corners of the banner. If you are unsure, tell us in the Special Instructions what display you have so we can make sure the finishing is correct for that specific purpose.

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