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$15.00 each

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This foil based street and sidewalk graphic has a slip-resistant glass bead textured surface that stays slip resistant when wet and can be used in areas of vehicle and heavy foot traffic.

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$15.00 each

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$15.00 each

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This unique aluminum foil base film features a glass bead non-slip texture that lasts months longer than most other products and can withstand vehicle traffic as well as heavy foot traffic. The material conforms to the texture of the mounting surface, which gives the material a painted on look. It's simple to install and remove, and won't leave behind residue on most surfaces. Designed to be used up to 1 year, it's ideal for promotional uses like parade graphics, street signage for public events, bus or subway station safety graphics, parking lot and drive through graphics. Can be die cut. Available in widths up to 48".

Longevity of 1 - 6 months, depending on use.

Favorite Features

It's our longest lasting outdoor street and sidewalk graphic material. It gives a painted-on look to graphics on asphalt and unsealed concrete. It's slip resistant when wet. It can handle vehicular traffic. 


It's one of our most expensive materials.

Best Applications

It's excellent for longer term sidewalk graphics. It can be used in areas of vehicle traffic as well as foot traffic, so it's ideal for parking lots and drive through lanes. 

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Installation Instructions


Loose, damaged or wet sidewalk signs may cause a pedestrian to slip or trip and fall. To reduce the risk of slipping or tripping on sidewalk signs, immediately remove or replace loose or damaged sidewalk signs. Do not attempt to repair or re-adhere.

Failure to heed this Caution may result in personal injury.

Surface Preparation

  • The sidewalk or street surface must be clean and dry prior to applying decals
  • Sweep the surface thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or debris
  • Testing for product suitability by user is recommended prior to all applications
  • If there are seams or grout lines in the surface, avoid positioning the graphic so that the edges fall on the seams.

NOTE: Sidewalk signs may be damaged by heavy equipment such as snow plows, shovels and power sweepers as well as by dragging heavy items across the top of the graphic. If possible, locate sidewalk signs out of the main stream flow of heavy equipment traffic. Minor edge chipping is unavoidable.


Applying the Decal

  • Peel back about 1” of release liner from top of the decal. Fold and crease liner back.
  • Position decal starting with the top. Apply firmly pressing the decal down into the texture of the application surface with your hand or a roller. 
  • Continue removing liner a small amount at a time and press down the decal with overlapping strokes working from the center out at a 45 degree angle.
  • After the entire decal is applied, press down the entire surface, working from the center out, to remove any air bubbles and to ensure good adhesion. Make sure the edges are applied well.
  • Do NOT apply with water.


Routine Maintenance

  • Wait 24 hours after application before cleaning or washing the decal surface.
  • It's important to keep moisture from getting between the decal and the concrete surface, especially in freezing weather.
  • To maintain condition of the decals, avoid exposing them to heavy equipment traffic.
  • CAUTION: If the edges of the decal begin lifting and won't stick back down, replace immediately to avoid risk of injury due to tripping hazard.


Removal Instructions

  • Lift one edge of the decal and peel it off.

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