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$22.00 each

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The Nimbus is promotional table top retractable banner stand that works like the full sized displays. The Nimbus 8 displays a banner with a visible size of 8.375" x 11.75".

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$22.00 each

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$22.00 each

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Do you have any small shipping cases that will fit this banner?


The Nimbus is a promotional table top retractable banner stand that works like the full sized displays. It makes for a compact table display that can hold a small sign in a minimum amount of table space, which is excellent for making the most of the limited space available on most tables and counter tops.

Like full size roll up banner stands, the banner retracts into the base when it's not in use, so the banner is protected during storage.

The Nimbus is a lightweight promotional product that is designed as a disposable unit, so it only has a 90 day warranty and is not designed to have the banner replaced. It's not designed to withstand the effects of frequent shipping, so extra care must be taken to adequately protect the stand during transit if shipping is necessary.

The banner attaches to the top rail and the plastic leader with double sided adhesive. A two section support pole is used to hold up the banner.

The Nimbus 8 displays a 8.375" x 13.75" banner with a visible size of 8.375" x 11.75".


Looking for a higher-end model?

An upgrade for this model is the Metro Table Top. It's built like a full size retractable banner stand but displays a larger 11.75" x 19.5" banner. It has a clamp style top rail instead of the adhesive style which makes for a more secure hold on any material, and makes it possible to change the banner. A bigger upgrade would be the Expo Pro Table Top display. It holds a much larger 15" wide banner, but it's a quality table top display that is a smaller version of a full size retractable banner stand.

Looking for a less expensive model?

We don't offer anything less expensive in this style.


Recommended Accessories

There are no accessories available for this stand, although complementary products such as table covers and table runners are available in the Related Products tab.

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Specs & Templates

Nimbus 8 Specifications

  • Banner width: 8.375"
  • Visible Banner height 11.75"
  • Total Banner height 13.75"
  • Overall display height: 13"
  • Footprint 10" x 3.5"
  • Shipping size: 10" x 3.5" x 1.75"
  • Shipping weight, stand only: 2 lbs
  • Shipping weight, with banner: 2 lbs
  • Warranty: 90 days


Graphic templates are available in pdf format. Click their icons to download them. If you don't have a pdf viewing application, you can get Acrobat Reader free by clicking on the following link.

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Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your banner and show the live area as well as the leader portion of the banner that attaches to the banner stand and isn't visible when the stand is in use. If you would like a banner design, we offer those for a reasonable fee in the Banner Designs category.

pdf file



Setup Instructions

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