Ultra Banner Stand 36

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$120.00 each

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The Ultra Banner Stand is a telescopic tension back portable banner stand with aluminum construction and a black powder coated finish. The Ultra Banner Stand 36 displays a graphic with a visual area of 36" wide x 42" - 96" high.


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$120.00 each

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$120.00 each

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The Ultra Banner Stand is a telescopic tension back portable banner stand that has a unique spring tension pole that helps to keep the banner taught. Featuring aluminum construction and a black powder coated finish, the Ultra uses velcro attachment to the top and bottom graphic rails for extremely easy banner changes. Since the banner covers the top and bottom rails, the banner stand itself is completely hidden and all that is seen is the graphic itself, making for a clean and effective presentation. Another unique feature of the Ultra is that the base provides three different positions where the support pole can be attached, which allows the customer to control the viewing angle of the banner. The telescopic support pole has quality G locks for simple and secure adjustment of the pole to the desired height.

Portable banner stands are the non-retractable banner stand styles. There are several different styles of portable banner stands, and the Ultra is an L-stand, spring back or tension back banner stand model. With portable banner stands, the banner is attached and removed from the display each time it's set up and taken down, unlike retractable banner stand models where the banner rolls up into the base between uses. Because portable banner stands don't have many moving parts, they are extremely reliable, so many customers prefer them when they need a reliable display and don't have the budget for higher end retractable banner stands.

While the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this stand that covers any manufacturing defects, like so many warranties these days, it doesn't necessarily mean what it sounds like. We try to help our customers make informed decisions by pointing out what the warranties actually cover, and in this case, the manufacturer feels that anything that breaks after a year isn't a manufacturing defect or it would have broken sooner. That doesn't mean that every failure outside of the first year won't be covered, but it's highly likely and that would mean there would be a charge to repair the stand, although the costs are generally reasonable. Because of this, we list the warranty on this product as 1 year, since it more accurately represents the actual coverage.

Banner options are shown at the most popular height of 96", but other heights can be ordered by selecting the stand without a banner, then choosing a banner from the from the Related items tab or by going to the Replacement Banners section. With this model, if the stand is ordered with a banner, it will ship separately from the stand itself. This speeds up the turnaround time and keeps the shipping costs lower. We don't do this with most stands since the banner is often left attached to the graphic rails during shipping, so shipping the banner separately would require extra work for the end user. With stands where the banner attaches with velcro and is removed for shipping, there is no additional work involved for the customer, so we ship the banners separately in those cases to help keep the costs lower.

The Ultra Banner Stand 36 portable banner stand displays a graphic with a visual area of 36" wide x 42" - 96" high.

Comes in a black powder coated finish. This stand does not include a carry bag, but one is available in the Related Products tab.


Looking for a higher-end model?

While not technically a higher end model, the Uno 1 Mega is another option at a similar size, and it comes with a travel bag.

Looking for a less expensive model?

The Space Lite 33 would be the best choice for a less expensive model. That stand holds a 33.4" x 63" - 84.6" banner, includes a carry bag and has a real lifetime warranty.


Recommended Accessories

A travel bag is almost a necessity if you plan to travel with your banner display, and this one of the few banner stands available that does not include the travel bag, but instead sells it separately. The recommended bag for this stand in the Travel Bag 44, which can be found in the Related Products tab.

A spotlight is a great accessory for banner stands when used at trade shows or other events. Because these venues tend to have poor lighting, display with lights really stand out, so it's a simple way to increase the impact of your displays. For this banner stand, the Portable Banner Stand Spotlight or Cascade LED Display Light are the recommended models. These can be found in the Related Products tab or in the Display Lighting section of the main menu.

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Specs & Templates

Ultra Banner Stand 36 Specifications

  • Banner width: 36"
  • Banner height: 42" to 96"
  • Overall display height: 96"
  • Footprint: 36" x 16.75"
  • Shipping size: 44" x 5" x 4"
  • Shipping weight, stand only: 10 lbs
  • Shipping weight, with banner: 13 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Graphic templates are available in pdf and eps formats. Click their icons to download them.


Graphic Templates

These templates provide a framework for designing your banner and show the live area as well as the leader portion of the banner that attaches to the banner stand and isn't visible when the stand is in use. If you would like a banner design, we offer those for a reasonable fee in the Banner Designs category.

pdf file   pdf file



Setup and Banner Installation Instructions

pdf file


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