Backlit Displays

This category contains a variety of backlit displays including backlit trade show displays, indoor lightbox displays and LED display panels. Backlit displays are great attention getters. Nothing stands out quite like an illuminated display, which why they are so popular for trade shows, promotional messages and advertising purposes. We offer a variety of indoor light boxes including LED flat panel displays that use the latest in energy saving design and are extremely thin and light weight, and in the case of backlit trade show display, also pack for easy shipping.

  • Backlit HopUp 2x2 Tension Fabric Table Top Display
      Graphic Size 90.75 x 60.25

    Backlit Hopup 5' Straight Table Top Display

  • Backlit Hopup 3x3 Tension Fabric Display
      Graphic Size 120 x 89.5

    Backlit Hopup 8' Straight Tension Fabric Display

  • Backlit Hopup 4x3 Tension Fabric Display
      Graphic Size 149 x 89.5

    Backlit Hopup 10' Straight Tension Fabric Display