Outdoor Printing Clearance Materials

The materials in this category have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are offering them at a discounted price to clear out our remaining inventory. Once our stock is used up, they will no longer be available.

  1. Backlit Banner Vinyl Closeout

    Backlit Banner Vinyl Closeout


    This backlit banner vinyl is designed for oversized light box displays and hanging displays that are illuminated from behind, which can be sunlight in a window, interior, or exterior lighting. It's fire rated so it can be used in any indoor venue.

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  2. GlassMate window clings

    GlassMate Window Graphic Film

    This adhesive-free, eco-friendly material has a micro adhesion suction technology that sticks securely to glass, acrylic, formica and metals. It is removable and repositionable for life and will never leave an adhesive residue. Learn More