GlassMate Window Graphic Film

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This adhesive-free, eco-friendly material has a micro adhesion suction technology that sticks securely to glass, acrylic, formica and metals. It is removable and repositionable for life and will never leave an adhesive residue.

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$7.00 each

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$7.00 each

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what width does this material come in
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This 8 mil adhesive-free, eco-friendly material has a micro adhesion suction technology that sticks securely to glass, acrylic, formica and metals. It's completely opaque so the image won't show through from the opposite side and no light can pass through the material. It is removable, repositionable and reusable for life and will never leave an adhesive residue. Unlike static cling, this product will stick in cold weather and won’t shrink or fall off. It can be installed in temperatures from -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, making it far more versatile than most adhesive window decals. It is PVC free, and also free of phthalates, glyco-ether and formaldehyde. Available in widths up to 54"

Approximate longevity of 10 years indoors, 1-3 years outdoors.

Favorite Features

The cling surface has no adhesive, but it still sticks securely. Because it has no adhesive, it can't leave any residue. The heavy weight makes it very easy to install and reuse.


It's more expensive than adhesive vinyl. It can't be laminated.

Best Applications

Window graphics that mount on the outside of the glass. Cooler door graphics. Countertop graphics.

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Installation Instructions

Do Not Laminate: may cause GlassMate products to curl over time. To obtain optimum suction, the bonding surfaces must be well cleaned and dried. (Clean surface with hot water, dry with a squeegee & if needed wipe with a non-fraying cloth.) Do not bend or crease GlassMate products because it may tunnel or bubble which may remain after squeegeeing.


For Wet Application: spray water on your GlassMate product and the surface it will be applied to. This process helps eliminate bubbles and ensure an even application. Clear and Frosted GlassMate require water for application. While water is optional for the block out white version of GlassMate, water installation does make it easier to eliminate bubbles.


Use a rubber or flexible squeegee with rounded corners so as not to scratch the material, and use a fair amount of force to push the air bubbles out. PRO TIP: When installing use the release liner to cover the printed surface to prevent scratching while squeegeeing out the air bubbles and water. Start in the center of the material and work your way out to the edges. GlassMate is repositionable, so if you have a problems you can always remove the graphic and try again, but be sure to keep the graphic and mounting surface clean, or clean them again before re-attempting installation.


During installation do not allow the material to ride over any caulking. This will cause air to seep behind the material and GlassMate's Micro-Suction Technology will not adhere to silicone.


CLEANING: When cleaning GlassMate products, start in the middle and work your way out. Cleaning from the glass towards the middle of the product may cause damage to the edges/corners. NOTE: Using standard window cleaners on GlassMate products will not damage the image.


REMOVAL: While removing GlassMate products, do not bend back the corners. Apply at least 3" to 4" of Scotch Tape onto any corner of the printed piece. Pull the extended tape to lift the corner of the GlassMate graphic from the mounting surface. This will eliminate any bending of corners. If a crease or bend is created, you can try bending the material in the opposite direction to flatten. If you plan to reuse the material, be sure to save the release liner and use it to cover the cling surface to keep it clean between uses. Roll the product for storage with the cling surface to the inside.

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