Countertop Graphics

Countertop and tabletop graphics are an excellent use of this unused space for advertisements and messages that customers are guaranteed to see. By placing ads, promotional messages, and important service information on checkout or service counters, desks and tables in retail stores, restaurants, grocery stores, airports, hotels, and public places, they can't be overlooked.

All of the materials in this category are removable without leaving any residue, so they can easily be changed when promotions are over or when messages need to be changed. Some of them are also repositionable, and these can be removed and reused, as long as the adhesive is kept clean. These materials are all mutlipurpose and many are floor graphic products that also work well on countertops. Floor graphic materials don't need any special finishing to work as countertop graphics, but other materials require the selection of an appropriate protective laminate option, so be sure to look through those options and choose one of the recommended materials for countertop use.

  • DuraMat Countertop Graphic Mats
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    DuraMat Countertop Graphic Mat