18 oz Double Sided Banner

$12.00 each

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This heavy weight double sided banner is excellent for hanging indoor displays, as well as for outdoor use such as light pole banners and banner stands.

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$12.00 each

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$12.00 each

Product Questions

Can this be printed with different images on the front and back?


This durable, weatherproof, scratch-resistant banner is printed on both sides with a blackout layer in the middle preventing the image on one side to show through to the other. It has a soft, smooth surface that makes it excellent both indoors and out, and the low gloss finish is great for situations where glare is a concern. It's fire rated for indoor use, and has great tear strength for outdoor uses such as light pole banners and outdoor banner stands. Available in widths up to 104".

It’s fade resistant for up to 3 years outdoors, or 20 years indoors, depending on exposure to light. It’s outdoor longevity is 1-3 years if properly hung, depending on wind conditions.

Favorite Features

It's heavy duty and completely opaque with a matte finish on both sides, which is necessary for double sided printing. It's fiire rated for indoor display.


The texture is slightly different from front to back, although the texture on both sides is subtle. It's a vinyl banner so it's not eco-friendly.

Best Applications

The best use of this material is for light pole banners. It was specifically designed for that purpose and it works really well for those. It's also good for double sided outdoor flag pole displays like the Wind Dancer.

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Installation Instructions

Indoor Installation

If you are ordering your banner with grommets, the best way to hang it is to put some tension on the grommets so the banner is pulled tight and hangs flat. If you are using banner hanging hardware to hang the banner without grommets, follow the instructions that came with your hardware. We sell banner hanging systems that are inexpensive, make for a great looking hanging display, and don't require any special finishing on the banner. Check out the page for Poster & Banner Hangers to learn more about the different banner hanging products we offer. 

If your banner is being installed in a display, see the installation instructions for the model you are using. Be sure to choose the correct finishing options to match the type of banner display you have. For example, if the banner is for use with the Wind Dancer, you will need grommets along the top and one side. If you are unsure, tell us in the Special Instructions what display you have so we can make sure the finishing is correct for that specific purpose.


Outdoor Installation

For outdoor use, grommets are the preferred method to attach a banner to just about any surface. It's even more important to keep outdoor banners under tension, because if there is too much slack in the banner, it can whip around in the wind, and the force that generates will tear up the banner or rip out the grommets, no matter how strong the banner material is. We recommend either attaching the banner with something that gives, such as bungee cords, or checking the banner at regular intervals to adjust the tension and keep it tight. Since bungee cords stretch, you can put the banner under tension and it will be able to flex in the wind without coming loose.

For more installations against a wall, such as on the side of a building, you can use screws or bolts with washers through all the grommets, but again, make sure the banner is pulled fairly tight. This type of installation can last for quite a while because the banner is protected by the wall from wind, but you must be sure to take the slack out of the banner. We also have a banner frame system designed to be attached to a wall or the side of a truck that holds the banner smooth and tight, and lets you change the banner fairly easily when necessary. With a system like this, a banner can last for 3 years or more outside since it can't be damaged by wind. Contact us for more information on this banner frame system.


Can you cut wind slits in my banner?

Wind slits are supposed to decrease the wind resistance on the banner and the support structure that the banner is attached to. We can cut wind slits, but we recommend against it because wind slits have been shown to be ineffective and in most cases, actually increase the stress on the support structure. They also weaken the banner where the slits are cut so if you are concerned about the banner itself holding up in the wind, using a better banner material and mounting it properly is the best approach. If you're concerned about stress and wind load on whatever your banner is attached to, such as a fence, scaffolding, or light poles, then we recommend using a mesh banner material instead. Mesh banner materials reduce the wind load by allowing air to pass through the holes in the mesh over the entire surface of the banner, which is much more effective than wind slits.

If you do want wind slits, include them in your design, or let us know in the Special Instructions are and we can add them for you.


Are your banners hemmed and grommeted?

The finishing of your banner will depend on the finishing options you select when you order. Hemming is done to add strength to the edges of the banner to support the grommets. We try to avoid hemming banners because it looks bad and makes them hang poorly. Instead we usually recommend a hem reinforcement on the back side of the banner to give it more strength than a hem without the sloppy look. This is only necessary for outdoor banners as indoor banners don't need the extra strength, so indoor banners are finished with a clean trimmed edge. Outdoor banner also have a clean trimmed edge, but have the reinforcement on the side edges. If you want full hemming you can choose either option under Other Finishing during the order process.

Also under the finishing options you can choose to have grommets added and select the color of grommets you would like.


How are printed banners different from the kind with stuck on letters?

With printed banners, the base material is white and printed with either UV, latex or solvent-based inks so the image becomes part of the banner. While it's possible to scratch or scuff the printing on the banner, it can't peel off or be removed. Any number of colors can be used, so it's possible to print high quality photos and logos in addition to solid colors.

With cut vinyl type banners, adhesive vinyl letters or graphics are computer cut and stuck onto a banner blank to make a banner. The banner blanks will typically come an assortment of solid colors, as does the adhesive vinyl. This used to be very common because printed banners were very expensive and not very durable outdoors. With the widespread use of solvent inks, cut vinyl banners have become less popular because your are limited to just a few colors, and the letters can shrink and peel off. So, while you can get a blue banner with red letters, you may not be able to get exactly the shade of blue or red you want, and you can't have a graduated color in the background or use a photo or soft drop shadow. While we do offer this type of banner for our customers who request it, we don't recommend it for most situations because of these shortcomings. For situations where you want a solid color background with a solid color type, it may still be practical, but if you want more than one color in your lettering or logos, a printed banner will be less expensive and will most likely hold up much better.

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