Photo & Fine Art Printing

As one of the oldest giclee printers in the world, we take great pride in our quality as well as the variety of papers and canvas that we offer. In this category you will find our selection of materials for giclee printing on photo papers, watercolor papers and canvas, as well as materials for posters and custom wall murals.


We also offer a range of specialty printing techniques and materials such as metallic ink, white ink, second surface printing on acrylic, printing on metal or wood, or almost anything you can imagine, so contact us with any special needs or requests.

  1. Matte emboss vinyl wall murals

    Emboss Vinyl Wall Mural


    Emboss Vinyl Wallcovering is a commercial grade cadmium-free Type II vinyl wall covering. It comes in a variety textures to add different finishes and looks to designs and graphics.

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  2. Terralon Wallcovering murals

    Terralon Wallcovering


    Terralon is a PVC free alternative wallcovering material that has a light texture similar to an orange peel look. Terralon is made from 31 percent post consumer recycled materials, is breathable, has extremely low VOC's, and can contribute to various LEED credits.

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  3. Wallpaper murals



    For the most durable custom wallpaper murals, this is the product of choice. It's printed at our highest quality and has a protective UV laminate to make the most fade resistant and durable finished product.

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