Shipping Cases

 banner stand shipping cases

Our shipping cases are a great solution for protecting and transporting your valuable graphics and displays. Becasue some displays don't have space in their shipping cases to hold your graphics, and others contain heavy, loose parts that can shift and damage your graphics if they are stored with the display, graphics shipping cases are a great way to protect your graphics and keep them looking good as long as possible.

Most graphics cases are also great has hard cases for shipping small displays and banner stands. We also have some models designed specifically as banner stand shipping cases. Larger pop up display shipping cases are also great for shipping multiple trade show banner stands and other accessory items like literature, table covers and lighting. The Expand Podium Case is a great shipping case that also doubles as an attractive counter. We also have larger heavy duty cases for shipping multiple banner stands or other large displays.

Look through our selection of shipping cases and contact us if you have any questions or need help choosing a product.

NOTE: Some of the case manufacturers do not accept returns on these products, so read the descriptions on the products before purchasing, and check the measurements of the items you need to ship against the specifications for the case to make sure it's the correct size. Even though many of these products can be returned, the return shipping costs and restocking fees can make for an expensive mistake, so please double check the dimensions before ordering. 

  • Rectangular Molded Shipping Case

    Triga Hard Shipping Case