Tension Fabric Displays

 tension fabric displays

Tension fabric displays have gained in popularity over the past few years. They have some wonderful qualities that makes them popular such being lightweight and able to form interesting shapes. There are three basic methods of attaching the stretch fabric graphics to tension fabric displays, which includes attaching to the frame with velcro sewn to the back of the graphic, pillowcase style graphics that slide over the frame, and silicone edge graphics, also called SEG, where a strip of silicone is sewn into the perimeter of the graphic and inserted into a channel in the frame.

While you can easily use the Display Style filters in the left side bar to narrow down the displayed products to just the type you are looking for, below are buttons and descriptions you can use to view just those products in each group.


 pop up fabric displays

Pop up fabric displays, like the HopUp, are among the easiest full size displays to set up. The stretch fabric graphic stays attached to the frame as it collapses for storage, so setup is as simple as expanding the display. Also in this category is the Embrace, which is a combination of a pop up fabric display and a silicone edge fabric display, with some of the advantages of both.


 pillowcase style fabric displays

Pillowcase style fabric displays, like the Formulate, are popular because they allow for a wide variety of shapes and sizes while remaining fairly quick and easy to setup and very light weight. While these structures look very solid, they are actually made of lightweight aluminum tubing that forms the general shape, then the stretch fabric graphics, usually sewn like a pillowcase, stretch over the frame to give it a solid look.

Because so many shapes can be made using this technique, some very attractive and impressive displays can be created that stand out from the competition at a trade show or create attractive fluid shapes for interior spaces and retail environments. The fact that these displays are lightweight and easy to transport, with fabric graphics that are durable and dry cleanable, and cost less than they look, help make them very popular for a wide range of retail and trade show displays.


 silicone edge graphic displays

Silicone edge graphics, or SEG, style displays have an aluminum frame that contains a channel. The silicone edging is sewn on the sides of the fabric graphic, and is inserted into this channel in the frame to pull the graphic tight. This makes for a clean, frameless look that is popular. It's also one of the only styles that can be backlit, which can be extremely eye catching in a trade show environment.


 Triga displays

Adjustable tension fabric displays are a special category that includes Triga Systems and Expolinc Fabric System displays. They can be easily re-combined into a variety of display shapes utilizing adjustable height support poles and various shapes of graphic rails, making them one of the most versatile styles of tension fabric displays. Freestanding uprights are used to support the graphic cross rails, and with either spring tension or adjustable graphic supports, the graphics are put under tension to keep them smooth and tight. The graphics are produced with either a silicone edge or a pole pocket at the top and bottom to hold a plastic panel strip. These ends fits into a channel in the cross rails making for an extremely easy set up. Adjustable tension fabric displays come in a variety of straight and curved shapes including walls and towers, as well as more elaborate display kits. One of our favorite features of Triga displays is that most configurations can be backlit, which makes for an even more eye catching display.


There are many shapes and sizes available in this category, and we're adding more all the time. If you are looking for a display and you don't see it listed, or if you need help in choosing a display, please contact us.

  • Lucid Tenzenda Backlit SEG Display
      Fits 10' Booth Space

    Lucid Tenzenda SEG Backlit Display

  • Lucid Aventura Backlit SEG Display
      Fits 10' Booth Space

    Lucid Aventura SEG Backlit Display

  • Lucid 10 Backlit SEG Display
      Graphic Size 118 x 78.7 or 96

    Lucid 10 Backlit SEG Display

  • Lucid 8 Backlit SEG Display
      Graphic Size 96 x 78.7 or 96

    Lucid 8 Backlit SEG Display

  • Casonara 10' Backlit SEG Display
      Graphic Size 116 x 96

    Casonara 10 Backlit SEG Display

  • Casonara 8' Backlit SEG Display
      Graphic Size 96 x 96

    Casonara 8 Backlit SEG Display