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  • Polish artistic duo create giant murals throughout Eastern Europe

    A Polish artistic duo have taken it upon themselves to create giant, eye-catching murals throughout Eastern Europe, in the hope of inspiring viewers to use their imagination.

  • Making the most of your vinyl banner advertising

    Vinyl banners are a terrific way to highlight products, services, sales and events. But when businesses neglect or misuse them, they lose the valuable marketing potential these banners have to offer. Here are some tips to create effective banners and keep those customers coming:

    • Change banners regularly. This will ensure the content stays interesting to customers. Outdated banners will either go unnoticed or simply confuse clientele. Take advantage of the advertising power of vinyl banner displays. Use them to make your clients aware of your most up-to-date events and promotions.
    • Know your customers. Being aware of your target audience enables you to keep your banners relevant. If you own a toy store that predominantly markets to young children, short, colorful displays are a great way to reach parents with young children.
    • Don’t assume customers know about your current sales and promotions. On the other hand, being dogged by a salesman can be intrusive and irritating to your clients. That’s the nice thing about banner displays. These marketing workhorses inform customers while allowing a shopper to browse without feeling pressured.
    • Don’t place banner stands in a location that poses a hazard. If you use vinyl banners to advertise menu specials for your restaurant, take care to place them off to the side where they will be noticeable without compromising the safety of patrons.
    • View banners from a distance to evaluate their visibility and readability. This is especially important if your business targets seniors, who often have less visual acuity. Choose a banner stand that is an appropriate size and shape for the location. Place banners at eye-level of passersby and ensure they are viewable from multiple angles.
  • Art restoration and storage facility opens in Hong Kong

    Beautiful Mind, an art restoration and storage facility, opens in Hong Kong. Its state-of-the-art security system and precise humidity and temperature control will ensure safe keeping of treasured works of art for years to come. https://bit.ly/IkWBqK

  • What is Giclee printing?

    Considering limited-edition Giclee printing for your home, church or office? Here’s a rundown on the five different types of Giclee printing techniques:

  • New Canvas Board Makes for Affordable Framing

    canvas-boardEveryone loves the look of canvas for framed photos and art prints, but framing canvas requires mounting the canvas on stretcher bars or glueing it to a board before it can be framed. It's also very difficult for artists who are selling reproductions to offer loose canvas prints for the customer to frame themselves, since many customers hesitate when they discover there additional steps and expenses involved. Plus, unlike paper prints, it's difficult to present unframed canvas prints for customers to browse because they have no structure until they are stretched or mounted.

    That's why we were so excited to be able to offer a new type of canvas print that solves these problems. Just in time for the holidays, our Matte Canvas Board is a 1/4" dense polystyrene foam board with artist canvas bonded to the surface. By printing directly to the board, we can produce a print that is economical and ready to frame without the need for stretching or mounting. Using LED UV curable printing technology that is high quality and eco-friendly, we print in 8 colors at 1000 dpi using pigmented inks for great longevity and durability. The finished canvas prints have a matte finish so glare is not a concern, but the colors remain vibrant.

    This is an excellent option for our fine art printing customers, since they can provide prints ready to frame for much less than would be possible compared to the cost of printing and stretching or mounting combined. It's also an excellent option for consumers who are looking to have their photos printed on canvas for framing, since this process produces a quality print that is simple and expensive to frame.

    Visit either our Canvas Creations or Fine Art Printing pages, and look under the Canvas heading for the Matte Canvas Board for pricing or to order. The product comes in a maximum size of 48x96, and can be printed edge to edge, so any size that fits within those dimensions is possible.

    Soon we will have a related product that uses a paper surface that's embossed to look like canvas, for those who want the texture of canvas but are less concerned about the construction of the surface itself. This will be an excellent product for mass reproduction of decor prints for large volume retail sales or for hotels, resorts and office buildings that need large volumes of prints at low prices.

  • Who can understand the mind of a printer?

    Who can understand the mind of a printer? https://bit.ly/11W924N

  • Gorgeous: That's the key word in hotel decor trends

    Gorgeous: That’s the key word in hotel decor trends. Take note of the artwork on the wall, which makes for a cool entryway. https://tinyurl.com/abjb9al

  • Listening 101

    Any experienced network marketer will tell you that effective communication skills are the key to building successful business relationships. And any experienced communicator will tell you that the key to successful communication is listening. Though this seems painfully obvious to many, effective listening skills aren’t achieved overnight. It takes time and know-how to properly listen.

    To successfully listen, you must not only understand the words being communicated, but you must also understand how the speaker feels about what is being communicated.14664495_S

    Effective listening is important because it does four things:

    1. Makes the speaker feel as though they are heard and clearly understood, which builds a stronger connection between communicators.
    2. Creates an environment where everyone feels comfortable to articulate ideas, opinions and feelings, or strategize and problem solve creatively.
    3. Saves time by clarifying information and avoiding misunderstandings.
    4. Reduces negative emotions and helps the speaker feel that they have been fully heard.

    The goal of network marketers should be to completely understand and connect with the other person.

    This can be done by following these simple rules:

    • Focus entirely on the speaker’s verbal and nonverbal language. If you’re not making eye contact and reacting directly to what the speaker is saying, you’re almost certain to miss both verbal and nonverbal cues in the conversation. Plus, a speaker typically knows that your mind is elsewhere by reading your facial expressions and focus.
    • Avoid interrupting or trying to redirect the conversation. Proper listening is not the same thing as simply waiting for your turn to talk. It’s impossible to concentrate on what the speaker is saying if the listener is deciding what to say next.
    • Avoid judgment. Communicating effectively has nothing to do with whether or not you like them or agree with their ideas, values or opinions. But you do need to withhold any judgment, blame and criticism in order to fully understand a person. Once you set aside these tendencies, the speaker and listener can reach a profound connection. But this connection cannot be achieved if the listener is making pre-judgments.
    • Be overtly interested. You can do this by nodding periodically, smiling at the speaker and making sure your posture is inviting. Small encouragements like “yes” and “ok, right” can go a long way in making the speaker feel connected and comfortable.

    Network marketing success cannot be reached if others don’t trust or believe in what you’re doing. Whether you’re recruiting, building a customer case or simply communicating with a co-worker or employee, communication is paramount in establishing this trust. So listen closely, and let benefits of effective communication lead you to network marketing success.

  • Art displays offer endless opportunities to enjoy your home

    What a clever way to display art prints at home! Who knew a simple painted ladder could look so cool?

  • An artist paints wall murals in hurricane-damaged housing in New Orleans

    An artist with a heart for his city paints wall murals in a hurricane-damaged housing development in New Orleans to spread a message of hope.

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