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  • Vinyl wall graphics have the beauty of painted art without all the mess

    Do you have a baby on the way and need some design ideas for the nursery room? Vinyl wall graphics have the beauty of painted art without all the mess.

  • High-resolution legal graphics help the jury make an informed decision

    When it comes to graphical trial exhibits and courtroom presentations, a lot rests on the jury. High-resolution legal graphics help jurors understand the evidence. https://tinyurl.com/m3clvml

  • Stunning prints designed by nature

    Throughout history nature has provided stunning works of art. Consider this dew-laced spider web. Now picture this natural work of art as a giclee print in your home or office. Simply stunning!

  • A dolphin creates a work of art!

    With some paint and a paintbrush, a dolphin creates a work of art!

  • Stunning visuals ring the registers

    Marketing plan graphDid you know 30 percent of your brain is devoted to processing visual signals and messages? That’s why it’s no surprise compelling imagery tempts shoppers in a powerful way. People shop with their eyes. While other factors may come into play, such as music, or even scent (although this element should be handled with care so as not to offend a client), eye-candy reigns supreme in marketing.

    From a marketing standpoint, if your merchandizing strategy is not using high-quality imagery, you’re missing out on potential sales every day.

    Stunning visuals ring the registers like nothing else. While merchandisers have experimented with appealing music and alluring scents, imagery sparks immediate interest in a shopper. Posters, artistic prints and high-quality reproductions of artistic work set the tone for a deeper level of consumer engagement.

    Signage also has an important role to play in merchandizing. Artistic works woo a customer, and may have an even larger role to play in creating that crucial ambiance that keeps a customer browsing. Tasteful reproductions of classic works of art create a serene mood that beckons to a patron to take their time and enjoy the experience of shopping. It’s a far cry from the mad dash in the local grocery store.

    For merchants the message could not be more clear: Aim to create a relaxing, visually rich haven and hear those registers ring!

  • Amateur artist destroys fresco painting in attempt to restore it

    In a horribly failed attempt to restore a beloved fresco painting, amateur artist leaves some art-lovers in tears … and others in fits of laughter.

  • Ads on vehicles create between 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily

  • "Bless you"

    “Bless you.” We’re addressing the janitor of course, because goodness knows today he’s going to need it. https://bit.ly/H7fpJ6

  • Town changes city ordinances to allow building murals

    A town in North Carolina votes to change city law to allow the local farmer’s market to paint vegetables and a cow bell on the side of a building.

  • Nanotech and digital printing

    Two decades ago Israeli Benny Landa launched the advent of digital printing. Act II from this brilliant inventor? Nanotechnology-based printing.

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