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These signs look fantastic! We are very very happy with them and will most likely be ordering more down the road. They not only look great but are extremely convenient and easy to setup. Perhaps even our having them will drive a little more business your way.

Thanks again!

Richard Flathmann

Product Spotlight

wave outdoor retractable banner stand

Emboss Vinyl Wallcoverings

This commercial grade Type II fabric backed cadmium-free vinyl wallcovering comes in 6 different emobss patterns and has a unique safety feature. It has a special Early Warning Effect built in that can trigger ionization-type smoke detectors before smoke or flames are present, giving anywhere from a few extra seconds to a half hour or more of time. So, it's not only beautiful, but it could actually save lives. More info...

Retail Signs

digital photo printingRetail Signs is one of the broadest categories of printing we offer. Custom retail signs and POS signs (point of sale) include retail shop signs, retail banners, retail posters, and retail sales signs. Retail signs are so varied and versatile, that it's difficult to think of any of our 200 printing materials that can't be used for retail store signs in one way or another. All it takes is a trip to a local shopping mall to see virtually every printing product we offer represented. Floor graphics, window graphics, banners, decals, posters, backlit graphics, sign holders and poster & banner hangers will all be used in a typical retail setting. Since each of those applications are represented on our site with their own page, which you can find from the main menu above, this page focuses instead on the most common types of retail signs which are mounted posters and hanging banners. These are some of the least expensive, yet most effective forms of advertising available for retail store signs, which is important because keeping the costs of advertising materials low means you can afford to advertise more often. And nothing can drive traffic and generate sales like effective advertising. Imagine how much traffic a simple "Sale" sign can bring into a store and you can understand the importance of retail store signs.

retail signsClassic retail posters are the 22x28 size mounted retail shop signs. These are the staple of the industry, and we even have an entire page devoted to floor standing sign holders for just these types of store signs and POS posters. The Printing Materials tab below shows the most popular retail sign materials, so be sure to look through the options for information on each, as well as the Our Recommendations tab for suggestions on the best materials for different uses.

Hanging banners and other soft signage are the other popular types of signs for retail use. These can be used for hanging over areas in the store for identification, directing traffic, promoting a brand or advertising a sale. They are also popular as window dressing and backdrops for window displays. When you want to make a really large impression, hanging banners are the way to do it. Depending on the material, we can print these up to 8' by any length, so you can make a big statement that your customers can't miss, without blowing your budget. While our banners page has a more comprehensive list of banner materials, the Printing Materials below shows some of the most popular materials for retail signage. We also have a page devoted to poster & banner hanging hardware that makes it easy to hang and change these popular types of retail signage.

If you would like to get prices on printing and shipping, or place an order, click the Pricing/Order button next to each item in the Printing Materials tab. The Pricing/Order wizard will prompt you for the necessary information such as quantity, dimensions and finishing options to show you prices in real time, and allow you to enter you state and zip code to see the shipping costs. If you're ready to order, you can provide additional information such as how you're sending files or if you need design work, if you want a proof, and how you want us to handle cropping of your files if necessary, and then add the print to your shopping cart. You can also compare product prices in the wizard by clicking the Products tab and selecting different materials from the drop down menu to see how the price changes.

The information below shows the variety of materials we offer for retail signs along with finishing options, our recommendations for the best materials to use in different situations, answers to frequently asked questions, and explains how to place an order.

eco friendlyThis symbol denotes a eco-friendly option. These materials are generally PVC free, recyclable, and printed with water based inks as an earth-friendly option.

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Retail Signs

Below are the most popular materials we offer for retail signs. Photo papers can be used as is in sign holders that don't require a rigid mounted graphics, or they can be mounted on posterboard or foam boards. Our Textured Adhesive vinyl is a popular option for unlaminated, mounted graphics. Look at the Our Recommendations tab for suggestions on the best materials for different situations.

eco friendlyThis symbol denotes a eco-friendly option. These materials are generally PVC free, recyclable, and printed with water based inks as an earth-friendly option.

poster printing

eco friendlyBlue Back Poster Paper – 6.5 Mil

The blue backing on this economical media makes it highly opaque, while the satin finish provides brilliant, true-to-life color quality. Specially designed for outdoor billboards, poster printing and kiosks, it features water and scratch resistant durability and is also easily foldable without risk of scratching or rupturing. Available in widths up to 54".

Approx. longevity of 6 months to 1 year outdoors, and up to 20 years indoors.
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poster size prints

eco friendlyIndoor/Outdoor Poster Paper - 10 mil

This heavy weight latex-saturated wet strength paper is tear resistant, water proof, fade resistant, and scuff and scratch resistant, making it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor poster size prints and billboards. This paper can also be applied with standard wallpaper paste for an inexpensive short term wallpaper solution. Available in widths up to 54"

Approx. longevity of 6 months outdoors, and up to 20 years indoors.
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photo poster prints

Card Stock - 11mil

This opaque card stock can be printed single or double sided for economical posters. The smooth semi-gloss surface offers excellent color and image quality, and the print is scratch and water resistant without need for lamination. Rigid enough to be self-supporting in slide in frames, it's great for use in sign holders, suspended from ceilings or displayed in windows.

Available in widths up to 57".

Approx. 3-20 year indoor longevity, depending on exposure to sunlight.

Single Sided Print
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Double Sided Print
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color poster printing

eco friendlySynthetic Satin Photo Paper - 7 mil

This synthetic paper is tear proof, water proof, fade resistant, and scuff and scratch resistant, making it an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor color poster printing without the need for lamination. It doesn't have quite the print quality of our high end photo papers, but is otherwise a great product that is also environmentally friendly. Available in widths up to 54".

Approx. longevity of 2 years outdoors and up to 25 years indoors.
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custom poster printing

eco friendlySatin Photo Paper - 9mil

This photo paper is our least expensive, yet it provides excellent image quality and color depth without the glare issues of high gloss papers. Great for posters, prints, and indoor signs. Can be laminated and mounted on a variety of substrates such as posterboard, Sintra, or Gatorfoam. Available in widths up to 60".

Up to 200 year indoor longevity if kept away from direct sunlight.
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retail sign

Economy Calendered Matte Vinyl - 4 mil

With an outdoor longevity of up to 3 years, this permanent adhesive backed vinyl is excellent for outdoor retail sales signs and POS poster graphics. It has a blockout layer for excellent hiding power and the gloss finish makes for excellent color depth. Can also be used indoors for sign and point of purchase displays. Will adhere to any smooth surface such as Alumalite, acrylic, Sintra, metal, or painted wood surfaces. Available in widths up to 60".

Longevity of up to 3 years outdoors, 5-25 years indoors.
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window decal

Economy Calendered Gloss Vinyl - 4 mil

With an outdoor longevity of up to 3 years, this permanent adhesive backed vinyl is excellent for outdoor retail sales signs and POS poster graphics. It has a blockout layer for excellent hiding power and the gloss finish makes for excellent color depth. Can also be used indoors for sign and point of purchase displays. Will adhere to any smooth surface such as Alumalite, acrylic, Sintra, metal, or painted wood surfaces. Available in widths up to 60".

Longevity of up to 3 years outdoors, 5-25 years indoors.
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custom vinyl wall graphics

Premium Calendered Matte Vinyl - 4 mil

This removable adhesive backed vinyl features an air release liner for easier installation, and a grey opaque solvent adhesive for excellent hiding power. Longevity of up to 3 years outdoors unprotected, or up to 5 years with a cast vinyl laminate. Excellent indoors or out for installation on smooth flat surfaces or subtle curves, making it excellent for custom vinyl decals and bumper stickers, and well as equipment labels. Will adhere to any smooth surface such as Alumalite, acrylic, Sintra, metal, or painted wood surfaces. Available in widths up to 60".
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store signage

Building Wrap Vinyl - 3.5 mil

This opaque vinyl is used in wall and building wrap applications where many standard products will not work. It also allows store signs and retail posters to be applied to otherwise unusable wall areas. For rough textured concrete, the pressure sensitive adhesive provides easy application and removal while holding the graphic in place throughout the life of the advertisement. Available in widths up to 54".

Outdoor longevity of up to 2 years, indoors 5-25 years.
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window stickers

MagicStik - 6 mil

The unique adhesive on this material makes it easy to install on any flat surface including painted walls, and it can easily be removed and reapplied, so it’s a great material for making removable wall graphics, borders, wall decals for children’s rooms, or temporary window signage in commercial environments. It provides excellent image quality, is durable, and economically priced. Available in widths up to 54".

Approximate longevity of 2 years outdoors or 5-20 years indoors.
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window graphic

SignUp - 12 mil

SignUp is a revolutionary product for special events, show-rooms, window graphics, exhibitions, POS aids, film studios and all sorts of temporary communication needs. This product makes posting easy, just stick it directly to any surface, and you can unstick and restick it for perfect positioning and fast, bubble and crease-free installation, indoors or out. UV and weather resistant. Available in widths up to 54".

Outdoor longevity of 1-3 years, indoor longevity of 2-20 years.
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trade show graphic 13oz Blockout Scrim Vinyl

This durable, weatherproof, scratch-resistant banner solution is smooth on both sides with a blackout layer in the middle making it ideal for single or double sided use. It has a soft, fabric-like quality that makes it excellent both indoors and out. This is the economy material used in all our banner stands. Available in widths up to 80".

Outdoor longevity of 6 months to 3 years.
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tradeshow graphic Curl Free Fire Retardant Banner - 12oz

This banner material is durable, flame retardant, and specially designed to eliminate edge curl which makes it the material of choice for banner stands and hanging displays where flat, curl-free edges are important. It’s canvas-like texture and low gloss finish give it a high-end look and helps minimize glare. Available in widths up to 102".

Outdoor longevity of up to 6 months, indoor longevity of 5-20 years.
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trade show display graphic

eco friendlyBlockout Polyester Fabric - 12 mil

This heavy polyester fabric banner material is woven so tightly that it's completely opaque, making it ideal for banner stands. It's scratch resistant, weatherproof and hangs very flat, making it perfect for hanging signs, trade show exhibits, podium signage, and window displays. It can be sewn and grommeted. Available in widths up to 60".

Approximate longevity of 15-20 years indoors, and 6 months outdoors.
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trade show banners

18oz Blockout Scrim Vinyl

This durable, weatherproof, scratch-resistant banner solution is smooth on both sides with a blackout layer in the middle making it ideal for single or double sided use. It has a soft, smooth surface that makes it excellent both indoors and out, and the low gloss finish is great for situations where glare is a concern. Available in widths up to 104".

Outdoor longevity of 6 months to 3 years, indoor longevity of 5-20 years.
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tradeshow graphics

eco friendlyPoly Oxford 8 oz

This oxford weave polyester fabric has excellent strength and dimensional stability, and is highly wrinkle resistant with excellent color depth. This makes it our favorite fabric and is ideal for banners, POP displays, patio umbrellas, and backdrops, and any indoor or short term outdoor use. Available in widths up to 60".

Longevity of 5-20 years indoors, depending on exposure to sunlight.
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trade show signs

eco friendlyMeshTex - 10 mil

This waterproof sheer polyester mesh material is ideal for special exhibits, hanging partitions, outdoor banners, flags, and signs. It's weatherproof, rip proof, and translucent. Available in widths up to 60".

Outdoor longevity is 6 months, 5-20 years indoors.
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trade show display graphic

Micro Mesh - 7.4 oz

This mircro-perforated flame retardant textile has a linen look with exceptional dimensional stability. It’s highly flexible, has a light finish and exhibits no edge curl, making it ideal for hanging displays, theater decor, POP advertising and other graphic displays where some translucence is desired. Available in widths up to 86".

Approx. longevity of 20 years indoors.
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trade show graphic

Vision Mesh - 12.4 oz

This unique flame retardant mesh has an anthracite black backing for a transparent, one-way vision effect from inside, making it perfect for shop windows, POP advertising and solar protection. It has a gloss finish and hangs with no edge curl even with heavy ink coverage. Available in widths up to 63".

Approx. longevity of 5-20 years indoors.
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Finishing Options

This panel contains information on finishing options for retail signs.

Satin Eco-Friendly Polypropylene Laminate - 3 Mil

This satin finished pressure sensitive laminate offers surface protection for long-lasting, durable graphics with materials that are free of PVC (vinyl) or heavy metals. The absence of heavy metals or phthalates reduces the risk of damaging the health of humans or the environment. Compared to PVC laminating films, polypropylene provides better image clarity for more accurate, vivid colors. This film is a great option for indoor graphics at children’s museums, or other environments, where visitors are encouraged to touch the displays. This laminate is intended for indoor use, but can be used outdoors for up to 6 months.

Vinyl Laminate - 4 Mil

This pressure sensitive laminate is available in gloss, luster or matte finishes, with the matte finish being the most popular as it has a sand texture like polycarbonate that diffuses glare without muting the colors of the print. Laminates offers surface protection and can change the finish of your print to suit the display environment. When a high-gloss finish is desired, and glare is not a concern, gloss is the appropriate choice. Keep in mind that a gloss finish will show flaws, scratches and fingerprints more than any other laminate. Luster and matte offer the same protection without these disadvantages.

Permanent Adhesive

While not technically a laminate, this pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back turns any print into a decal, complete with peel-off release liner. We can apply the adhesive and either send the print rolled for mounting to the surface of your choice, or mount the print for you to a variety of substrates. See the Mounting Materials section below for more information.


This paper board comes in 22x28 and is an economical mounting material for short term posters that need enough rigidity to stand up in a poster frame or other sign holder. This is the classic size and material for retail signs and poster. Other sizes are available on a special order basis.


This 3/16 inch thick foam board has a polystyrene core with paper facing. It's great for short term displays or those on a tight budget, but it's too easily dented when handled for long term or abusive environments. Available in black, or white by request.


This foam board has a styrofoam polystyrene core with a Luxcell veneer and is available in thicknesses of 3/16 and 1/2 inch. It's much more durable and harder than foamcore making it more suitable in situations where it will be handled frequently, but the corners will still dent with impact so careful handling is recommended. The faces are also archival so it's great for long term display of prints. Available in black, or white by request.


This expanded PVC plastic board is available in a variety of thicknesses, but 1mm, 3mm and 6mm are the most popular for mounting. It's water resistant and fire retardant, making is desirable for display applications. Since it's a solid board, it's more durable than foamcore or gatorfoam, but it's also heavier and not as rigid. It also expands and contracts with temperature changes, up to .05 mil/ft per degree F.


Retail Posters

If you have the type of sign holders that can hold an unmounted poster, the Blue Back Poster Paper is our least expensive option for retail signs and posters. It gets it's name from the blue backing that provides opacity because this poster paper was originally designed to be used for paper billboards, and the blue backing helped hide the old poster underneath from showing through when a new billboard was pasted over top. Obviously, this paper is waterproof since it can be used outdoors, which is possible because it's printed with latex based inks so water has no effect on the print. This retail poster paper has good image quality, but not the same museum quality that we provide on some of the more expensive papers. If you are on a tight budget, need poster printing that can be used outdoors, or need good quality retail sale signs that will only be used for a short time, this is an excellent material that is good looking and durable. The Indoor/Outdoor poster paper has a similar finish and print quality, but is a heavier weight paper so it's recommended for greater durability or where a thicker paper is needed.

Also great for short and long term use, and a step up in print quality are the Satin Photo Paper and Gloss Photo Paper. Both are great for retail store signage, but they have less water resistnace so they should be laminated if used where moisture is a concern. The have longevity of over 100 years if kept out of direct sunlight.

Many sign holders require a rigid poster to keep the sign from sagging and falling out. For posters that need to be rigid enough to stand up in a sign frame or similar display, our Card Stock is an excellent option. It can be printed either single or double sided, and will stand up in a frame without the need for mounting on a heavier substrate, and because it's printed with UV curable inks, it's scratch resistant and durable without the need for a laminate, making it the least expensive option for this type of poster.

All the papers mentioned above can be mounted, but for an inexpensive mounted poster, the Economy Calendered Adhesive Vinyl is a great option. It's printed with latex inks so it's waterproof, and when combined with one of our mounting materials such as posterboard, it makes for an inexpensive store sign that looks like an expensive one.

Retail Banners

The Curl Free Fire Retardant Banner is an excellent choice for free hanging banners. This vinyl coated fabric prints very well and has the upscale look of canvas with a low gloss finish. It's specially engineered to hang flat without curling on the edges like standard banners, and it's flame retardant so it's good for retail banner displays and use in other public places such as theaters, museums, airports, and shopping malls.

For double sided retail banners, the 18oz blockout vinyl offers excellent image quality with good color reproduction, and the heavier weight helps it to stay flat and hang better than lighter weight materials. It is also an excellent choice for heavy weight single sided banners.

For partially transparent store signs, our mesh banner materials are available with varying amounts of transparency. The MeshTex is very sheer and one of our most transparent materials for use when you want store signage that is very soft. Our Micro Mesh is our most solid mesh material, having very tiny holes that allows a subtle transparent effect while still maintaining a strong printed image. The Vision Mesh is a view through material that is great for large retail shop signs hanging in windows since it looks solid from the front, but allows you to see out from the inside. This also prevents the customers from looking at the blank back of a standard banner.

If a fabric material is preferred, either for the look, or for environmental reasons, the Poly Oxford is our favorite fabric because it prints beautifully, is highly wrinkle resistant, and the matte finish prevents glare. We have many other fabrics with different qualities, so check out the banners page for the full assortment we have available.

Lamination and Mounting

Lamination is recommended for store signs if they are going on display or being subjected to a lot of handling, unless you have a sign holder with a protective plastic face over the poster. A laminate will protect the surface from moisture, scratches, and environmental contaminates. For most situations, we prefer the matte vinyl laminate as it helps reduce glare and fingerprints.

Mounting is necessary to make retail posters rigid, which is necessary if you need them to be self supporting in a frame or other display that only supports the poster around the edges. Posterboard or 1mm Sintra are both good options for the minimum amount of thickness as many frames can't handle thick materials. These are also good options when you want to put two signs back to pack in the same sign holder, as foam boards would be too thick to fit if used in this way.

Foam boards are popular for mounting directly on a wall without a frame, or for inserting into frames or sign holders that can accommodate a 1/4" thick substrate. We offer both foamcore and Gatorfoam for mounting. Foamcore is very soft and easily dented so it's not recommend if it will be handled much, but it is very inexpensive so it's great for short term use. Gatorfoam has higher density foam center that makes it more durable and the recommend mounting material for most uses. It is still a foam board, so it will still dent if dropped on a corner or hit with something hard or sharp, but otherwise, it's a great all around mounting material.

Normal turnaround time is 4-5 business days. During the order process you will be asked if you have a specific due date, and if you do, we will adjust your shipping method, if necessary, to get your order to you on time. If you need your order even quicker, we also have a rush service. If you authorize rush charges, we can get your order shipped in 1-2 days. Rush charges are $75 per order. If we're able to meet your deadline without bumping other jobs, we won't actually charge the rush charge, but you must authorize the rush to guarantee delivery.

We don't charge either of these common fees. In our opinion, charging setup and RIP fees would be like advertising a price for gasoline, but charging a pumping fee to get it into your car. It's misleading and since you can't print a job without setting it up and processing it through a RIP, like the gasoline is of no use if it isn't pumped into your tank, it should be reflected in the prices already. They are just hidden fees to increase the cost of your job in a way that makes a companies printing prices look more competitive. As long as you provide print ready files, there are no additional charges related to printing your job.

We recommend that bitmap images such as digital photos be 150dpi at the actual print size in order to look good from close range. Vector images, such as those from drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator or Corel draw will print well at any size, so they are preferred when possible. If your legal graphics or trial exhibits contain fine details, it's especially important that they be of sufficient resolution so all the important details can be clearly seen. When in doubt, send us your file and we'll examine it and let you know how large we think it can go and still look good.

That depends on the specific material you choose. We can print at our highest quality up to 64" wide, and at our standard quality up to 104" wide, but different materials are available in different sizes. Look through the descriptions of the materials in the Printing Materials tab to find how big each material can be printed.

We have a great collection of banner and poster hanging systems available that make it easy and inexpensive to hang posters and banners. With these systems you don't need pole pockets, grommets, or other special finishing, and changing out the graphics is quick and easy. There are even accessories that allow you to hang graphics off another in series, or connect several together into square or triangle hanging shapes. Check out all the options on our poster and banner hanger page.

We can also make pole pockets, add grommets, velcro or other finishing options to allow you hang your signs and banners in other ways, but the hanging systems are our favorite method because they are easy to use, make your display more attractive, and pay for themselves very quickly from the savings you get in not having to pay for special finishing.

Our Economy Calendered Vinyl mounted on either foamcore or posterboard is our least expensive option for a rigid poster. It's printed at high resolution with latex inks, so it looks great and is water and abrasion resistant. This material mounted on posterboard is one of our specials, which can found in the Price Calculator or Order Form under Printing for Indoor Use, and then Specials.

The sign holder in the photo is a top loading frame, so the poster and stop sign above it are part of the same graphic. The design was printed on satin photo paper, laminated and mounted on 3mm Sintra. The Sintra was cut in advance to the correct shape to be sure the cutting didn't leave any rough edges on the graphic. There are other ways this could have been done, but the client wanted the best quality, and this was the highest quality way to produce the desired result.

If you provide a file, there are no setup costs, but we can design your signs for you. The design cost can vary widely so we prefer to quote each job individually after we look at them, but the more information you provide to us, the less expensive the design will be. Providing high quality copies of logos and images, as well as any concepts or ideas you already have will reduce the design cost significantly, but we can work with whatever you provide.


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